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As an iconic master of his trade, the clairvoyant Tyler Henry has shaped the psychic discipline. Henry was born in America on January 13, 1996.

This young entrepreneur has used his clairvoyant gift to help people, and in so doing has created a name for himself.

Early Life

Tyler Henry was born in the city of Hanford in California. This small suburb is located just outside of the booming metropolis of Fresno, California.

It was within this small town of Hanford, California that Henry had his first reported clairvoyant experience.

When he was only ten-years-old, Henry woke suddenly one night with the distinct impression his grandmother was about to die.

First Psychic Experience

This psychic experience, which may have terrified many young men of the same age, was promptly accepted and acted upon by young Tyler Henry. Immediately following his impression, he woke his mother and told her of his feeling. Minutes later, his psychic impression was sadly confirmed as true when a telephone call indicated his elderly grandmother has passed.

Tyler Henry, regarding his first psychic experience, has been quoted as saying it was “…almost like memory that hadn't happened yet.” He later said, “I hadn't really evolved in my ability much. At that point it was a very basic knowing.” Even though he didn't have the skills and defined ability he has today, Henry was grateful to have the advance “knowingness.”

Tyler Henry began experiencing very vivid dreams after the passing of his grandmother. As he learned to pay attention to these dreams he began to understand they often contained messages from his grandmother.

Nearly one year after her passing Henry began receiving messages from other people he never knew nor met. These people haunted his dreams night after night. Henry actually developed sleeping trouble because he learned to hate dreaming.

Embracing His Psychic Abilities

Despite his fears, Henry embraced his talent and eventually began honing his skills. Henry kept and developed his psychic talents as he grew older. During his high school years spent at Sierra Pacific High School in Hanford, California, Henry gave readings to not only his peers but also to teachers. Henry has been quoted as saying the way he developed his talent was through the process of repetition and continuing to practice.

As Henry continued to practice and hone his clairvoyant skills, he was better able to learn to be comfortable with his gift. He also learned to be more specific and elaborate about the messages he received.

Adult Life

After graduating from high school in a program of accelerated academic study, Tyler Henry had a desire to become a hospice nurse. Henry was drawn to this profession because he felt he could be a tool for good in helping those in his care with the transition.

Henry has always wanted to help people. While he likely would have been an exceptional hospice nurse, especially as his gift could have helped many with the end-of-life transition, Henry was soon “discovered” shortly after high school.

Tyler Henry started slowly by providing readings in the Hanford, California area. Soon thereafter he was providing his psychic services in Fresno. His career began to take off at this point and he started doing readings in Los Angeles.

Shortly after his arrival in Los Angeles, Henry was doing psychic readings for celebrities and before too long had developed a celebrity clientele.

Predictions About His Future

When Tyler Henry was attending school he received readings from other psychics in the area. One psychic woman in particular gave him a reading indicating he would film a television show when he was 19-years-old.

Further, this particular reading indicated he would write books, do well, and fulfill his life purpose. This reading was spot on. By the age of 19, Henry had begun filming a reality television show, Hollywood Medium found on the E! Network.

Though Tyler Henry has experienced a great deal of success, he still maintains a deep relationship with his family and ties to his small hometown. His mother has often driven Henry to readings as he never obtained a driver's license. Moving to a large town like Los Angeles after growing up in a rural town was a bit of a shock culturally to Henry. He has been quoted as saying:

“One of the biggest [adjustments] was being in an apartment building…coming from a little house in the middle of nowhere, I was just familiar with my own energy and presence. It's an adjustment.”

Psychic Reading Preparation

Preparing for a reading takes time and energy. Roughly one hour before a reading Tyler Henry will take time to sit quietly and mediate. He takes this meditation time to focus his energies on being a channel for his clients.

He is sometimes able to determine the goal of the session prior to the session commencing, allowing him some insight when the session actually begins. At times, Henry is able to connect with the person on the other side prior to the client coming into the session.

The process through which Tyler Henry operates is mind-boggling. He has explained his clairvoyant experiences very thoroughly. He is more likely to receive a message, or psychic experience, visually. He likens his mind to a blank canvas. He is on one side of the canvas, and the people on the other side of the canvas paint the picture for him.

Perceptions And Experiences

While he typically experiences his psychic perceptions visually, Tyler Henry has experienced stimulation from the other side to all of his senses. There are times when he may feels something physically.

Other times he may pick up a certain smell. Most intense, there are times when Henry will hear a voice. He uses whatever sensory perceptions necessary to communicate the message from the other side to his clients.

Tyler Henry has said, “A reading is a huge experience for me.” The whole experience can be physically overwhelming. While he primarily sees flashes of images, or symbols, in his minds eye, occasionally Henry will physically see someone.

He has seen full-body apparitions during his sessions.


As is often the case with psychic mediums, Tyler Henry has experienced skepticism regarding his psychic abilities. To the skepticism with which he is faced, Henry has a goal with each reading.

His goal is “to bring up information that there really is no way I could know.” He tries to focus his energy on bringing forth information that couldn't be researched, including inside jokes or perhaps a sentimental thought or story.

Personal Life

While the life of a clairvoyant is likely challenging, to add fuel to the skeptic fire Tyler Henry is also gay. Not only did he have people struggle to relate to his gift, he also felt the isolation derived from his sexual orientation. Despite his struggles, Henry has a real sense of self. He is proud of who he is and what he does.

Most importantly, Tyler Henry acknowledges people are all entitled to their own beliefs. While he wouldn't force his abilities on others, he understands the fear his psychic talents can invoke. Growing up his abilities created some isolation. At this point in his life, Henry is well-known and well-liked hollywood psychic.

The Future

Now 20 years old, Tyler Henry will be showcasing his unique and sensational gifts on his series, Hollywood Medium. He will have a host of celebrity clients including Amber Rose, Monica Potter, Boy George, Snooki, and others. This young star will certainly have a career worth watching.


    • Hello, I like to have reading from you on the Skype, if it is possible?
      Please, let me know? Thank you, Marilyn

  1. Thank you for sharing your gift and helping people heal and move forward. You are SPECIAL and a light in darkness.

  2. Caught your show and felt the purity…hopefully for now and always. Please don’t cave-in during the later chapters of your life to human temptations. Immediate gratification is deceptive, as you probably know. Knowledge is power, but be careful what you gain, and be wise what you do with it. Emotional IQ is a fine line of balance. As you mature and go through this life, please hold on to the special kind of love you have -that many envy. Always know there’s eternal righteous appreciation and love given back unseen. From me, I humbly thank you for your giving and sacrifice.

  3. Tyler, I’m wondering if you would be willing to share who helped you in the six years between the ages of 10 and 16 develop how to interpret what you were seeing? I have connected with Souls who have crossed over and have on occasion been able to just say what I was seeing, but do not know where to find a mentor, or someone who can help me develop the gift I know that I have. Do you have any advice for how I might find someone who can help me see more clearly and develop and interpret what I’m seeing, hearing, and feeling?? Thank you so very much! I have watched every show and you are amazing!

  4. I am interested in two things that I have not seen. What happened to his puppy, Pearl (I’m seeing a new dog, now), and who is his father?

  5. I am a HUGE fan of Tyler’s, and have been interested in psychic energy and clairvoyance from a young age. I too, am curious to know if Tyler does phone readings, and if so,how much he charges.

    Love & Light

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