What Is a Psychic Tarot Card Reading?

Tarot card readings are used to understand current events and future developments in an individual's life journey. Tarot cards are often viewed as being guided by an eternal life force that provides esoteric information to the psychic card reader.

A psychic tarot card reading can explain mystical information and define what may be occurring in a person's life style by explaining the unknown with tarot card interpretations.

How Does a Tarot Card Explain What May Be Occurring?

There are several methods that can be used with tarot cards and there are several types of tarot card decks that can be used for divine revelation. The many divine explanations for the cards have been closely associated with a belief in the occult and mystical properties of the cards.

This divine belief was constructed in the eighteenth century by prominent Protestant clerics and free masons and then passed on through the many decades until today. The following techniques are used with a psychic tarot card reading:

  • There are seventy eight cards in a tarot deck and a deck consists of fourteen cards per suit plus twenty two trumps. Only the twenty two trump cards can be used for a psychic tarot card reading.
  • Tarot card reading has been historically traced to ancient Egyptian antiquity and hermetic wisdom.
  • The various arrangements of tarot cards that are selected provide a psychic reading by a mystic interpreter who studies the cards and the many relationships between the combinations that have been manifested.
  • Tarot cards are read using a set of esoteric teachings that explain relationships between an unchanging eternal universe.
  • Certain ontological questions and spiritual teachings create a mystical foundation for a card reading.

What Types of Esoteric Teachings Can Be Gained From a Card Reading?

Tarot cards have been used to communicate with supernatural entities and have been capable of tapping into absolute knowledge and an eternal life source. The book of truth concept was developed in the eighteenth century and the first society that centered around tarot readings was begun around this same time.

Mystical as well as eternal medical properties have been assigned to tarot cards. Esoteric teachings have interpreted these cards as having a certain mystical key ability and tarot cards were included in a modern occultist view of the world and existence.

What Are the Properties of Tarot Cards?

A psychic who reads tarot cards in order to gain knowledge for an individual will start with certain properties that are assigned to each card. Cards have four elements including the tarot, pentacles, swords and wands along with tarot keys and trumps.

There are ten numbered cards in each suit with divine emanations. Court manifests can represent the stages of human life and there are four suits or divine names. Tarot cards can be used in conjunction with hermetic kabbalah or Jewish principles. The following are several interpretations that use tarot card properties:

  • Reversed manifestations have various meanings that depend on whether the cards appear upright or reversed. A reversed tarot card can mean the opposite of its upright interpretation. Reversed cards can mean a more intense or extreme meaning as well. The order of the manifestation can be a part of a reversed card interpretation.
  • Spreads are important properties of tarot card readings. Tarot cards are laid out in many patterns called spreads. A card spread is interpreted by a reader and an interpretation can include information about a seeker's future or past. Each position in the spread of cards is given a number and each card is turned over and then read in a certain order. Neighboring manifestations are important for some card meanings. A question is answered by using a tarot card spread and the order of the manifestation in a particular spread.
  • Order of the trump cards is important for an interpretation. There are court manifestations, cards that display wisdom and cards that represent certain characters within a seeker's life style. Cards are read according to their order and what is meant by each selection that is turned over. The initial question is answered according to how the card spread manifests.

What Are Questions That Can Be Answered?

Psychic tarot card readers receive questions from their clients that include interpreting relationship problems, how a marriage will turn out, whether a child will be helped through medical procedures and what type of career to choose for a college student, for example.

Questions can be presented to a spread of cards and an answer is given according to the selection order, the types of cards turned over and the position of a tarot manifestation. There are certain tarot cards that mean justice, a wheel of fortune, fortitude, the hanged man and death, for example. How each of these subjects are ordered along with what card is beside these particular manifestations will answer an original question in a particular way.

What Types of Card Decks Can Be Used?

There are several types of tarot card decks that are meant as methods to understand questions presented to the mystic reader. The nature of the universe is meant to be unchanging and eternal with a mysterious no end.

Certain tarot decks tend to be easier to read because of the selected symbols that are used on the cards. Each mystic reader uses decks that have particular meanings and can have certain themes, places and people, perspectives and religious concepts.

Closing Thoughts About Tarot Card Readings

A psychic tarot card reading first begins with an original question that is asked of the mystic reader and the tarot deck that is selected. A question can come from a seeker's past, present or future and a mystic reader tends to divine an esoteric interpretation for the seeker. Tarot card reading can aid in understanding certain religious and mystical concepts and can help to obtain a spiritual realization.

Tarot cards are part of an occult and mystical tradition with a philosophical framework from magical societies of the past. These magical societies have their roots in the eighteenth century and began in pagan and new age settings. Pagan religions of Egypt are often sited as beginning many of the tarot and esoteric occult philosophies that are the foundations of mysticism.