Kasamba Review And In Depth Analysis For 2018. How Does It Compare?

There are psychic networks and then there is Kasmba Psychics (formerly LivePerson Psychics). Kasamba Psychics is the only online psychic chat network that offers a real-life/real time online psychic chat platform.

Some consider this to be a particularly authentic type of reading, since a clairvoyant cannot base his or her reading on your voice or posture, but instead, must rely solely on the gift of intuition.

You type your questions into a chat or Instant Message window and watch in real time, as your psychic advisor types back to you letter by letter. The result is a deep and immediate connection that’s hard to duplicate anywhere else.

It’s good to know, too, that Kasamba currently boasts hundreds of the top online psychic readers, including sought-after psychics such as David James (with over 30,000 reviews) and Mystic Sandra.

In fact, the kasamba psychic network boasts 5-star ratings on 3 million readings, and they've been in business since 1999.

Psychics Of All Types

Whatever type of reading you’re seeking, you’ll find it on Kasamba. You can select from over 20 categories – fortune telling, astrology, dream analysis, numerology, palm readings, tarot cards and more – and find a minimum of about two dozen psychic readers who are renown specialists.

Click on Cheating & Affairs, for example, and discover 953 spiritual healers, emphatic clairvoyant mediums and other mediums that provide clear answers and guidance without mumbo jumbo.

Or search Soulmate Connections and find 1,241 advisors with the innate ability to unravel emotional knots and empower your spirit with strength and confidence. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed about which psychic to choose, there are real ratings from real customers to help you determine which psychic might be your best match.

Online, Phone and Mobile Readings

Are there other reasons to choose Kasamba? Absolutely. If it’s convenience you’re looking for, Kasamba empowers you to connect efficiently with thousands of online psychics, either from their website, toll-free, by mobile phone, or through their recently introduced Tablet Chat in HTLM5. That’s a lot of ways to connect!

Secure Account Features

Another reason is Kasamba’s commitment to confidentiality. Your private information is never shared – even with the psychic advisors – and no prepayment is required. As a result, you can relax and concentrate on your reading.

Once you establish a Kasamba account, you can choose a psychic who will reveal your destiny by carefully reviewing their specialties, ratings, reviews, and pricing. You can also easily save all of your readings, a very valuable feature in case you wish to return for additional clarification of your psychic predictions.

Online Psychic Chat Features

Once you do connect, Kasamba does everything in its power to ensure that you have the most rewarding reading possible. If you do select online chat – which is what the majority of customers do – the Live Psychic Chat interface ensures that text displays as soon as it’s entered, so you aren't waiting on pins and needles to receive your guidance.

Afterwards, your online psychic chat transcript is saved, so you can go back any time you like to freshen your memory about what transpired between you and your psychic.

Satisfaction Guarantee On All Readings

Kasamba has attracted a large, loyal fans. With its chat-room format, easy-to-navigate website, vast variety of readings and satisfaction guarantee for those who are using it for the first time, it’s well worth deciding for yourself.

It’s good to know this: if you’re not 100% satisfied with your reading, all you need to do is request a refund.

Fill in the online form with the advisor's name, date of reading and session fee within 72 hours and Kasamba will take it from there. Their goal is complete satisfaction.

Bottom Line: With its chat-room format, easy-to-navigate website, vast variety of readings and satisfaction guarantee for those who are using it for the first time, Kasamba is well worth deciding for yourself.

Free Weekly Love Horoscope

As a nice added bonus, on the weekends, Kasamba gives its members a totally free weekly love horoscope. The free horoscope can be accessed from within your member account on their website and is completely free of charge. You will never be billed for their love horoscopes.

kasamba weekly horoscopes

Is Kasambda Psychics Legit? Is It A Scam?

A common question I receive is if Kasamba Psychics is a scam. To put it simply, the answer is absolutely NOT. Kasamba Psychics is not fake. I have had numerous tarot card readings with Kasamba and I have never walked away disappointed. The insight their psychics have provided me has been life changing to say the least.

Truthfully, Kasamba is my go-to for a tarot reading. I've received some very eye-opening tarot card readings from Psychic Tarot Andrew and Soul Truth. If you're looking for a quick, accurate and profession tarot card reading I would give one of these two psychics a try.

I've recommended both psychics to quite a few friends and they have all been super impressed with their angel and tarot card readings. In my experience, you just can't go wrong with any of the psychic advisors as Kasamba.

My Top 10 List Of The Best Kasamba Psychic Readers

Here is my list of my top 10 favorite psychic readers at Kasamba.

Sonya Starr Angel

psychic sonya starrWith thousands of enthusiastic reviews and over 20 years of experience, Sonya Starr Angel believes in compassion and empathy above all. Her clairvoyant powers are channeled through her in-depth readings, which cover everything from present choices to possible outcomes, and include topics of love, finance, family, and personal growth.

When connecting with a client, even by phone, Sonya instantly absorbs his or her emotions, enabling her to relate on a deep and poignant level spiritual level. This additionally allows her to better understand the people in one's life, the challenges they may be presenting, and the best method of interacting with them.

Whether it's an unfaithful lover or period of uncertainty, Sonya is here to guide you towards the best possible decision. Positive or negative, Sonya speaks the truth, and routinely checks in with her clients just to make sure they are doing well, and to get an update on any evolving situations.

Psychic Tarot Andrew

psychic andrewCaring and intuitive, Andrew's talant for tarot reading revealed itself early in life, and has since earned him an overwhelming number of loyal customers.

A student of Kabbalah and the Tree of Life, Andrew applies his natural psychic abilities to his readings to provide the most thorough and trustworthy assistance possible.

With over 20 years of experience, Andrew believes that the truth will indeed set you free, provided you are willing to take the spiritual leap. His in-depth and empathetic readings guarantee a wealth of inner knowledge that can then be applied to life's most important endeavors.

Soul Truth

soul truth kasamba psychicNumerologist and Reiki Master Soul Truth helps her clients find clarity in their lives, as well as in targeted situations. Applying the tarot as a guiding tool, Soul Truth's studies of over two decades have allowed her to tap into all tarot spreads, as well as a wealth of knowledge concerning matters of psychic assistance and divination.

She cautions her clients to word their questions as precisely as possible, in order to ensure the most accurate reading and equally direct responses. She believes the tarot offers a superior timeframe and perspective, and continues to strengthen her talents through practice and loyal customer consultations.

Truth and Light

truth and lightAuthor of Liveperson Horoscopes and Sensitive & Real, Truth and Light instills strength in his clients to overcome any obstacle, leading to a richer life and purpose.

With deep and insightful analyses, Truth and Light can provide real and lasting solutions to problems pertaining to any and all difficult decision-making, from troublesome exes to financial burdens.

Boasting an MBA, as well as diplomas in Psychotherapy, Counseling, Professional Spiritual Healing, and Stress Consultancy, Truth and Light combines his extensive education with 15 years of astrological and spiritual studies to provide the best possible consultation.

Powerful Visions

Powerful Visions psychic at kasambaSpiritual counselor and consultant Powerful Visions believes that there are as many spiritual paths as there are people in the world, and that we each must decide what route to take to achieve our ultimate destiny.

Powerful Visions guides her clients through the many choices and possible paths presented to them, offering straightforward guidance and insights to help you determine the path that is right for you. It is never too late to change an unsatisfying or potentially destructive course, but sometimes an outside perspective is necessary to take that first step.

Whether you are stuck at an impasse or seeking a second, sacred opinion on a pressing matter, Powerful Visions is here to assist. Uncovering past triumphs and traumas alike, Powerful Visions will provide you with the necessary steps to take your life in its desired direction once again.

Love Specialist Isabelle

Love Specialist IsabelleProfessional psychic and counselor Isabelle draws from her abundance of counseling experience in matters of marriage, divorce, and family care to help her clients through life's most painful–but ultimately transformative–ordeals.

Isabelle's clients come from all over the world and many walks of life; she never judges, but is here to help in all matters great or small.

Ensuring the utmost confidentiality and over 15 years of expertise, Isabelle provides her clients with the knowledge and confidence to take their lives into their own hands once more.

While you may not be able to control who your heart desires, you can acquire the inner strength and knowledge to proceed with success on your side.

Intuitive Advisor

Intuitive AdvisorMaking the right choice in various matters of life is never easy, but Intuitive Advisor is at your side to help you reach your best conclusion.

A natural born palm and tarot reader, as well as a generational psychic advisor, Intuitive Advisor specializes in matters of love, career, money, marriage, and ultimate success.

Intuitive Advisor won't sugarcoat the truth, but neither will she abandon her clients in their time of need. Whether you are grappling with a romantic dilemma or seeking a way out of dead end job, Intuitive Advisor's glimpses into the future allow her to present you with all possible courses and outcomes.

Caring and sincere, Intuitive Advisor promises to guide her clients in the direction of lasting happiness.

Mystique Solutions

No situation is too complex for the talents of Mystique to guide you through, and his gifts, discovered at the age of 15, have helped many from all walks of life.

Mystique believes that free will is the driving force and sacred law of all existence, and will never press his clients into actions that are not aligned with their true nature.

Channeling his psychic connections to higher plains and applying the messages to your own situation, Mystique delivers clear and concise answers to your most important questions.

Mystique's readings will supply you with an understanding of where you stand in life and certain relationships, so you can proceed with open eyes and a sound mind.

You are not at the mercy of anyone but yourself and your own intentions, and Mystique's readings will reinstate the strength and confidence you need to reclaim your space in the world.

Psychic Medium Michelle

Psychic Medium MichelleWorld renowned intuitive and host of the iTunes podcast The Intuitive Hour: Awaken Your Inner Voice, Michelle asks only for your name, and from there her soul will instantly connect with yours.

The author of Take the Leap: What It Really Means to Be Psychic, Michelle acts as a conduit for her clients to connect with the spirit world, allowing them to receive direct messages from guides and previously passed-on loved ones. She understands that in times of duress, indecision, or grief, such sacred communicaton is necessary in order to heal and prosper.

With her gifts verified by UFOs & Supernatural Magazine, as published through The Register of the United States and World's Best and Most Trusted Psychics, and featured in Mediums and Healers in International Rank Order 2012, Michelle is a psychic with whom you can trust your time and deepest questions.

Terence Mastriantonio

Terence Mastriantonio psychicA clairaudient, clairsentient, and clairvoyant and spirit guide channeller of 35 years, Terence is an 8th generation UK medium specialist, offer services regarding love, career, and personal inquiries.

Featured in a number of international publications, Terence combines years of experience with profound insight to assist those who are at a crossroads in life.

Specializing in tarot card reading, crystal ball scrying, and clairvoyant love reading, as well as spirit guide channeling, Terence imparts life-changing guidance that combines occult teachings with practical life advice.

Through his workshops and readings, Terence teaches his clients to unravel the confusion of life's crossroads, and achieve the purest pursuit of happiness.

Kasamba ‘Best Psychics Club'

Psychics as Kasamba that meet a certain level of excellence and ability are part of the “Kasamba Psychics Club.” One psychic in particular, Sonya Starr Angel is part of that prestigious club. She has been a top rated psychic reader with thousands of positive reviews for many years.

Her psychic abilities include empath readings, tarot card readings, astrology readings, chakra balancing, aura cleansings, spellwork and dream interpretations.

Save 50% Promo Code For Kasamba Psychics

For a limited time, new customers will receive 50% off their first psychic reading. Not only that, but Kasamba is giving my visitors a completely free 3 minute psychic reading from any psychic advisor they choose. This discount works for toll free phone readings, online chat and live psychic readings from within their app.

My Final Kasamba Psychics Rating

Final Score Card
  • Psychic Accuracy
  • Psychic Availability
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Website Usability
  • Customer Support


My personal favorite psychic reading site. They offer a vast selection of accurate psychic readers of all skill sets (backed up by real customer ratings) and a satisfaction guarantee. Try them today with confidence!

Last updated on Monday March 20, 2023.