Some Shadows May Actually be Spirits

Some Shadows May Actually be Spirits

Have you ever seen a shadow move across a wall, but no one seems to be present? Have you woken up to see a shadowy figure at the foot of your bed, but you ignore it, saying that it is just your mind playing tricks on you? Well, sometimes your mind can create shadowy figures that are not really there, especially when you are half awake and half asleep. Your mind created illusions based on what you were just dreaming about, but sometimes these shadows are actually spirits in disguise.

How do I know I’ve Seen a Shadow Spirit?

Most of the individuals who have encountered these shadowy apparitions have described them as shadows that drift in the night. They do not have any distinguishing features, which means that they truly take on the form of a shadow. These apparitions are actually darker than the rest of the shadow in the room, so you can easily see that they are present. The only way to see that these shadows are spiritual entities is that the eyes have been reported to glow either red or amber.

These spirits may be stationary or they can move, but the moment that you draw your attention to the shadow, it will vanish like it was never there. These shadowy spirits cannot be seen outside of the shadows, so if you want to avoid seeing them all together, then sleeping with a light on may be your best option.

What are They?

These shadowy apparitions are spirits, but no one knows where their presence really stems from. There are more than a few theories out there, let’s take a look at a few of them.

  • They could be lost souls who are trying to give you a message. They are not quite ready to go to the other side, but they do not know how to give you their message.
  • Spirit entities that have unsettled malevolent feeling. These spirits are lingering on the edge of our existence, just watching and waiting to frighten us.
  • Perhaps the shadows that you see are actually the astral bodies from an individual that is having an out of body experience. Traveling outside of your body when you sleep is natural, but can your spirit be seen as you travel across the astral plane?
  • Maybe the shadowy spirits are time travelers from the future. We may not be able to see their solid-state bodies, so we find ourselves left with a shadow of their body. If they cannot interact with our timeline, perhaps they are simple shadows standing in our timeline, observing our lives.
  • Do you believe in parallel worlds? If they truly do exist, then perhaps when we wake, there is a brief period of time when you can see the other universe. When you see the apparitions, they vanish, but perhaps this is merely our bodies recalibrating to the vibrations of our universe. At the location where the walls between the dimensions are the thinnest, there is a chance that the vibrations can sync for a brief period of time, which is where and when these shadowy figures would appear.
  • Some people even feel that these shadowy figures could be extraterrestrial beings who are simply able to manipulate the density of their bodies. Aliens are thought to be able to pass through walls and become invisible in the blink of an eye, so perhaps these shadows are simply the result of them phasing.

There is really no way to know exactly what these shadows are. All we know is that they are not connected to a physical body, and they tend to vanish when attention is brought to them. Seeing the unknown can be frightening, so what should you do if you see one?

Tips to Follow

If you see a shadowy apparition, the first thing that you need to do take a deep breath and make sure that you are actually seeing the figure. Becoming frightened by a figment of your imagination will not help you find out any information about the shadow. Remember that most spirits mean you no harm, so approach this entity that way until you have reason to believe that it is malevolent.

Try doing some research into the area. See if others have experienced the shadow’s presence. Maybe you can find out more. There is no real way to find out what these apparitions truly are, but perhaps you can find a piece of the puzzle that can give us a hint about their true nature.