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Sally Morgan is a British psychic and TV personality. She's most famous for readings for high profile individuals such as Princess Diana. She's also a bestseller of three books. Over the past decade, her notoriety has grown because of a steady stream of media appearances and public events mixed with scandal. Fans adore her while skeptics wish to reveal she's a fraud.

Early Life

Psychic Sally Morgan was born on September 20, 1951, in London, England. She was raised in the borough of Fulham, an area known for its pubs and village-like atmosphere. He family was working class.

As a young girl, she tapped into her supernatural powers. By the age four, Morgan caught her first glimpse of a ghost. This event marked the start of her ability to see and communicate with the dead. Later on, she would learn that her grandmother, Nanny Gladys, also had this gift.

Locals referred to Nanny Gladys as ‘the witch of Fulham'. Morgan believes she inherited her psychic ability from this relative. Nanny Gladys possessed ‘knowings' that she shared with clients. Because of the lack of acceptance of psychics at that time, she met them at the corner where she sold papers. They were able to receive readings in a discreet manner.

During her school years, Sally was met with hostility by teachers. They often accused her of lying about seeing spirits. These accusations were followed up with harsh or embarrassing punishments. One such occurrence was a sitting spell in a highchair meant to make her feel like a baby.

Gift Development

Morgan describes the growth of her psychic ability as organic. She did not attend a special learning institution. As the years passed, her gift naturally grew.
During her twenties, Sally began to harness her paranormal talents. At parties, she read for friends. The result – she developed an reputation for accuracy and became a party piece. The latter was a secret desire.

Subsequent to opening a psychic practice, Morgan further developed her gift. This type of forum was pleasant, agreeable to her. So, she could focus. Throughout this period, clients came to her by word of mouth. She never had to advertise.

Career Explosion

Sally Morgan's career took off in 2007. In March of that year, she starred in Sally Morgan: Star Psychic. This TV series featured her giving readings to popular UK celebrities such as Brian Dowling, Richard Blackwood and Liz McClarnon. Her candid down-to-earth approach captivated viewers. This success led to other TV series featuring herself: The Psychic Life of Sally Morgan, Psychic Sally: On the Road, and Psychic Sally's Big Fat Operation. She also made guest appearances on The Weakest Link, Loose Women, Hell's Kitchen, Come Dine with Me and Big Brother's Bit on the Side.

The sale of books has also catapulted Morgan's career. She has penned three best sellers: My Psychic Life, Healing Spirits and Life After Death. Her most recent ones are My Heavenly Truth and Call Me Psychic. Her writing is very intimate revealing personal demons.

Sally's TV work and books opened the door to a third avenue of revenue – touring. She's constantly on the road doing shows throughout the UK. Her stage performances include lectures and public readings for average Joes.

Public Critiques

Attendees at a show at the Grand Canal Theatre in Dublin, Ireland began calling radio network (RTE). They reported that Sally Morgan obtained information for her psychic readings with the help of another, unseen party behind a window. As the second half of the show started, these individuals heard a male voice relaying details about participants to her. The Daily Mail reported this story. Morgan denied these allegations and successfully sued the latter for damages.

Cynic Simon Singh highlighted an occasion in which Morgan read for Drew and Elizabeth McAdam. They were two audience members at one of her theatre shows. She talked to them about a male named Toby who'd succumbed to an explosion. According to Singh, days prior to this interaction, this couple had sent an e-mail to Sally about Toby. They also left a letter in a box in the foyer labeled as ‘love letters'. The person they described was fictional, a character from the BBC drama Doomwatch.

Morgan read for UK celebrity Brian Dowling twice on TV. She did one in 2005 and the other in 2007. The readings were virtually the same. Yet, she failed to reveal this to viewers until outed by the media. Then, Sally blamed this omission on the series' director. She was just following orders.

Simon Singh and The Merseyside Skeptic Society asked Sally Morgan to prove her psychic ability through a test. The meeting point was in Liverpool. She declined through an e-mail stating “we all have far more important things to do than take part in this or another test”. JREF President D.J. Grothe wants her to do his Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge, but Morgan continues to refuse him.

Most recently, Sally faltered at another theatre performance. After asking for a photo of a woman's deceased loved one, she began to contact her. Soon, she along with everyone else discovered that the person was actually alive and sitting in the audience. Laughter ensued and Morgan was unable to regain control of the event.

Personal Struggles

In her latest book, Call Me Psychic, Sally Morgan documents her private battles. They range from alcoholism to death threats. However, the biggest one was obesity.

Morgan used surgery to lose weight. Prior to undergoing this treatment, she weighed over 300 pounds. Fearful of death, she decided to take this step. Sally had already had a minor heart attack. Also, mundane physical activities such as taking the stairs left her out of breath. This life changing decision was aired on a TV series. Since, she's lost half her body weight and makes better food choices.

Spouse John and son-in-law were caught on tape verbally attacking skeptical activist Mark Tilbrook. As he handed out leaflets at one of Sally's theatre shows warning attendees about her craft, they hurled homophobic slurs and other words of intimidation at him. Following the release of video footage of this incident, she fired her spouse and son-in-law from her management team.

Family Life

Sally Morgan is married to John Morgan and they have one daughter Jemma. Photos of the couple can be seen on her website. They enjoy relaxing activities together such as boating during their off days. Until recently, her husband has been key to her career.


Psychic Sally Morgan's fame continues to increase. Despite mishaps on stage and family scandal, her followers remain faithful. Males and females who desire to speak with deceased loved ones see her as a go-to person. Testimonials of clients report that she offered them insight during readings. In addition, some experts in the field like Professor Gary Schwartz, a Harvard Graduate, rate her as one of the top five psychic in the world. Regardless of whether this is true or not, she definitely joins the ranks as one of the most beloved psychics today.

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