Healing Herbs To Boost Wellness, Energy, and Psychic Intuition

Herbs have been used around the world for thousands of years, and for numerous purposes. Arguably the earliest form of medicine, certain herbs were also used by sacred healers and spiritual workers to heighten intuition and reinstate balance and harmony into otherwise chaotic spaces. You needn't be an ancient oracle to implement the use of herbs into your own daily regime, and most–if not all–are relatively easy to find at your local organic market or apothecary.

Here are 10 healing herbs that are known to protect and promote a sound mind and overall psychic wellness. All of these herbs can be utilized in essential oils, incense burners, and sachets, as well as enjoyed freshly cut or newly dried. However, when using dried herbs make sure they have not exceeded their shelf life, which will render any healing properties null and void.

I. Lavender

Highly prized by the ancient Greeks and Romans, lavender has become something of a household staple these days. Celebrated for its calming properties and pleasant scent, lavender is also believed to protect one against harmful energies and spirits in both sleep and waking life, and it's not an uncommon practice for European households to keep vases of lavender in bedrooms to ward off unwanted spooks. Similarly, lavender assists in soothing the mind and keeping one's thoughts clear during times of psychic turmoil.

II. Rosemary

A sacred plant for magic workers, rosemary is an all-purpose herb with powerful cleansing and beneficiary qualities. Known for providing protection and drawing love, as well as good fortune, rosemary also clears the mental cobwebs from one's memory, thus sharpening the mind and intuition. A delicious ingredient for savory dishes, rosemary can also be diffused or dried in sachets for optimal use.

III. Sage

You are probably familiar with the burning of sage to cleanse and protect one's home, and this is certainly recommended on at least a weekly basis. You can also write your sacred prayers on sage leaves and burn them, as well as carry sage leaves in your wallet for money drawing.
Note: If the scent of burning sage is a bit too strong for your liking, you can burn palo santo “holy wood” for a more pleasant but equally powerful effect.

IV. Basil

Basil has long been used in Mediterranean cultures to purify one's home and likewise instill good fortune, and a potted basil plant is still a popular gift when one moves into a new space. Basil is also frequently associated with love and fertility divination, and is believed to assist in troubled relationships. Along with keeping a basil plant in your own home, you can also prepare a meal with basil for a loved one and yourself, as well as implement it in essential oil form.

V. Angelica

Angelica is often used in binding rituals to protect one from harm or negative energies, and is particularly beneficial to women and new mothers. A member of the parsley family, dried angelica can be used in potpourri or sewn into sachets to be carried or kept in drawers for protection.

VI. Thyme

Native to Mediterranean regions, Roman soldiers frequently bathed in thyme to boost courage and strength, and the plant is still utilized in modern rituals to invoke similar attributes in one's self. Thyme is great for boosting self esteem and lifting depression, as well as inducing a more positive attitude. You can plant a bed of thyme in your garden or windowsill to draw year-round luck, particularly during spring and summer.

VI. Bay Leaf

Bay leaves boost clairvoyance and psychic intuition, as well as protection from energy assailants and harmful entities. Bay leaves can be burned or used in sachets, or dropped directly into one's bathwater. You can also cook with bay leaves for similar benefits, but make sure to use fresh or just-dried leaves, rather than old ones, as you will surely taste the difference!

VII. Anise

Associated with youth and purification, anise has wonderful lifting properties that ease the burden of personal baggage and spiritual heaviness. You can drink a cup of anise tea, burn essential oil, or drop stars of anise into your bathwater whenever you feel the need to lighten your psychic load.

VIII. Cloves

Cloves were a favorite of the Medieval people, enjoyed in everything from culinary dishes to wine and cosmetics. You may associate cloves with the holidays, but cloves carry a number of magical connotations. Powerful tools in warding off malicious gossip, cloves also keep friends close and enemies at bay, and are frequently used in Hoodoo mojo bags to draw luck and money. Ideal for sachets or potpourri bowls, you can also sprinkle oil of cloves on your (darker colored) clothing for “on-the-go” protection.

IX. Chamomile

More than just a nighttime sleep aid, chamomile's soothing properties extend into the psychic realm as well. Sprinkled in one's bath or enjoyed in a cup of tea, chamomile calms and prepares the mind for meditation and reflection, and fortifies one's sense of security, all of which are essential in psychic wellness.

X. Fennel Seeds

Similar to anise, particularly in taste and scent, fennel seeds are helpful “boosters” that work well with other herbs to achieve maximum potency. Employed by Saxons and Jewish mystics to purify a space before divination, Roman soldiers often chewed fennel seeds before going into battle. You can sprinkle fennel seeds around your home, carry them in sachets, or use them while you cook to increase the powers of your accompanying herbs.