Hidden Meaning Behind Common Dreams

Common Dreams And Their Hidden Meanings

Dream interpretation has been used throughout human history to identify patterns within the subconscious that influence a person’s thoughts and choices.

In many instances, the symbolism contained within a dream can also help someone foresee future events and enable them to learn more about their past.

After years of close study, it has been revealed that there are certain types of dreams and symbols that are common among all cultures, and knowing their meanings will allow you to tap into the powerful messages that dreams send to people about their life path.

Pets and Wildlife

Animals in a dream can hold many different meanings since they represent the parts of your psyche that are associated with nature and instincts. Being chased by a wild animal sheds light on the possibility that you are running from a challenge in your life or repressing your emotions. However, playing with your pet in a dream would mean something more lighthearted such as your comfort with enjoying a loving relationship.


There are few dreams more fear-inspiring than one in which you fall from a great height. Usually, you wake up before you hit the ground, yet it does not stop your heart from pounding. This dream taps into a common human fear of failure or losing control. You are more likely to experience this dream during uncertain times such as just after receiving a promotion at work.

Eating a Feast

Food appears often in dreams, and it is believed to represent knowledge. Dreaming that you are consuming a feast may mean that you have recently taken in a large amount of information within a short period of time. Likely, this means your mind is still working on understanding the newfound knowledge as it applies to your life. Alternatively, dreaming of a famine could mean that you are lacking mental stimulation and would benefit from seeking new experiences.

Having a Baby

For people who have yet to start a family, a dream about having a baby could literally be about the desire to be a parent. However, babies in dreams also represent new beginnings or a need to feel loved. Dreaming about being pregnant also represents the birth of a new idea or decision to embark upon a different life path.

Running From Something or Someone

Getting chased is another common dream that conjures up feelings of persecution. When you have this type of dream, it is important to assess why you might be feeling threatened in life. Addressing these threats head on will restore your dreams to happy ones.

Taking an Exam

Although school-related dreams are more common among students, many people continue to dream about taking tests long after they leave the academic world. This is because exams represent a period of self-examination or the feeling of having to pass someone else’s inspection. Failing an exam brings up feelings of low self-worth or worries about inadequacy, and acing a test naturally means that a person is feeling confident about their abilities.

Touring a House

Houses figure prominently in dreams, and paying attention to the state of the home and its features is very revealing. This is because houses are representative of a person’s inner wellbeing. Is the house you see decrepit and falling apart? If so, then you may be dealing with negative emotions. However, a large, ornate house that is filled with joyful people is a sign that all is well in your inner world.


A dream in which you kill someone else may make you feel like something is wrong, but it usually is merely a symbolic demonstration of your need to kill off a negative aspect of your personality. This is especially true if the person you murdered was someone you harbor no ill feelings toward. If the person is someone that you dislike, then it is also possible that a murder dream is telling you to cut them out of your life.

Public Nudity

The commonality of this dream is so huge that being naked in public is often used in the media to portray someone’s fears of vulnerability. In this case, the media is spot on since nakedness reveals a person’s concerns about having their secrets exposed. In some instances, however, public nudity could represent a person’s pride or desire to be recognized if they do not experience discomfort about being naked during the dream.

Scaling a Wall or Mountain

This dream is all about achievement, and making it to the top is a wonderful sign that your life is progressing just fine. Struggling up the mountain or side of a tall building, however, could be a sign that you still have obstacles to face in your life. Staring at the view from the top just means that it is time to take a few moments to review your current lifestyle to make sure you are heading in the right direction.


Losing or discovering that you have rotten teeth is disconcerting in a dream. Usually, this means that you have concerns about getting older, or it could mean that your life is about to experience great change. Growing a new tooth means the opposite, since the newness indicates a novel idea or experience that is lurking just around the corner.

Having Sex

Sexual dreams could just be about natural urges, or they could harbor deeper meaning. Many times, a dream that you are having sex represents the merging between your conscious and subconscious needs and actions. Be ready for a sudden new awareness of the world to occur shortly after this type of dream.

Understanding the symbolism of a dream requires evaluating what the dream was about along with a person’s feelings about the specific experiences involved. While having a baby may represent a happy new beginning for one person, it could be a sign of anxiety in someone who fears becoming a parent. By taking the time to carefully examine a person’s nocturnal mental wanderings, it is possible to glean amazing insight into their psyche and potentially decipher important information regarding their life path.