Theresa Caputo: The Long Island Medium Biography

Theresa Caputo, also known as the Long Island Medium, is a popular medium and reality television star based out of Hicksville, New York. With blonde locks and heavy eye shadow, she brings a decidily New Yorker perspective on spiritualism.

While derided by some as taking advantage of mourning people on television for money, many trust her experiences and insights into the world of spiritualism.

Theresa Caputo uses new forms of reaching out to her spirits' families, including email and television. Still young, she's already submitted a legacy as one of the most controversial and visible mediums in the world. Currently the star of one television series on TLC, “The Long Island Medium”, she also performs her work in theaters throughout major cities.

Early life and family

Theresa Caputo was born in Hicksville New York, where she continues to live to this day. At the age of 4, she first started to see spirits. Her mother sent her to see Pat Longo, a spiritual healer and medium. He first recognized her potential as a medium, and he was the first to suggest she had the ability to communicate back with spirits.

For years before her television show, Theresa Caputo worked as a medium, building word of mouth throughout the North East of the United States.

Her self-stated goal was to provide healing and closure to people she met through her spiritual work. She received certification through the Forever Family Foundation, with her certified work as a medium stretching over ten years.

Theresa Caputo is married to her husband of 24 years, Larry, with two children who are young adults. In her TLC show, the narrative often follows the adventures of her as she raises her kids, and her husband as he goes throughout his day. Recently, Theresa Caputo has made many renovations to her house, and taken road trips to help people outside of the New York area.

Psychic Career

Known widely for her exaggerated personality and off-the-cuff readings, Theresa Caputo is known to ask hairdressers, cashiers, and other people about their departed family whenever she senses a spirit. She's defined by her outgoing and overstated style, being easily identifiable with her signature hair cut.

For Theresa Caputo, her career as a medium is largely noted for her participation on TLC. Her show follows her life as she tries to handle issues with her clients and her family. While sometimes she meets with skeptics and believers in her home, other times she'll talk with people on the streets, or during the course of her daily errands.

For example, one episode focuses around her going to a hair salon, and realizing that a hairdresser has experienced a significant loss. In another, more recent episode, she tries to help out after Hurricane Sandy by speaking with people who have lost someone in the storm during a community reading.

Once, after her daughter got in two car crashes in a single week, she took a defensive driving course with her daughter. While at the course, she did a reading for another person present there.

On a regular basis, Theresa Caputo will do a reading a beauty salon she's at, or while on a cruise ship. No matter what the scenario, Theresa Caputo usually finds spirits visiting her over the course of her daily life. If nothing else, it demonstrates how many mediums have trouble shutting off their gifts.

This speaks to the bigger point of her show: for mediums, career and life are often impossible to disentangle. Being a medium is a 24 hour job, one which Theresa Caputo relishes.

After the success of her show, she's started a road tour, sometimes fetching crowds upwards of 2000 people or more. During these shows, she'll seek out audience members, or there will be a selection process for people who would like a reading.


Theresa Caputo has been accused, both by people in and out of the spiritualist community, of being a fake. Dr. Karen Stollznow, who follows Theresa Caputo's career, noted Theresa Caputo is careful never to give the name of the loved one.

Stollznow notes that in one situation, Theresa Caputo claimed to be distraught by the spirit of a 6 year old boy. She found a mother who's boy had died in her appointment book, but waited over a week to meet with the mother.

Adding fuel to the flames, Theresa Caputo makes an enormous amount of money off of her claimed abilities. While psychics like Francisco Xavier were famous for giving all of their money to charity, Theresa Caputo charges over 50 dollars a ticket to her performances, and performs for commercials for companies like Priceline.

These ads net her tens of thousands of dollars, in addition to the money she makes off of her TLC series. Her TLC show is often accused of editing around what some would perceive as classic cold reading techniques, and a common highlight of the show is Theresa Caputo pitted against skeptics.

Currently, Theresa Caputo has a 3 year back log of appointments. She tries to respond to letters and emails from her fans, but with overwhelming demand from clients, it can be difficult to reach everyone. Some embrace her outgoing style, seeing it as a sign of honesty, as well as a symptom of the fact that when medium's can't turn off their gift, they become used to speaking with people at the drop of a hat.


Whether or not her gifts are real, Theresa Caputo stands a psychic medium embroiled in more controversy than any of her peers. Her TLC show “The Long Island Medium” brought her considerable respect, but also brought her the same accusations of exploitation leveled at many other TLC series.

With both former family friends and professional mediums accusing her of fraud, Theresa Caputo has a lot to prove. In the world of spiritualism, many people are sensitive to those out only to make money, rather than use their spiritual gifts for good, stocking the flames of controversy around Theresa Caputo's actions.

However, with friends and family that believe in her, along with professional accreditation as a medium, this talented performer has not let criticism hold her back from sharing her abilities with hundreds of thousands of people.

Despite criticisms, there are still many more hoping Theresa Caputo will one day visit with them, providing closure to the loss of their loved ones.


  1. For me, her comments are positive uplifting..she does say ,she doesn’t ask anyone to believe in her only the message she bring forth for her readings & peace for the departed & living…I whole hearted believe in her gift, God Bless her & her ability is awesome.

  2. Theresa I do not care what they say I believe in you I just wish I had the money to see you , you see my granddaughter pass away at 3 months old it was so devastating it kills me every day her mom was devastated but she went on as we all did but we still hurt

    • Hi Pam, I’m so sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine, and hope I never have to experience the pain you must be feeling. I would suggest that you pray to God for peace. Your grandchild is in the arms of God and will never experience anything except peace and joy. Thank God for that knowledge. You can find that in the Bible. God has the answers to your grief and pain. God bless, I will be praying for you and your daughter.

  3. We love you! In Vancouver your going to love the town too! June is the best time to visit. I hope you left some time for sightseeing and shopping. Our Robson Street is not to be believed. I will be looking out for you to say hi as I cannot afford tickets. Have a great time in our city, apparently ” It’s The Best Place On Earth!” Actually, I think it truly is, despite the politically sponsored quote. Love to you and your family. Take care and don’t wear yourself out touring.

  4. I just saw her tonight and was very disappointed, I was right in front of the twins, who’s mother past away they, she invited them back stage for pictures, she mentioned 1957, I beleive it was regarding Peter, my husband whom ODed three weeks before my son was born then on 5th year anniversary his dad murdered his mom and then he hung himself she said she sensed something tragic……????? HELLO my father died when I was nine April 18th, why didn’t she listen when I put up my hand ……..

  5. Keep it up I believe in you and hope to meet someday to poor to buy tickets but will get out to your town sometime ignore the negative controversy God Bless

  6. So you say you saw spirits by the age of 4 your mom can understand why you saw the spirits so they sent you somewhere to get help and they can understand because you were A seer it interesting how we all can read and get in touch with a spirit your mom did not approve of it

  7. hello i just love theresa, and i have seen many physics, mediums over the years, and i think she is great, if i could travel, which i cant, i would love to have a reading with her, leave her alone i say if you dont believe her, i think she is funny, kind and wonderful

  8. Theresa was incredibly accurate when she was in Allen, Texas and thru Spirit read the son of my friend. We were in the third row on the aisle. Things she mentioned could only have been known by Robbie. He suffered from juvenile diabetes from age four. In her reading Theresa mentioned “socks”. Frankly at the time there was only a slight connection in that my friend had socks with a Rottweiler on them and Robbie loved dogs…. The magnitude of “socks” was explained two days later when my friend’s daughter explained Robbie was obsessed with socks and anytime he shopped he bought more and more socks. Theresa also mentioned a cowboy hat. We had gotten him a jacket at Billybobs but it wasn’t until we were driving home that I remembered getting him a hat. Again the daughter told her father that Robbie had a blue western hat and they had no idea where it came from! At age 48 his heart gave out In 2010. Thanks to Theresa, his heartbroken father is finding peace. October 13, 2015.

  9. Hello. My name is Amber and I have a really quick question. I would like to know if you can tell me how my nana died through psychic visions?

  10. Hi Theresa…You and your family your show helps me through my most toughest days being a single mum of 3 …You make me feel good , worthy , and loved Theresa you give me allot of courage to be strong…I love you Theresa xoxoxo

  11. I am so in need of closure! My mom passed 2 weeks after my son was born. I feel this was a plan before she passed. I would have been a mess if not? Please help me validate

  12. Theresa never mentions her Mother always her Father but nothing about Mum even though saying constantly she lives next door to her parents what’s the secret squirrel stuff

  13. hello i live at san juan puerto rico in the caribbean. do you have any conference / reading at the caribbean area? i will like my mother meet with you, how much is the cost of your reading? she is, my mother almost 93 yrars old, and she really need a reading, maybe it is my last gift to her, thanks in advance and god bless your gifts

  14. i am clairvoyant and psychic and I have been watching and follow theresa for a while..she is the real deal people need to go more by their intuition-gut instinct..because its usually never wrong. I give readings as those who in need etc. I can understand the more seasoned psychics mediums getting paid higher, its an honorable position to have the I have myself

    • I live in Baltimore and lost my son in 2013. He was 31. Its 2017 now and the loss of him still affects us..he was so loved by family and friends. Me and my whole family still need closure. The question still remains what happened at his accident!

    • I believe if the Lord gives you this,blessing that you don’t need to make a,mint off of it as it’s a blessed that can also be taken away. .

  15. I wonder how she dealt with this. Good thing she has supportive people i guess. Its not easy having people think your the devil.

  16. I think Theresa is the real deal, she also has all the hallmarks I’ve seen in psychic mediums which is hyper vigilance and barely contained moments of anxiety. In other words she picks up what most people just overlook.

    The only problem I have with her methods is that she reads anybody and everybody, everywhere, and I beg to differ that Spirit wants you to do this with whoever crosses your path. Some persons are prepared for this, and others are not.

  17. Theresa, you are stunning and I believe in your ability 110%…Please help me find closure about my brother, my sister, my dad and my brother-in-law who passed on. Are they at peace? Especially my brother

  18. Theresa Caputo is a fake. She proclaims to be a Catholic and the Catholic Church does not believe in meadiums of any kind. She needs to read her bible about demons and where there coming from in a medium. Theresa is all about making money.Stay far away from her.Read your bible and it tells you that she is led by the the devil and a liar.
    Shame on you Theresa doing this to people that have lost a loved one.You can not tell anyone about the
    Future or the past.God is the only one to believe.Your making a lot of money but don’t lose your sole.
    Shame on I said read the BIble and you maybe you’ll understand about false mediums
    and where they come from.I’ll pray for you to stop’s all against God.The bible will tell you about
    False prophets.

    • Linda, the day Theresa Caputo makes more money on exploitation of the mystical than the Catholic (or almost any other) church does, that should be the same day you should feel free to criticize her with your blind and misplaced idiotic idolatry and open your ignorant mouth. How dare you hurl insults at a person who means and does no harm while you defend an institution which has bullied, victimized, manipulated and flat out abused their “flock” for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. And perhaps you might consider going back to that catholic school to learn how to both spell and form a cohesive sentence. P.S. I, also, was raised catholic, but thank God, I used the brain He gave me to think outside the parochial box.

    • Linda- I feel so sorry for you. God has many ways of showing us miracles everyday. Theresa is one of those. I work for a Government enity and everyone I knew came to me and wanted me to go see her at our convention center in our town. Shocking since I would think my co-workers would be the biggest nay sayers around. I thought no way would I be able to afford her tickets. To my surprise they were not ridiculously priced. At the last minute I decided I would go. Just for the great feeling of loving energy. I want to tell you shame on you. I am embarrassed for you. I didn’t know what to expect when I went to her show. Wow. You need to go to her show before you have the right to judge her. Unbeknownst to you obviously. ….she is extremely patriotic. She plays the national anthem when she comes out. Everyone stands and puts their hand to heart.She also tells you after the national anthem that most of the money she makes goes to MEALS ON WHEELS which if you don’t know feeds our elderly. She also gives her earnings to the WOUNDED WARRIORS PROJECT. Both outstanding charities. I say that is extremely giving of her and I don’t think the Catholic Church would have issue with that. I lost my son tragically fighting and sacrificing for our Country. I never see Theresa hold her hand out to someone she has read at the store, restaurant, hairdressers etc. She is giving peace to those people and giving a gift of supreme love. I say she has made many selfless sacrifices just as the soldiers do. You have no idea I am sure what that beautiful woman sacrifices everyday with this gift. Go ahead and throw your tomatoes and verbal garbage at her. The bible mentions those like Theresa. Not everyone is a Doctor so why would everyone be a medium. I feel blessed that there are people like Theresa Caputo in this ugly frightening world we live in. Think about this…all religions are man made rules. The Catholic Church demands money from their parishioners. The first time I heard how much the Catholic Church wanted from a widow and spencer in our neighborhood, well let’s just say it brought tears to my eyes. They didn’t know where they would come up with the money. It is a choice. To be controlled by a church or have the torn heart you carry around in your chest to start filling with the knowledge the soul goes on. I will light a candle for you. I will pray you find the love in your heart to accept the fact God gave us Theresa Caputo. Blessings to you

  19. My advice to everyone who doesn’t believe in Theresa,just leave her alone do live her life and do what she clearly enjoys doing,and move on with your own lives.We are all free to live our lives as we see fit.LIVE AND LET LIVE!!!! I do believe in “something” after death and it comforts me to do so.At the end of the day,all things aside,I think Theresa is a lovely human being.

  20. I saw Theresa on 01/28/17 there was a crowd of 2000 people there. She walked around for 2hrs. talking to different people. She touched so many with her amazing ability every single person had tears in there eyes. I thought she was funny and also very caring and had sympathy for those she read.

  21. Hi Teresa I lived in Brooklyn NY on Rodgers Ave did your dad have a store on Rodgers Ave in Brooklyn I did not get a answer can you get back to me thank you and was his name joe

  22. My opinion is that, who cares if she is “real”??? She is spreading a message of hope, and alleviating a lot of pain.
    I’m all for that, and I enjoy her show.
    More power to her!


  24. I love watching her show. She is real. Has a Beautiful family. She has an awesome personality and is a great entertainer. I hope to bump into her oneday. God bless you Theresa, your gift and your family.

  25. Hey you theresa captuo!!! Look out for KARMA. It will get you in the end. Oh, the money is good now, but you and yours will pay sooner or later. You are a person that does not care about anyone at all, but boy, you keep raking in those bucks you phoney.

  26. We know she’s a fake and she knows she’s fake. Please stop taking advantage of people who are suffering and in pain for your own selfish needs and your family. Come on ! Life is short. Stop taking advantage of people. How do you sleep at night ???

    • Who is ‘we’? And how do you and your gerbil know this? From the comfort of your trailer park,or have you actually gone to see her, spoken with others who have met with her, done any actual research? I’m sure if you had anything to base your thoughts on you would have mentioned it. You fear and mock what you don’t understand or have the ability to comprehend.

  27. I have some of the same abilities as Theresa.We were born this way,and also it goes generations back.I come from a very long line of Psychics on both sides.I believe in Theresa’s gift.She has nothing to lie about!Thank You,Casey Grimes-Finley,Chicago,Illinois


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