4 Best Angel Card Readings Online – Who Has The Most Accurate Readers?

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An angel card reading is one of many ways that a professional psychic practitioner may be able to help and support you in your life. Every person has guardian angels, although most people are unaware of their presence.

A psychic professional is someone who is sensitive to and aware of the presence of guardian angels. The angel cards are a psychic tool that such a person can use to help others become aware of and connected with their personal guardian angels.

An angel card reading is designed to directly connect with the loving guidance of guardian angels.

In this article, learn more about what an angel card reading is, what angel cards are, how a reading works, what to expect during your reading and how to prepare.

What Are Angels?

Angels are beings that do not currently inhabit a physical body. However, they are very real. Angels are benevolent and loving. They serve humanity by offering compassion and subtle guidance. They want only the best for every individual.

You may have one or several angels that specifically watch over you, guarding you and guiding you. However, even angels that are not specifically working with you can assist you during an angel card reading. This is done through the help of an angel card practitioner.

What Are Angel Cards?

Angel cards have an ancient and fascinating history. The earliest angel cards were actually called oracle cards. They were used as a tool for psychic prophecy in previous generations and date all the way back to the ancient civilizations. More recently, gypsies were known to use angel cards.

At some point in the early nineteenth century, the modern angel cards were first developed. At first, they were simply used as a tool for entertainment, similar to how you might use a deck of cards today to entertain children or pass the time with your friends.

But these cards then took on a life of their own after people began having powerful psychic experiences after handling them. Today many different decks of angel cards exist. Each deck has its own theme or purpose.

Some psychic practitioners have developed their own unique angel card decks to assist them with their readings. Some angel card decks connect with specific angels while others may call upon the collective wisdom of many angels to deliver guidance and encouragement.

Why Have an Angel Card Reading Done?

An angel card reading is generally a very positive experience. This is because of the nature of angels as benevolent, loving, compassionate and wise beings. Angels have a bigger picture perspective than a person living here in a physical body will have.

They can see beyond current periods of temporary suffering to help connect you with the bigger lessons you are learning. This can be a very powerful source of hope, especially in times of loss, separation, grief and transition.

Angel card readings can also provide insight and guidance for times when you just feel completely stuck or out of ideas to move forward in your life. For instance, you may have a pattern of getting into relationships where you don't feel supportive. Or you may be struggling to fulfill your purpose for this human birth.

Perhaps you are seeking a better fit in your career but you keep pursuing ideas only to discover you still haven't found work you truly love that you are a good fit for. Or perhaps you are going through a period where you don't feel well physically and you are not sure how to break out of that cycle and get back to good health.

Angel card readings can highlight major themes in your life, major lessons you need to learn, important work you came here to do, primary relationships that require your focus and attention and pressing health issues you may need to devote your time to.

They can also be used for more general guidance, insight and information if you are interested in finding out more about your life purpose on a deeper level.

What to Expect During an Angel Card Reading

If you decide to have an angel card reading done, you may be curious about what to expect. Because angel card readings can be done for many different reasons as outlined here, you may be asked by your psychic practitioner to provide a bit of information in advance. It is not necessary to provide your practitioner with any advance information, however.

You may want to contemplate the reasons you want to have an angel card reading done and journal out some thoughts about your goals or hopes. If you have any questions, it can be helpful to write those down as well so you don't forget them during the time of your scheduled reading.

Your practitioner can conduct an angel card reading in person, over the phone, over live camera chat or even over email. Geographic distance is not a barrier to having a successful angel card reading so you don't have to worry if you are not able to find an angel card practitioner living near to where you live.

Also, if you find you have a number of different angel card practitioners to choose from, this is not anything to be concerned about. Just try to relax and tune in to your own inner intuition. Then take a look at your choices again and pay attention to the practitioner you feel most drawn to work with. This is probably the right choice for you even if you are not sure why.

How to Prepare for Your Angel Card Reading

The best way to prepare for your angel card reading is to get a good night's sleep and be as relaxed as possible. It can be helpful to pick a private, quiet location in advance where you can retreat to have your reading.

Be sure you have a good phone or internet connection if you are having a remote reading. Have your journal handy to take notes and remember your questions.

My Top 4 Angel Card Reader Sites – Who Are The Experts?

I have had dozens of angel card readings over the years. Some were great, others were not. Based on my experiences, I have settled upon four sites that I feel offer the best angel card readings online. Read on to find out who made the list!

Kasamba Psychics – Best angel card readings

kasambaKasamba Psychics is the leader in angel card readings. In business for nearly 20 years, Kasamba has been a pioneer in offering angel and tarot readings across a wide array of platforms with high accuracy (Kasamba has over 3 million satisfied customers to date).

In just a few clicks, you can find some of the best angel card readers on the internet. The psychics at Kasamba also specialize in other divination tools, such as run casting, gem stones, crystal balls, cartomancy and many others.

Kasamba Psychics always stands by it's angel card readings. If you are unhappy, you can receive a full refund with no questions asked. I have taken advantage of this policy before and can vouch they honor it.

In my opinion,the best angel card tarot reader at Kasamba is “QuietSound” (you can see her profile here). She is always my go to for a quick angel card reading and she has proven herself to be very accurate.

New members are eligible for 3 minutes completely free, plus a 50% saving on your first angel tarot card reading. Prices start at $1 per minute.

Hollywood Psychics – Angel card readings online

hollywood psychicsHollywood Psychics prides itself on offering engaging and accurate angel card readings. Angel card readings are offered over the phone, in a live online psychic chat or via e-mail.

To ensure you are nothing short of satisfied with your angel card reading, Hollywood Psychics backs every reading with a satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy with your angel card reading, simply end the reading and contact customer support for a full refund.

I have had angel card readings online from various psychics, but my favorite card reader from Hollywood Psychic is “Sumaria Jones.” She is very professional and has made many predictions that have come to fruition!

Hollywood Psychics offers some of the cheapest rates around with prices starting at $.50 per minute. They also offer a free e-mail reading, so definetely take advantage of this discount while it is available.

Ask Now Psychic – Accurate angel card love readings

asknow appIf you are looking for relationship advice, the psychics at Ask Now offers a plethora of experienced angel card love readers for you to choose from. In business for almost 25 years, Ask Now has built a reputation on expert angel card love readings.

Day or night, English or Spanish, Ask Now always has psychics available to answer your love/romance and relationship questions. My favorite angel card reader at Ask Now is Medium Jozette. I have always been impressed with her predictions.

Ask Now Psychics offers an iron-clad satisfaction guarantee. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your reading, Ask Now will give you a full refund.

For a limited time, Ask Now is offering a 15 minute angel card love reading for only $10 in addition to 3 totally free minutes. Prices start at $1/min.

Psychic Source – Free angel love card reading

psychic sourcePsychic Source is the oldest psychic hotline I could find. It opened its doors in 1989 (strictly as a phone psychic hotline at the time) and has had millions of satisfied customers. They have been featured on Good Morning America and many other tv shows.

Psychic Source makes getting an angel love card reading super simple. Their platform allows their psychics to give angel card readings to you over the phone, by online chat or by a live camera (allowing you to see your psychic face to face).

While Psychic Source does have a tons of positive reviews, it is good to know that they stand by their readings and offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with your reading, contact customer support immediately for a full credit.

To get a free angel love card reading, all you need to do is take advantage of the introductory special Psychic Source is offering. You can secure 3 free minutes that can be used with any angel card reader when you purchase 30 minutes for $19.80.

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