• History Of The Luopan Compass (Used In Feng Shui)

    The Luopan Compass Basics

    The many schools of feng shui can differ in methods and cures, but some symbols and tools are important in most, if not all sects of feng shui. The luopan (also luo pan or lo pan) is an intricate compass used in most forms of feng shui, and even those forms that don't use it […]

  • What Are The Five Chinese Celestial Animals Of Feng Shui?

    Five Chinese Celestial Animals of Feng Shui

    There are five Chinese celestial animals associated with the landscape school in traditional feng shui: snake, tortoise, phoenix, dragon and tiger. The landscape school, or form school, is the oldest school in feng shui. Each of the celestial animals is adopted from landscape forms that were said to be guarded by these animals long ago. […]

  • How To Find Your Spirit Guide

    Spirit Guide Basics

    The spirit guide is just as it sounds. It's a guide that walks you through life. It can't be seen, but some believe that it can be felt and that it can help to protect against dangers in life. There are many times when the guides can't help you in your life unless you ask […]

  • Are Manifestation And The Law Of Attraction The Same Thing?

    Are Manifestation And The Law Of Attraction The Same Thing?

    Today manifestation and the law of attraction appear to be somewhat interchangeable, and are often applied as one and the same. And while conceptually they share many of the same qualities, they differ greatly from each other when it comes to achieving a desired outcome. The law of attraction depends on what has already been […]

  • Hidden Meaning Behind Common Dreams

    Common Dreams And Their Hidden Meanings

    Dream interpretation has been used throughout human history to identify patterns within the subconscious that influence a person’s thoughts and choices. In many instances, the symbolism contained within a dream can also help someone foresee future events and enable them to learn more about their past. After years of close study, it has been revealed […]

  • Healing Herbs To Boost Wellness, Energy, and Psychic Intuition

    Herbs have been used around the world for thousands of years, and for numerous purposes. Arguably the earliest form of medicine, certain herbs were also used by sacred healers and spiritual workers to heighten intuition and reinstate balance and harmony into otherwise chaotic spaces. You needn't be an ancient oracle to implement the use of […]

  • Is Friday the 13th Really Unlucky?

    Anyone who is superstitious can tell you that Friday the 13th is a very unlucky day, but why is that day so unlucky? Is it really different from every other day or is it all in our heads? To find out, we need to go back to the origins of the superstition to see if […]

  • Ways a Technophile can Maintain an Earthly Connection

    Ways a Technophile can Maintain an Earthly Connection

    We live in a world where technology is constantly suffusing us with negative energies. While we all love to stay digitally connected to each other, it’s nice to get back to nature and its spiritual bounty from time to time. I am a self-confessed technophile, but I am also someone who believes in the natural […]

  • What Is Pranic Healing?

    Basics of Pranic Healing

    Pranic healing means vital energy healing. No touching is involved in the method of healing, and there are no drugs used, making this a safe form of treatment for those who are looking for holistic therapy options. Prana is used for the physical and emotional healing of many ailments in the body. It is somewhat […]

  • Some Shadows May Actually be Spirits

    Some Shadows May Actually be Spirits

    Have you ever seen a shadow move across a wall, but no one seems to be present? Have you woken up to see a shadowy figure at the foot of your bed, but you ignore it, saying that it is just your mind playing tricks on you? Well, sometimes your mind can create shadowy figures […]