Ways a Technophile can Maintain an Earthly Connection

Ways a Technophile can Maintain an Earthly Connection

We live in a world where technology is constantly suffusing us with negative energies. While we all love to stay digitally connected to each other, it’s nice to get back to nature and its spiritual bounty from time to time. I am a self-confessed technophile, but I am also someone who believes in the natural flow of energy from the Earth, so how do I strike a balance between the world of the digital and the spiritual? Here’s what I do:

Grow Something

This might seem simplistic, but we have a deep spiritual connection to anything that we grow for ourselves. Anyone who has a garden with fruit and vegetables will tell you that anything that you grow and then consume will taste far better than anything that you buy from the store. This is because anything that we grow we connect to, and it’s this back and forth flow that suffuses us with refreshed natural energies.

With this in mind, grow something. It can be a houseplant, a fresh avocado plant, or some geraniums in your garden; it can be just about anything. The simple act of growing something without the use of advanced technology will help you reconnect with the earth in a spiritual way.

Engage in Your Community

While you might think that reconnecting is a solo endeavor, it’s actually something that can be done with others. A sense of community is actually one of the most natural things for humans because it helps the group work together to achieve goals in the natural world. Additionally, you can directly draw strength from the emotional connections that you form with your fellow community members and this will also help you better connect with your natural, spiritual environment.

Get a Pet

There is a natural electromagnetic energy that flows from us that joins with other beings when we form connections. One of the deepest connections available in this life is the spiritual connection that we form with our pets. Pets are empathic beings and are also deeply in synch with the natural process, so becoming close with a pet is one of the best ways to declutter your spirit and embrace the natural world.

It’s very important to foster this connection naturally because pets grow attachments based on their instincts. Nurture, love, and let your pet be somewhat independent so that he or she can help you live a more natural life.

Go for Daily Nature Hikes

The earth is brimming with fonts of natural energy. To tap into this natural energy, all you have to do is get out into nature and explore its majesty. This can be a daily hike, time spent at a large park, or it can simply be a ten-minute rest in the grass.

Additionally, the earth has powerful foci of natural energies called ley lines. At a leyline, you’ll be able to palpably feel the earth’s energy, and you will feel refreshed and empowered. While finding precise leylines isn’t 100 percent required, visiting one is a great way to connect deeply with the natural world.

Commune with a Tree

The roots of trees travel deep into the earth, which means that they are directly communing with natural energies. With this in mind, you should, in turn, commune with a tree as well so that you can balance your own energies. To do this, I like to sit underneath a tree for a long period of time. When you do this, you can read a book, have a lunch, or simply take a nap. Whatever you do, the trees own natural energy field will blend with yours, and you’ll start to feel grounded and refreshed.


There’s a reason why meditation is so beneficial. It reduces stress, helps sharpen your mind, helps you become more deeply aware of your own needs and feelings, and it can actually slow aging. How does it do these things? Well, meditation is just another way of connecting with the universe at large. When you are meditating, you are opening your chakras and exchanging energy with your environment. This serves as a sort of cleansing and is a great way to decompress and foster a deeper feeling of connection.

Remember, you should do each of these with as little technology as possible. It’s fine to connect to the wider digital world from time to time, but when it’s time to connect to the Earth, put those things aside. You’ll be surprised at how good you’ll feel as a result.