How To Find Your Spirit Guide

find your spirit guide

The spirit guide is just as it sounds. It's a guide that walks you through life. It can't be seen, but some believe that it can be felt and that it can help to protect against dangers in life. There are many times when the guides can't help you in your life unless you ask them. However, they are always there to assist, and it's often easy to find your guides if you follow a few basic steps.

Many guides have already lived a life on earth, some being people you have known, such as family members. They are full of gifts that include wisdom and clear thinking. Most people have about six guides in their circle, but this number isn't concrete for everyone.

Your spirit guides can do everything from healing a broken heart to making sure that you get safely from one location to the next. The spirit guides are often seen as those that offer protection in a car accident or in a near-death experience.

There is no request that is too big or small for the spirit guides to take on, but in order for them to help, you must clearly call on them.

Many people expect that the answers that are given are in black and white. While some situations are answered clearly, you have to be open to any possible outcome. Many outcomes are gray, and you have to decipher how the answer relates to your life.

Some want a personal relationship with their guides. They want to know a background, personality and what the guides look like. When you let go of what you think and want the guides to look like, you'll be able to see them clearly around you, especially when they are most needed. Let the mind wander free, letting go of your inhibitions so that you can let the guides take control, giving you a life that is safe and secure.

Meditating is often a good way to get in tune with your guides. You can ask them to enter the area around you, giving you answers to some of the questions that you have about life.

One of the ways that you can ensure that you ask your guides important questions is to make a small box with the questions on paper inside. You can also write down something specific that you want to know about, such as a career choice that you need to make or help in a relationship.

Choose an item that you want to see when one of your guides is around. It could be a feather, a penny or any other object that would let you know that your guides are around when you see that item. Within a short time, you'll usually start seeing these objects all over the place, especially when you're in times of trouble, sadness or in the midst of making an important decision.

Sometimes, you might just need a special place where you can connect with your spirit guides. It could be outside in the woods at a favorite spot, or it could be in a room that's quiet so that you can concentrate on the guides around you.

Make sure there is time spent every day getting in touch with your guides. As you spend more time with them, you'll start to pick up on cues and signs that they are around and want to help. One of the ways that you can get in touch with your guides is to write.

Find a place that is quiet and dim, writing a letter to your guides. You can write anything that you wish from questions to frustrations that you might have with life. Secure the letters in a place where you know to look for them.

After some time has passed, look back at the letters to see what was written, and you will usually find that some of the concerns and questions that you had have been answered in some way.

Call on your best guides to help with larger challenges in life. There are guides from almost every aspect, but there are some that have a greater concentration when it comes to writing or relationships.

These are the guides who can give you the most insight to these areas that you need help with. If you allow them inside your life, then you'll find that struggles won't seem like they are as bad.

You have to be clear as to what you expect from your guides. You can't simply give them random tasks to complete as they might not know what you want them to do in your life. Concrete examples and jobs are what they enjoy without micromanaging.

Trust in the guides to get the work done, and you'll begin to see that there is less effort required on your part.