Hollywood Psychics Review

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Hollywood Psychics

Hooray for Hollywood! The name suggests the type of experience that visitors can expect: glitzy, fun, entertaining.

Indeed, Hollywood Psychics delivers with a comprehensive range of psychic services mostly targeted to a hip female audience.

This newer upstart has obviously learned a thing or two from the older and more venerable Psychic Networks. With Hollywood Psychics, you can select from over 150 of their pre-screen psychics by filtering your search by reading type, style (compassionate, direct, expressive, thoughtful, wise), specialties, tools, gifts and languages.

Each gifted psychic’s name is listed along with a one-word description (spiritualist, organizer, healer, warm-hearted and so on) with specialties, gifts, tools and style clearly displayed.

Extensive Psychic Selection

It’s a cinch to find a compatible advisor: just click on the dozens of search filters or use their compare tool for an apples-to-apples look at up to four psychics, including their number of customer reviews.

Not only does this dramatically uncomplicated the search process, but it also gives you an extra dimension of assurance that you are connecting with an advisor who provides the greatest comfort level for you.

Once a psychic has caught your eye, you can select the way to receive your reading: by phone, through email, or through a live chat recording. Each psychic provides a recorded introduction that you can listen to at your leisure before opting to move forward.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction is an important element in the Hollywood Psychics experience; their satisfaction guarantee is touted as the “easiest return policy ever.” If you are not satisfied with your last purchased phone or chat reading, give them a call and they’ll refund your money or give you the time back to try them again.

Extra Features

Hollywood Psychics gets right to the core of the matter with a website focus that is overwhelmingly about the psychics themselves, minus the educational articles and tips for psychic readings and with only the barest horoscopes.

As of now, it is not possible to tag your preferred psychics for future consultations. Yet its user-friendly and playful website is sure to make it a favorite with younger, primarily female visitors.

What I Love

Integrity: Hollywood Psychics is large enough to provide a very credible and authentic psychic network that exceeds 150 psychics, yet flexible enough to quickly react to customer feedback and give customers the authenticity and pricing they want. With top-notch psychics who satisfy customers, low pricing and a good cross section of talents, abilities, styles and personalities, Hollywood Psychics is giving the more established psychic network's a run for their money!

Incredible Flexibility of Readings: Hollywood Psychics offers many ways to interact with their psychics: by phone, through email, or through live psychic chat readings. Visitors can listen to a recorded introduction from each psychic they are considering and also read about their past experiences, their gifts (such as: Sex and Relationships, Work and Money, Family and Friends, etc), their specialties (for example Clairvoyant, Empath, Medium, etc) and their tools (including Tarot Cards, Spirit Guides, Crystal Readings, etc) on their extensive profile.

Tempting Pricing: Who can resist $.50 per minute for new customers? It’s an excellent chance to test their services without a large outlay of cash. Repeat customers gain the opportunity to accumulate 5 Bonus Minutes for every 10 readings.

Easiest Return Policy Ever: Many psychic services credit your account if you’re not satisfied with your reading. Hollywood Psychics actually refunds your money, providing you with an unprecedented comfort level.

What I Don’t Love

Lack of Track Record: Hollywood Psychics is a newer entrant in the market and hasn't had the time to build up the same reputation as Ask Now or Psychic Source. They appear to be committed to getting things right, though, with a strong satisfaction guarantee and sweet deals for new customers.

Lack of Upfront Criteria Information: It’s challenging to locate in-depth information on screening and vetting procedures. The Hollywood Psychics online website says that psychics go through a rigorous and detailed screening process, but it doesn't go into details. Further research indicates that their psychics undergo multiple interviews and thorough screening. This should be more clearly stated on the website.

Website Usability

It's hip and playful with the implied goal of making the others look stodgy. Hollywood Psychics has learned a thing or two since their launch, and the site has become far easier to navigate. Each psychic has a star rating – an average of votes cast by that psychic’s past customers. And each posts his or her availability, making it convenient to reconnect for consultation.

The sorting options are nothing short of fantastic. The entire site loads quickly without unwanted audio or video files clogging up the connection. The design is airy and open, placing no barriers between the reader and his or her purpose: to get a meaningful reading.

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My Final Rating For Hollywood Psychics: 5/5
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