Hollywood Psychics Review And Comparison For 2018. Is It Fake Or Real?

hollywood psychics

Hooray for Hollywood! The name suggests the type of experience that visitors can expect: glitzy, fun, entertaining.

Indeed, Hollywood Psychics delivers with a comprehensive range of psychic services geared to all audiences.

This newer upstart has obviously learned a thing or two from the older and more venerable Psychic Networks.

With Hollywood Psychics, you can select from over 150 of their pre-screen psychics by filtering your search by reading type, style (compassionate, direct, expressive, thoughtful, wise), specialties, tools, gifts and languages.

Each gifted psychic’s name is listed along with a one-word description (spiritualist, organizer, healer, warm-hearted and so on) with specialties, gifts, tools and style clearly displayed.

Extensive Psychic Selection

It’s a cinch to find a compatible advisor: just click on the dozens of search filters or use their compare tool for an apples-to-apples look at up to four psychics, including their number of customer reviews.

Not only does this dramatically uncomplicated the search process, but it also gives you an extra dimension of assurance that you are connecting with an advisor who provides the greatest comfort level for you.

Once a psychic has caught your eye, you can select the way to receive your reading: by phone, through email, or through a live chat interface. Each psychic provides a recorded introduction that you can listen to at your leisure before opting to move forward.

Satisfaction Guarantee – Easiest return policy ever

Satisfaction is an important element in the Hollywood Psychics experience; their satisfaction guarantee is touted as the “easiest return policy ever.”

If you are not satisfied with your last purchased phone or chat reading, give them a call and they’ll refund your money or give you the time back to try them again.

Extra Features

Hollywood Psychics gets right to the core of the matter with a website focus that is overwhelmingly about the psychics themselves, minus the educational articles and tips for psychic readings and with only the barest horoscopes.

As of now, it is not possible to tag your preferred psychics for future consultations. Yet its user-friendly and playful website is sure to make it a favorite with younger, primarily female visitors.

Integrity Of Psychics

Hollywood Psychics is large enough to provide a very credible and authentic online psychic network that exceeds 150 psychics, yet flexible enough to quickly react to customer feedback and give customers the authenticity and pricing they want.

With top-notch psychics who satisfy customers, low pricing and a good cross section of talents, abilities, styles and personalities, Hollywood Psychics is giving the more established psychic network's a run for their money!

Incredible Flexibility of Readings

Hollywood Psychics offers many ways to interact with their psychics: by phone, through email, or through live psychic chat readings. Visitors can listen to a recorded introduction from each psychic they are considering and also read about their past experiences, their gifts (such as: Sex and Relationships, Work and Money, Family and Friends, etc), their specialties (for example Clairvoyant, Empath, Medium, etc) and their tools (including Tarot Cards, Spirit Guides, Crystal Readings, etc) on their extensive profile.

What I Don’t Love

  • Lack of Track Record: Hollywood Psychics is a newer entrant in the market and hasn't had the time to build up the same reputation as Ask Now or Psychic Source. They appear to be committed to getting things right, though, with a strong satisfaction guarantee and sweet deals for new customers.
  • Lack of Upfront Criteria Information: It’s challenging to locate in-depth information on screening and vetting procedures. The Hollywood Psychics online website says that psychics go through a rigorous and detailed screening process, but it doesn't go into details. (UPDATE: Further research indicates that their psychics undergo multiple interviews and thorough screening. This should be more clearly stated on the website.)

Website Functionality and Usability

It's hip and playful with the implied goal of making the others look stodgy. Hollywood Psychics has learned a thing or two since their launch, and the site has become far easier to navigate. Each psychic has a star rating – an average of votes cast by that psychic’s past customers. And each posts his or her availability, making it convenient to reconnect for consultation.

The sorting options are nothing short of fantastic. The entire site loads quickly without unwanted audio or video files clogging up the connection. The design is airy and open, placing no barriers between the reader and his or her purpose: to get a meaningful reading.

Is Hollywood Psychics Real or Fake? Is It Legit?

I am often asked if the psychics at Hollywood Psychics are fake. My answer is always the same: No, Hollywood Psychics is real and they are NOT a scam. I have had my fair share of readings from Hollywood Psychics and I can assure you the psychics are real and possess genuine psychic abilities.

My last Hollywood Psychics reading was with Psychic Empress (extension x4112) and it was very surprising how accurate her predictions were. I recommended her to my sister and she was absolutely delighted with the spiritual guidance she has received. If you're looking for a new psychic reader to try, I would not hesitate to suggest her.

Hollywood Psychics Free Email Reading – How Does It Work?

A total steal, the Hollywood Psychics Free E-mail Reading is available to any new member. A free e-mail reading is a quick way to contact a psychic, and to get a feel if the psychic will be a good match for you! It's also a nice way for you to try one of the Hollywood Psychic readers without paying!

To claim your free e-mail psychic reading from Hollywood Psychics, you will need to create a new account on their site. From there, submit your question and one of their psychics will respond.

You will not be charged and you I would suggest you be as detailed as possible with your question. The more insight and details you can provide, the more accurate your free e-mail reading will be.

My Top 10 Best Psychic Readers At Hollywood Psychics

Who are the best psychics to get a reading from at Hollywood Psychics? I've had many readings from them and have settled upon these 10 psychics as my favorites. If you have a favorite, please let me know and I will add them to this list.

Let's get started!

Empress –

psychic empress 4112A former student of sexual and abnormal psychology, Psychic Empress (ext. x4112) applies her real-world studies to her natural psychic talents to provide the most in-depth and grounded consultations for her clients.

Her gifts revealed themselves at the early age of 5 when she correctly foretold the futures of the adults around her, and has since made it her life's purpose to help others realize and embrace the best future possible.

Empress's education and medium abilities allow her to be twice as thorough in her guidance and insights; no problem is too big or small to deserve her careful and compassionate attention.

Whether you wish to solve a seemingly insurmountable problem or get an answer to a particularly pressing question, Empress is here to share her gifts and get you back on the path of infinite possibility.


A profound empath with a background in family and animal behavioral therapy, Lotus (ext. 7557) specializes in reading the energies of others and accessing solutions provided by the spirit realm, thus applying them to our earthly one.

Lotus believes in the power of manifestation, that one's destiny is always a matter of mindfulness rather than sheer and uncontrollable circumstance. In short, we are masters of our own fate.

Whatever you situation, be it in your career or personal life, Lotus is here to guide you towards the best possible outcome.

Everything has a reason behind it, and it is her job to help you decode that reason with kindness and divine intuition.

Faith Grace

At the age of 17 Faith (ext. 7959) received a startling visitation from her recently deceased grandmother, an event that ultimately saved the life of her and her younger sister.

From that point on, Grace knew she owed it to the memory of her late grandmother to assist others in need and protect them from harm or potentially bad decisions.

Grace vividly recalls communing with multi-dimensional spirits and fairies as a child, who assisted her in matters pertaining to the earth's most precious secrets, as well as hidden dangers.

Grace approaches her clients and their situations with that same compassion and deep intuition, using her psychic tools to help in matters of the heart, home, and personal success.


Empath and clairvoyant Issac (ext. 7278) has dedicated his life and natural gifts to helping others gain insight into their own lives, helping them to live their best incarnation yet.

Specializing in communication with loved ones who have passed over to the other side, Issac connects his clients to their spirit and ancestral guides.

A lover of nature and true believer in the earth's healing properties, Issac applies his unique sensibilities to his clients' needs, providing a spiritually holistic experience that promises abundance and transformative change.

Perhaps you have lost touch with your own spirit guide or need a valuable second opinion; Issac promises to reconnect guardian and client, and use his psychic expertise with only the purest intentions.


Sofia (ext. 7020) has long been able to communicate with the spirits and angels of the other side, including her beloved parents and ancestors, and continues to seek their assistance for the benefit of others.

A natural clairaudient and medium, Sofia reunites her clients with the spirits of loved ones, as well as angel guides who have been waiting for the right moment to reveal themselves.

Sofia acts with patience and compassion, helping her clients find peace in matters pertaining to both the living and deceased, believing that there is no beginning or end to life, but simply a series of transformations within the circle.

Whatever your question or concern, Sofia is ready to assist you on the highest spiritual level.

Psychic Judy

psychic judyFrom a young age Judy (ext. 7037) was able to predict events before they occurred, leading her to a renowned career as a psychic medium and conduit.

Trained in the spiritual ways of her Native American ancestors, Judy believes in helping her clients navigate their life's journey and empowering them to seize their rightful destiny.

Specializing in dream interpretation and cartomancy, Judy nonetheless prefers to work without any tools or psychic instruments, instead applying her natural intuitive powers to assist those in times of uncertainty.

Allowing others to see beyond the mortal realm, Judy opens up an entirely new world of possibilities for her clients.

What is your true purpose in life, and how can you embrace it with success and joy? The answer is a phone call away.

Sumaria Jones

With a background in teaching and law enforcement, empath and psychic medium Sumaria (ext. 7067) is no stranger to the tough struggles life often presents.

With a lifetime of out-of-body experiences, visions, and visitations from spirit guides, Sumaria finally decided to use her numerous gifts to help others find their twin flames, dream job, or avoid any potential dangers that may be casting a shadow over their path.

Accessing the tarot and numerology, as well as her personal spirit guides, Sumaria provides insight and clarity where her client may be drawing a blank.

Sumaria believes that the valuable energies that surround us can be called upon for assistance, and that they are eagerly waiting to help you in your time of need.

However obscure you own visions and dreams may appear, Sumaria is ready to help you unlock your own hidden powers.


An empath Reiki master with a background in healing work, including emotional clearing and neuromuscular reeducation, Blanca (ext. 7686) has long been able to channel the messages of the spirit world to help others through their moments of doubt and duress.

Blanca's startlingly accurate and informative sessions provide her client with peace and security, no matter the issue at hand. Blessed by every encounter and experience, Blanca treats each client with profound care and respect.

Just as the spirit world does not judge that of the living, Blanca believes that everyone deserves the healing light of the divine.

If you feel your own inner spirit waning, or are at a crossroads in your life, look no further; Blance is ready to be of service.


A clairvoyant and past life interpreter, Cassandra (ext. 7528) never stops learning and expanding upon her psychic knowledge. Inspired by a psychic who informed her of her natural gifts, Cassandra has since made it her mission to work for the good of others.

Holding a doctorate in metaphysics, Cassandra combines the awesome powers of the psychic realm with the grounding forces of practical science, the most modern kind of magic.

Protected by the power of the Divine, Cassandra works to protect her clients as well, guiding them towards the light and personal abundance that is their birthright.

Whether you are seeking clarity on a troublesome matter or the confidence to pursue your most treasured dreams, Cassandra is here to help you every step of the way.


Possessing a familial gift for dream divination, Titus (ext. 4059) believes in helping others tap into their own natural psychic gifts to tackle life's most overwhelming problems.

Applying the use of spirit guides, astrological insights, and the tarot, Titus connects his clients with their angelic guardians and spirit guides.

We are all sacred beings deserving of love and fulfillment in every aspect of our lives; Titus believes it is his calling to help you achieve the abundance and success you deserve.

Acting without judgement or premeditated assumptions, Titus truly listens to his clients in their time of need, and promptly gets to the divine work he was destined for.

How To Contact Customer Service

Hollywood Psychics offers a variety of methods to contact customer service department 24/7. If you have any questions, or are unhappy with a reading you received, someone is available for you to talk to around the clock to answer your question or resolve your issue – both quickly and easily.

At the time of this writing, Hollywood Psychics customer support can be reached via live chat, by e-mail or by calling them directly toll free at 1-855-970-0224.

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My Final Hollywood Psychics Rating

Final Score Card
  • Psychic Accuracy
  • Psychic Availability
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Website Usability
  • Customer Support

Last updated on Tuesday May 30, 2023.