What Is Pranic Healing?

Basics of Pranic Healing

Pranic healing means vital energy healing. No touching is involved in the method of healing, and there are no drugs used, making this a safe form of treatment for those who are looking for holistic therapy options. Prana is used for the physical and emotional healing of many ailments in the body. It is somewhat scientific based and is a systematic treatment. This is what distinguishes the method from others that are often disregarded by the medical community. Prana is considered the vital energy that keeps the mind and body alive. The air, sun and ground make up the components of the Prana. If one or more elements fail, then the body begins to deteriorate in some manner according to those who use the method of healing. It is a common method used in China and Japan instead of resorting to medicine and medical devices.

There are two parts that make up the body. One is the physical that you and others can see, and the other is the invisible. This is also known as the energy body. Pranic healing focuses on this area of the body instead of the physical in most circumstances. The physical and the invisible are interconnected, one relying on the other for positive energy and healing. When one body sees negative energy, the other part of the body is affected as well. Healing the energy of the body and the chakras can have a great impact on the physical well-being.

Pranic healing often deals with the chakras. These are areas of the body where energy flows, being either negative or positive. The chakras control various areas of the body from the head to the abdomen, resting on major organs of the body, such as the brain and the heart. If something happens with one of the chakras, then the energy flow of the entire body can be disrupted. Chakras not only affect the physical aspects of the body, but they can also affect the psychological components. Pranic healing can help to put the chakras back in line and give back positive energy to the body.

During the Pranic healing method, the human aura is scanned to look at the imbalances of energy and to see the areas that need the most concentration. When energy levels are depleted, it's called energy congestion. This is often what makes some people feel depressed or feel like they don't want to do anything during the day. Cleansing techniques are used to get rid of the negative energy in the body, replacing it with positive energy. When the aura is balanced once again, the physical and mental parts of the body will often feel renewed and strong. The overall health of the body will then follow.

This type of healing is not related to any kind of religion nor is it associated with any kind of religious healing methods. It's purely eclectic. The healer is led to truths about the body that are then used in healing the mind and spirit before the physical body is healed. The method is designed on the science behind energy, using the laws of nature as well as the universal truth instead of calling on higher powers. Over 120 countries have people who are involved in Pranic healing.

When the methods of Pranic healing are followed as they should be, there usually aren't any side effects, especially since this method doesn't involve any kind of medication. Research and experiments have been used to make sure that the healing method is as safe as possible. Pranic healing has been used with numerous physical ailments. Many use it for migraines, to lower the blood pressure or blood sugar levels and to help with headaches. Some have seen a significant difference with sinus infections, asthma, back aches and other muscle aches in the body. Pranic healing also helps with psychological ailments. It is often an option for those who deal with depression and anxiety. Many believe that since the healing focuses more on the energy levels that it can greatly reduce any effects that depression has on the body. It is a calming and soothing healing method for the soul. Many massage therapists use this form of treatment when clients want a natural option instead of using any kind of acupuncture or body therapy. The therapy is sometimes used with people who have experienced trauma or who have high levels of stress and grief.

A basic healing is done first, and this is often enough for most people to feel renewed. An advanced Pranic healing uses the color pranas to treat ailments. Recovery rates are increased when the colors are used. Anyone who is over the age of 16 can learn Pranic healing as this is the recommended age by scientists and doctors who have a belief in the method. Workshops are available for those who want to learn more about the process.