Psychic Twins Linda and Terry Jamison Biography

Terry and Linda Jamison are known as The Psychic Twins. They have made many predictions about the world that have come true from terrorist attacks to major storms.

The twins grew up in West Chester, which is a small town in Pennsylvania, with their older brother, Philip “Flip” Jamison. While the twins showed psychic abilities, Flip did not.

Their parents were artists with talent in writing and painting. Their father, Philip Jamison is reported to have been a well-known watercolor artist.

The twins went to the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts for a year after high school. From there, the twins went on to attend separate colleges. Linda went to the University of Delaware while Terry went to Penn State.

After a year, they both transferred to Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. The two graduated with fine arts degrees.

The Course of Their Lives

The twins weren't headed for a life of psychic readings and predictions after college. Terry is a painter and worked with artists like Frank Shifreen and Mark Oberg in the '80s.

The Jamison twins also had a performing arts company called Pop Theatrics. Linda is the performer of the two. Together, the two performed dance, acrobatics and music across New York and Washington including a show at the White House for Ronald Reagan and the First Lady.

Throughout their lives, the two had suffered from a variety of illnesses that couldn't be diagnosed or relieved. It brought them to the practice of Nichiren Diashonin Buddhism. With the practice of Buddhism, the twins took their practice and with a renewed sense of purpose in their lives brought that to teaching and motivating others.

They moved to Los Angeles in 1990, but didn't have jobs. To sustain themselves, they took odd jobs and started to give psychic readings. Since that change in their lives, they have helped others achieve spiritual and emotional growth. They call this their Twin-tuition.

Psychic Twins' Major Predictions

On the international radio show, Art Bell's Coast to Coast, that aired on November 2, 1999, they said that there would be various terrorist attacks on federal buildings by July 2002 specifically the World Trade Center.

The date was somewhat vague since the attack happened on September 11, 2001.

In a documentary as well as a magazine article, they predicted that John F. Kennedy Jr. would die in a plane. The prediction was given in 1997 while his plane went down in 1999.

On David Baker's Beyond the Gate radio show, the twins made a guest appearance to share their predictions. They visited on January 23, 2011 to make predictions for the coming year.

They said that there would be severe storms like tornadoes in many southern states including Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas and Mississippi.

Along with storm related predictions, they predicted terror plots in Florida and Germany. In Florida, a terror plot was exposed before it could be carried out to a dangerous level. There was a terror attack on a German airport in 2011. Their predictions came true.

They've predicted many of the major terror attacks and major events in the world including the housing collapse in 2008, the Newtown CT school shooting in 2012, the Germanwings jet crash in 2015 and the Dallas, Texas sniper shootings in 2016.

Television Appearances

The twins have appeared on Saturday Night Live in a skit called Louise's Tidy Tips. The appearance allowed them to create a mini-series that aired on VH1 called Louise. It aired in 1991.

They have been on a few documentaries like Psychic Children: Their Sixth Sense, Extreme Twins: Hidden Lives and The World's Most Identical Twins and Me.

The Jamison Twins have also appeared on numerous shows to air their predictions including Good Morning America, Nightline and The View.

Along with giving predictions on these shows, the twins have written numerous books (see below).

New Ventures for the Twins

The Jamison Twins are building quite a community of subscribers on their new YouTube channel, which is the fastest-growing channel on YouTube.

Books Written by the Psychic Twins

They wrote their first book called Separated at Earth in 2007. It's the story of their lives from personal to professional that brought them to the point of being the Psychic Twins.

They released Psychic Intelligence: Tune in and Discover the Power of Your Intuition in 2011. This book led to many television appearances as they were marketing and advertising its release.

Died Too Young came out in 2015, and it reveals secrets from stars who are deceased.

While there are critics who point out that all their predictions don't come true, and that they have been wrong about the exact dates of many of their predictions, it's hard to dismiss the fact that many facts have been extremely accurate.

It's especially hard to refute their claims when there are airings and tapes of the radio shows that are available long before the events themselves.