Oranum Psychic Reviews

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Oranum Psychics

A psychic consultation can be a powerful and moving experience. Psychics provide clarity in times of uncertainty and confusion. Rather than seeking to control and manipulate, true psychics seek to open our options and guide people along the path to healing and resolution of problems.

Oranum provides an open source to meet psychics free of charge until visitors are sure they have found the right match for them. There are several things that make Oranum different and superior to any other psychic resource in the world.

What Sets Oranum Apart: Online Access and Free Initial Meetings

Two of the greatest difficulties in finding a positive psychic experience are eliminated by Oranum's approach. Finding a psychic is hard enough, but finding a psychic that will be a good match for a person is truly a daunting task. Often a visitor doesn't know how well things will go until after they have paid for and received their first reading. Psychics have a variety of approaches, specialties and tools at their disposal, and no two physics are the same, even if their techniques are similar.

Oranum's online approach brings together hundreds of psychics from all over the globe and pools them into a single resource for visitors. The variety of psychics available on Oranum truly helps it stand out from other services. Just about any technique, nationality and language can be serviced by someone on Oranum. A psychic’s specialty, language and photo are clearly visible to visitors, so they can identify someone who fits their needs. The psychics are also given a rating, so visitors can clearly see how pleased their past clients were with their service.

Free is a golden word in business, and Oranum offers something in that department that few other psychic services provide. Visitors to Oranum can access the majority of psychics in a free chat environment. This gives an excellent opportunity for visitors to ask initial questions of a psychic that has caught their eye. They can get a thorough idea of that psychic’s specialty and how they conduct readings.

Of course, choosing the right psychic isn't all about the technical details and the profile ratings. A free chat gives visitors the opportunity to really feel what it is like to talk with that psychic and get a true understanding of how that person might be able to get in touch with their needs. This service is especially important for a site like Oranum. With so many psychics, it is easy for someone to suspect bad apples in the bunch. Nothing is worse than paying money for a reading only to be unsatisfied at the end.

Getting to know a psychic before a paid reading gives visitors the opportunity to be sure they are dealing with someone who has the best chance of giving them a positive experience. All true psychics want to help and offer quality service, but sometimes only the visitor can decide who is best able to do that for them.

Horoscope Information

In addition to psychic services, Oranum also offers free horoscope information to visitors. The horoscope information is well organized and thorough. True to the sight’s multinational focus, the Horoscope information presented is not limited only the common Western Horoscope, but also includes Chinese, Mayan and Aztec astrology as well. This makes it one of the most complete Horoscope information bases on the web.

Overall Site Layout and Presentation

Upon landing, visitors may feel a little bit over whelmed by Oranum. This is mostly due to the site’s large amount of content. There are some minor things that could be improved on their presentation. The overhead navigation bar is small, and most of the links are accessed via drop down, which could make some content more difficult to find than it needs to be. The site also tends to over focus on psychic profiles, but it is after all dedicated primarily to that service.

The sample video chat that runs automatically in the upper right corner gives visitors an initial idea of what it might be like to video chat with a psychic. This feature is, however, equally useful and annoying if the visitor navigates through many pages. It can be muted if unwanted, which helps.

Overall, Oranum has a minimalist design, with very little additional content or decoration. This makes it not the most appealing site to look at, but does ensure that the focus remains on finding the right psychic to chat with.

Video Chat

There is no doubt that offering a video chat greatly expands customer’s access to psychic services. Anyone with a computer, camera, microphone and internet connection can get a psychic reading almost any time of the day without leaving their living room. That level of convenience is hard to beat. The ability to see the person also beats phone chat and similar services.

That being said, a psychic reading is often a deeply personal experience, requiring a strong connection between psychic and visitor. Some people can achieve this deep connection through an electronic medium like video chat, but others can’t.

Technology itself can be the biggest detriment to video chat. Some internet connections and computers simply aren't cut out for a quality video chat experience. Oranum has no control over this issue and it should not reflect negatively on the site.

Unfortunately, unless a visitor has decent hardware and a high-speed internet connection, video chat will probably not work for them. The positive side of this is that since Oranum offers free initial chat, visitors will be able to test their ability to have a positive experience before paying anything.

The Oranum Experience

In looking at Oranum as a whole, it is clear that it is a well rounded, complete service if you are seeking a web cam psychic reading. It has many things to offer, whether you are just checking your horoscope or are in need of visual psychic guidance. Oranum’s business model and design ensure visitors will be as satisfied, no questions asked.

In terms of convenience, the site cannot be beat. Anytime, anywhere, a psychic will be available on Oranum to help you with whatever you need. The number and variety of psychics available on Oranum cannot be beat.

My Final Rating For Oranum Psychics: 4/5