Psychic Source Review. How Does It Compare In 2019?

psychic source

Psychic Source is poised to turn skeptics into believers with it's “no gimmicks, no nonsense” promise.

Currently celebrating a quarter of a century as the nation’s most respected psychic service.

Psychic Source currently boasts a roster of hundreds of genuinely gifted and experienced psychics who have read for clients that range from Lady Antebellum to Grace Potter, Redfoo and T-Pain.

Strict Psychic Selection

Perhaps no psychic network today is more careful with screening its psychic candidates than Psychic Source. They take the screening process very seriously. Each psychic must undergo two readings with a proven psychic advisor after filling out a scrupulously detailed application.

Over 95 percent of applicants are turned away; only the best of the best remain as psychic advisors.

The result is that Psychic Source (which boasts an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau) connects you to truly clairvoyant psychics, whom you can filter by specialties, expertise, tools, language and reading style.

Wide Variety Of Gifted Psychics

Seeking a love or career psychic, a pet psychic, or a clairsentient? Exploring life’s meaning, striving to overcome a loss, or delving into whether your current partner is a love match?

Just click on the left-hand search bar and you can quickly hook up with a compassionate, direct, expressive, thoughtful or wise (your choice!) advisor who will give you a straightforward reading or work with tools such as angel cards, astrology, numerology, spirit guides or other tools.

After you take the plunge, you can easily keep track of your favorites (simply click on the heart icon near each Advisor’s name), get text alerts when your favorites are online an available and even take notes on your readings right online.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Reassuringly, Psychic Source is committed to providing the best, most authentic psychic readings. As a result, Psychic Source offers an admirable no-risk guarantee: a total refund of your money or the time back to try another psychic as long as the refund or credit is requested within one business day. Or, as they word it: “If you’re not happy with your last psychic reading, it’s free!

Additionally, if you need a bit of guidance in selecting from the hundreds of gifted Advisors, their 24/7 Customer Care is there to help with tips, recommendations and information.

You can read the entire Psychic Source satisfaction guarantee here.

Strong Business Ethics

Founded in 1989 with a passion for quality online psychic reading services and customer satisfaction, it’s easy to see why Psychic Source is celebrating 25 years in business.

Psychic Source does so many things right: rigorously testing and authenticating psychic advisor candidates, truly listening to their customers, placing customer safety and satisfaction first, discounting their prices deeply, even providing flexible payment options that safeguard customers from overspending.

They are a Better Business Bureau rated company as well as a certified Trustwave's Commerce website. Psychic Source offers both telephone psychic readings or online psychic chat readings.

Customer Security

Psychic Source provides an admirable level of customer protection. At any time during the reading, customers may press the star sign (*) to confidentially report their concerns with a session.

Fabulous Pricing

With nearly a quarter century in business, Psychic Source knows the importance of a good deal. Their lowest rate is low indeed – rounding out to 66 cents per minute when you purchase 30 minutes.

Buying time in bulk is a particularly wise decision. You can use the minutes over and over again, in multiple sessions.

Personalized Horoscopes

Unlike some of their competitors, they do not offer personalized horoscopes; you can, however, request a psychic who specializes in astrology.

Website Usability and Functionality

You can look far and wide and not find a better functioning and more intuitive interface than Psychic Source’s. Its filtering options are vastly greater than you’ll find elsewhere, making it easy to choose the right psychic advisor for your needs.

Choose from advisors who provide readings by phone, chat or live video. Check out specialties and sub-specialties such as clairaudient, clairsentient, or clairvoyant…select an advisor with direct, express, wise or other types of reading styles. Spanish advisors are available as well.

My Top 10 Best Psychics at Psychic Source

With so many psychics to choose from at Psychic Source, it might be hard to decide which psychic to get your first reading from. For this reason, i've compiled a list of the best psychics at Psychic Source (in my opinion).

These psychics have given me great readings over the years and I don't hesitate to recommend them.


psychic jasperPursuing the path of Native American spirituality from the age of 15, Jasper (ext. 9784) continues to draw from his multi-spiritual studies to assist those in need.

An exceptional medium of spirit guides, Jasper specializes in Reiki, as well as empath healing, and is able to provide readings without the assistance of any tool but his deep intuition and the energies that exist between himself and his client.

Whether you are looking for answers regarding your love life, financial matters, or a particularly pressing burden, Jasper is here to guide you with compassion and a wealth of spiritual knowledge.

Jasper believes that all souls deserve to prosper in every incarnation, and understands how easy it is to lose one's way. With his guiding tools and insights you can be back on the path towards joy and success, and able to overcome any obstacle thrown your way.


psychic craigA high priest with over a decade of experience, Craig (ext. 9485) is a respected clairvoyant and psychic medium for both human and animal alike. Able to perform his in-depth readings with only your name and year of birth, Craig offers detailed and astonishingly accurate answers to your most important questions.

Accepting of all people, lifestyles, and personal matters, Craig treats every client with the utmost respect and confidentiality. As an energy healer, Craig believes in further educating his clients on the removal of unwanted entities and negative energies, thus empowering them to triumph over their greatest fears and obstacles.

As one who has been gifted with divine psychic powers, Craig believes in using those powers for the ultimate good of others.


psychic alma ext 9984Alma (ext 9984) is a therapeutic tarot specialist, reading from a deep level of intuition and empathy in order to provide her client with the means to heal damaged energies, as well as interpret dreams that may hold vital clues in regards to one's current situation.

With a particular gift for helping those in troubled romantic relationships, Alma guides with a gentle and nonjudgmental hand, combining her unique insights with unmatched compassion.

Never be too ashamed or embarrassed to seek out Alma's assistance, for she understands that in matters of the heart, there can be no judgement, only the willingness to help you triumph.


Delivering sacred messages from higher entities and multiple dimensions, Raven (ext. 9580) will help you communicate with your own guardian angel and experience the life-changing effects of unconditional spiritual love and protection.

Accessing precious energies, Raven guides her clients out of danger, fear, and troublesome situations towards a superior path and lasting solution.

Working from a place of positivity and only the purest intentions at heart, Raven will assist you in all earthly concerns, helping you to gain the peace and confidence that is your birthright.

Upon completion of one of Raven's healing consultations, you will find your own energy instantly restored and vibrating at a frequency that is sure to draw abundance and joy.


psychic marizaA fourth generation Andean Shaman with nearly 40 years experience, Mariza's (ext. 9846) ancestral gifts are as powerful as they are mystical.

Channeling directly from the Universal Energy Field, Mariza's pendulum divination and tarot & crystal readings combine the holistic energies of her teachings with the potent assistance of higher spirits and ancestor guides.

Further applying her studies in Shamanic healing, Andean cosmology, and religious pilgrimages, Mariza provides her clients with a lifelong tool to overcome obstacles, achieve abundance, and embody their best incarnation yet.

Mariza understands that life is complicated, and no situation belonging in the absolute black or white, and provides answers that are accessible to the individual, and not merely sugarcoated solutions.


A licensed Theta DNA practitioner, spiritual life coach, and counselor of 30 years, Angelica's (ext 9393) readings are a powerful blend of practical education and her innate psychic talents.

Specializing in chakra balancing, energy healing, and messages received through spiritual symbols and visions, Angelica communicates directly with her divine spirit guide and guardian angel to deliver straightforward and honest answers regarding her client's well-being.

Angelica believes that one's future is determined not by chance but by choice, and that with the right guiding light even the most dire situation can be a transformative experience for a higher purpose.

Whether you are at a crossroads in life and uncertain as to which direction to take, or seeking insight into a seemingly unsolvable personal riddle, Angelica's gifts are at your service.


psychic elijahOne of over 30 generations of psychic clairvoyants, Elijah (ext. 8233) bestows his ancestral gifts with kindness and deep perception, providing the proper care and attention each individual deserves.

A student of the metaphysical, as well as classical psychology and parapsychology, Elijah has not only assisted in nationwide missing persons cases, but has applied his psychic talents to bringing peace to tormented souls and their oppressors.

Engaging with clarity and kindness, his consultations are renowned for their poignant and lasting results. Whatever your question or dilemma, Elijah will draw from his wealth of knowledge and medium energies to provide the best assistance possible.

The psychic realm is no place for judgement or personal critique, and Elijah's sole purpose is to help his clients through all matters concerning the mind, heart, and material world.

Psychic Kimberle

psychic kimberlyDrawing from intuitive impressions and remote energies, Kimberle (ext. 8608) is instantly able to connect with her client no matter the geographical distance or platform.

Communicating directly with her client's spirit guide, Kimberle helps reunite client and spirit guardian to strengthen the bond that may have been weakened by trauma, doubt, or physical limitations.

No situation is without hope, and every problem poses a solution; whether you wish to reconnect with the spirit of a lost loved one or gain insight into matters of the heart or personal path, Kimberle's goal is to get you where you need to be and make sure you stay there.

Psychic Jenicka

Psychic Jenicka x9859Jenicka's (ext 9859) tarot talents revealed themselves early in life, and since then she has helped many from all walks of life. Thoughtful in her reading manner and eerily precise in her messages, Jenicka provides her clients with absolute honesty and real-time advice.

Jenicka neither judges nor chides; she believes it is her divine job to help those in need, no matter the situation or inquiry.

With every reading Jenicka also bestows sensible solutions that can be applied right away, thus empowering her client to take matters into their own hands, however insurmountable they may seem.

Whether your question concerns a relationship–romantic or otherwise–or matters of money, career, and personal fulfillment, Jenicka is not only here to assist, but give you the tools to prosper.

Psychic Zelda

Psychic Zelda x9632A psychic and tarot medium of nearly two decades, Zelda (ext 9632) further provides astral insights and dream interpretations to ensure her client receives the most thorough assistance in all matters at hand and of the heart.

An accomplished professional with as much career experience as psychic, Zelda can advise you on topics of finance and the right career path, as well as those regarding love and personal relationships.

If you are wishing to start over or make some positive changes in your life, Zelda can help you make the best choices. Her answers may not always be what you wish to hear, but this is ultimately for the best.

Zelda believes honesty is essential, and rather than lead her client astray with false positives, she'd rather deliver the facts first, and help you reach your ultimate goal from there.

How To Contact Customer Service At Psychic Source

Psychic Source takes pride in offering around the clock customer service. If, for any reason, you have a question, or you are not completely satisfied with your reading, you can reach out to their customer service department using many platforms.

At the time of this writing, Psychic Source's customer support department can be contacted 24/7 by telephone, live chat or e-mail. You can visit the Psychic Source customer service page here to ask a question or you can call them directly toll free at 1-855-281-0251.

You can be confident in knowing that customer service is available at all times to answer any question or concern you might have. Psychic Source's absolute commitment to customer satisfaction really shines through here.

It is also worth noting that Psychic Source offers customer service in both English and Spanish.

Psychic Source Promo Code: Save Big On Your First Reading

Physic Source is currently offering a coupon code for my visitors. For a limited time, you can get a psychic reading for as low as $0.66 a minute plus 3 free minutes with your first paid reading. This is a significant discount from the usual $1 per minute rates. Even more, every purchase is backed by their authentic 100% satisfaction guarantee.

My Final Psychic Source Rating

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