Zodiac Psychics Review

Zodiac Psychics is an outstanding community of professional and gifted psychic guides who are talented in guiding you through your most important decisions.

Whether you are seeking a professional spiritual counselor to steer you to that perfect love or career match or a skilled advisor to share intuitive impressions about life’s possibilities, you can do so confidently and privately using Zodiac Psychics powerful psychic chat platform or by calling in and speaking with a psychic advisor directly.

Zodiac Psychics, owned and operated by Zodiac Consulting Limited, New Zealand, is scrupulously cautious about the psychics it chooses. There is a rigorous screening process that requires would-be psychics to perform test readings using their own innate abilities. After a month’s time, only 10 percent of applicants are approved.

Accordingly, psychic seekers know they can select from top-rated advisors who are held to the highest standards of accuracy, speed and empathy. Whatever category you’re interested in – astrology and horoscopes, clairvoyance, psychic readings, tarot readings and more – there are hundreds of qualified choices.

To help you along, you are provided with ample information to comfortably select a psychic to aid you in interpreting your life journey. Each psychic profile includes a headshot, experience, areas of specialization, and reviews and ratings.

Once you hone in on the psychic you wish to connect with, you can instantly see if he or she is available, away, or busy and what the rate-per-minute is. Once you’re ready to take the next step, it’s a simple matter of clicking the call or the chat button.

Zodiac Psychics is committed to unparalleled customer service. It's support team is available 24/7, very day of the year. Reach out and you can quickly get help with signing up, selecting a psychic or getting a quality question answered.

Zodiac Psychics also guarantees your satisfaction. If something feels amiss, all you have to do is contact their customer service team within 24 hours of your call or chat and they’ll get you connected with another psychic.

What I Love About Zodiac Psychics

Extremely easy to get started: Want to connect with a gifted psychic quickly? With Zodiac Psychics, there’s no muss, no fuss, no bother. Simply type in your email, choose a password, and then sign up. Then you can select from a multitude of psychics and match up with your preferred one by phone, chat or email.

Comprehensive psychic reading categories: I’ve never seen such an in-depth breadth of categories! Unlike most sites that – for example — list “clairvoyance” as a reading option, Zodiac Psychics drills down to include all the types of clairvoyant readings: channeling, shamans, occult readings, mind readings, angel readings…the list goes on and on. It’s the same thing for astrology and horoscope; you can choose from natal chart readings, Vedic Astrology, Chinese Astrology, Numerology and more. Whatever type of reading you want, the chances are excellent that you’ll find it at Zodiac Psychics.

Guidance in understanding the types of readings: Not sure what type of reading is best for you? The Zodiac Psychics site guides you with easy-to-understand definitions. Suppose, for instance, you zero in on angel cards. You’ll quickly learn that angel cards are similar to a Tarot reading with one exception: instead of relying on the card reader’s intuitive guidance, you petition and invoke your own personal Guardian Angels, spirit guides, or departed loved ones to lead you forward. Every type of reading includes a similarly well-explained summary.

Trustworthy screening process: Zodiac Psychics is committed to only accepting the cream of the crop when it comes to psychics. Professional psychic evaluators first screen each applicant, and then require him or her to accurately identify past, present and future facets of a client’s life. But that’s just for starters. Each psychic is reevaluated on a regular basis, and must maintain high-level performance and consistent psychic abilities.

Sweet introductory offer: How can you know for sure that Zodiac Psychics is everything it claims to be? That’s a valid question and this network gives you an added level of reassurance. Just take them up on their introductory reading offer of 7 FREE minutes with any psychic for your first reading. After you have used your initial free minutes, if you choose to continue, your Zodiac Psychics account will be topped-off from your chosen payment method – credit card, debit card or PayPal.

More than psychic readings…a full and immersive psychic experience: Zodiac Psychics aims to be your “home” for anything of a psychic nature, with certified professional astrologists who know how to interpret complex planetary equations and post free daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes online. If you want to explore psychic subjects in depth – for example, touching other dimensions through time portals or discovering how to interpret dreams when you awake feeling confused or disoriented – you can browse through their online library of articles.

What I Don’t Love

Lack of easy search filters to pinpoint the right psychic: Once you choose your category – astrology and horoscope, clairvoyance, psychic reading and so forth – there are only three ways to sort psychics: by popularity, alphabet, or star rating. Other sites empower you to choose by style of reading (for example, compassionate, direct, expressive), by tools, and by subject matter (love and relationships, loss and grieving, life and destiny). which makes it simpler to quickly pinpoint the right psychic.

Inability to sort by pricing: Make no mistake, the prices are clearly indicated on Zodiac Psychics so you can quickly locate the price per minute for both calls and chat. But there is no convenient way to rapidly organize pricing from lowest to highest. The onus is on you to look through various psychics’ pricing and compare/

Satisfaction guarantee offering credit, not cash: Some sites provide psychic seekers with an opportunity to receive cash or credit back if they are not 100% satisfied. That’s not the case with Zodiac Psychics. Any credited amount can only be used for readings at Zodiac Psychics and cannot be withdrawn. There are no cash refunds.