Laws of Karma You May be Unaware Of

Laws of Karma You May be Unaware Of

Whenever a person gets what they deserve, many people call it karma. True karma really means that you get what you put into life; if you tend to do good deeds, then your karma will manifest in a positive way. If you behave poorly, then negative karma will also manifest. Most people understand this, but there are additional rules of karma that many people are not truly aware of. Let’s take a look at a few important ones.

The Law of Karmic Joy

We all want to experience the spiritual state that has come to be known as joy. What many don’t know is that karma dictates that you must work to achieve this spiritual state. Did you know that karma is Sanskrit for action? This means that you have to be active in your own life to achieve joy; apathy and inactivity will bring no positive karmic manifestation.

The Law of Responsibility

Similarly, we can never be happy if we don’t take responsibility for our own happiness. Being responsible means that you must always try to bring about happiness for yourself and others, this way, positive karma will manifest within your life. Effectively, if you want to be happy, find ways to feel happy.

The Law of Giving

Always be giving. Whenever you give something of yourself; whether it’s a physical gift like a favorite trinket or simply giving your time by helping someone do some work, you are benefiting the universe karmically. Remember, this law states that once you give to another person, you are actually giving to humanity and the universe as a whole.

The Law of Learning

This law states that we must always learn in order to assure our own positive karma and joy. Unfortunately, some people get tied up in their own unhappiness. When this happens, they tend to make the same karmic mistakes over and over. Good karma demands that you learn from your previous mistakes so that you can grow and break the cycle that sometimes can bind us in the same place. Remember, life is always trying to teach you a lesson; it’s important for you to recognize and learn from it studiously.

The Law of Living in the Present

This law is very simple; always keep yourself spiritually grounded in the present. The past has already occurred and its bad experiences can taint your life, which is part of the law of learning. It’s important to break the cycle and learn from the past without being muddled up in it. This means that you need to keep moving forward and pay attention to what’s happening to you in the now.

The same can be said of the future. Hope is a great thing, but if you find yourself worried about the future or are too caught up in what will be, you’ll forget about the present. The future is a time of possibility, but don’t let its tempting allure distract you from the now.

The Law of Growth

Change is the primary constant of our lives. If we don’t grow with the constant change, it’s easy to get left behind and fall into dangerous karmic habits. It’s amazing, but those who reap bad karma often are the ones that refuse to grow. Always try to be a more spiritually mature person than you were the previous day. In order to grow, we must accept the inevitability of constant change.

The Law of Spirituality and Morality

Achieving a positive karmic state absolutely requires that you have a moralist perspective of life. We are all interconnected, which means that any harm that we do to others will be visited upon ourselves. This law is predicated on a spiritual belief that we are all one and that our specific energy interacts with others freely. With this understanding, we must behave with unassailable morals and humility so that the universe prospers as a result of our actions.

The Law of Mindfulness

Always be mindful of all that you do. Every action reverberates throughout the universe. This in my mind is the karmic equivalent of the so-called butterfly effect; one small wrongdoing can have disastrous effects on others. A good example of this can be presented in the act of littering; you drop a single receipt in the street. While this might not seem problematic, that receipt adds to millions of tons of trash in an hour. This fills up landfills, which in turn, reduces the beauty of our planet for future generations. This is why we must be mindful of every action because the smallest action can be disastrous karmically.

The Law of Beginning

We must start each change in our life by taking small steps. Every major change has to begin somewhere, and this karmic law states that we must make minute changes in order to deliver lasting results in our lives. Start small, and you’ll be surprised where you end up.