A Deeper Look into the Death Card

One card that is often feared in a Tarot card reading is the Death card. In fact, some people avoid getting a Tarot reading because they fear that the card will turn up and start the countdown to their impending doom. We have all seen the effect that this card has in the movies, but is the death card really as deadly as Hollywood makes it out to be? Let’s take a deeper look at the Death card.

Most of the Tarot cards that are used for a reading actually have symbolic meanings rather than literal ones. This means that instead actually dying; in fact, the Death card could mean that a figurative death is going to happen in your life. The card can also have other meanings that can represent a bigger picture.

What does the Death Card Look Like?

On this card, you will see the image of a skeleton riding on a white horse. This armored skeleton or Death is holding a black and white flag. At the feet of the horse, there is a man, a woman, and a child who are begging for their lives. It indicates that Death will come for everyone without prejudice, no matter your race, age, or gender.

Underlying Meaning?

In your life, there are many different transitions that you need to make. Seeing the death card could mean that the period that you are currently experiencing is going to come to an end, but that is not always something to be feared. When something ends, a new beginning will soon follow.

Perhaps you have spent several years as a bachelor, but you meet a special someone, revealing a Death card could mean that your single life is coming to a close, and you are about to embark on the journey of married life. Another life event that could reveal this card is retirement. Your working life is coming to an end so that you can begin a life of relaxation.

Is the Death Card Always Bad?

The Death card can mean that the transition that you are about to experience in your life is bad; in fact, it can even be a devastating life change like someone important to you will no longer be in your life. This change is most often inevitable, and it means that you need to accept the change and move on with your life.

It does not always need to be a negative change. It could simply mean a drastic change in your life. This could be a career change, moving to a new city, or the birth of your child. Whatever the change is, you need to accept it so that you can open the door to the next chapter in your life and lay your old habit or way of life to rest. Though this card is often the most feared of the deck, it can be one of the most beneficial ones that you get in a reading.

When you get a spread that reveals the Death card in your Tarot card reading, it may actually be a sign that it is time to change a bad habit. Purging your life of bad memories, excess baggage, and bad habits can make room in your life for things that can make you happier.

Does the Death Card Ever Symbolize Your Actual Death?

When you die, your spirit transitions from this realm to a spiritual one, which means that it is a major transitional period in your life, but typically the Death card is not a strong enough sign to symbolize that your actual life is coming to an end. Certain card spreads mean that death will touch your life, but that does not mean that it will be your life. It could be a loved one, a friend, a pet, or something even less significant.

Reversed Death Card

If your reading reveals a reversed Death card, it means that the change that you need to make in your life is being resisted. A transformation requires you to let go of the past, and for some reason, you are having a difficult time doing that. Once you fully accept the idea of change and deal with whatever is holding you back, you will be able to embark on a new journey in life and move from the stagnant waters of your current life.

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