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Ruth Montgomery was born Ruth Shick Montgomery on June 11, 1912 in Sumner, Illinois. As a young woman, she attended classes for four years at Baylor University while working for the Waco News Tribune. After graduating from Purdue in 1934, she was hired by the Louisville Herald Post to write for their newspaper.

In 1943, Ruth switched jobs again and became the first woman to work at the New York Daily News in Washington, D.C. She was married to Robert Montgomery. She claimed to communicate with him after his death from heart disease until her death on June 10, 2001.


When Ruth came to Washington, she embarked on a long uprise in her journalism career. She was so well-liked that she was the only woman among the twelve press members invited to attend Franklin D. Roosevelt's funeral. During this time in her career, she wrote for Hearst Headlines and United Press International. In 1950, she was voted as President of the Women's National Press Club. She went to Russia in 1959 with Vice-president Richard Nixon. In all, she worked with six presidents during her journalism career.

In 1952, while her journalism story was winding down, Ruth began writing columns about another famous psychic named Jeanne Dixon. Ruth would begin to write books and continue this path when she retired from her 25-year journalism career in 1969. She spent years covering National News on Capitol Hill and overseas in other countries. Her first book came out in 1970; it was named Hail to the Chiefs; My Life and Times with Six Presidents. The book showed readers what it was like to work with a President.


Ruth was accurate enough of the time to become a celebrity in the 1960's and 1970's. She was a popular person to have on talk shows that brought her name into the family home. People valued her opinion and genuinely wanted to know what she had to say. She reached a status that allowed her to be considered a prophet along the likes of Nostradamus. Her prophecies about a great shift in the Earth physically and the appearance of a Presidential candidate that everyone likes are two of the most popular pieces of insight that Ruth has predicted.

Followers and fans insist that her original prediction about the President was so favored because Ruth believed that people can change the course of predictions. Ruth was firm in her opinions about the course of destiny changing because of the will of the man. Her predictions were subject to the course changes that she could not see at the time of her prediction. Ruth believed in a lot of controversial thoughts. She felt that she was put on the Earth to give information to mankind. She was able to find her destiny through the help and guidance of people like Jeanne Dixon and Arthur Ford. She also believed that she had spirit guides who helped her fulfill her destiny by giving their messages to the public.

Ruth believed wholeheartedly in reincarnation. She reportedly believed that she was related to Lazarus and alive in Jesus time. Ruth went into so much detail as to say that birthmarks were signs of injuries in other lives and that disabled people were paying retribution for past wrongs in other bodies and times. Discussing her views has caused heated discussions on both sides of any issue.


Once There was a Nun: Mary McCarran's Years as Sister Mary Mercy was the book that launched Ruth's writing career into the field of an author in 1962. She wasted no time continuing to write famous books that sold hundreds of thousands of copies. Mrs. LBJ was a book about being the wife of President Lyndon Johnson that Ruth wrote in 1964. In this book, she told the story of Mrs. Johnson and her role as the First Lady. She wrote of her experiences with the President and how the things that Mrs. Johnson believed in and said impacted her husband's decisions in office. The book provided readers a look into the private communications between the First Lady and the President.

Ruth would go on to write the biography of her role model Jeanne Dixon in 1965 calling it A Gift of Prophecy. Jeanne Dixon was the psychic who warned John F. Kennedy not to go to Dallas, Texas on that fateful day. Ruth's book was an instant hit and ended up becoming a best-seller making more than three million dollars in all. This book would be the one that changed her career from author to psychic as she learned more about her idol.

Automatic writing

In 1967, Ruth wrote two books, A Search for the Truth and Flowers at the White House. In 1968, she wrote Here and Hereafter. She would go on to write A World Beyond: A Startling Message from the Eminent Psychic Arthur Ford from Beyond the Grave in 1971.Arthur Ford was Ruth's mentor. He allegedly cracked the code of the great magician Harry Houdini from the grave. When he died in June 1971, Ruth claimed to receive the power of automatic writing which translated into automatic typing when she was on the typewriter. She continued to say that she had the power of automatic writing until her death.


Ruth wrote Born to Heal: The Astonishing Story of Mr. A and the Ancient Art of Healing with Life Energies in 1973. The World Before came in 1976; it expanded on her claims that she was alive during the time Jesus was born. Her time in the spotlight helped her to evolve into the role of guide or teacher of the afterlife spreading the message of the spirit guides. She believed that her destiny was to relay important messages that were governed by rules of fairness and logic. She was also an avid believer in aliens living among everyday people doing ordinary things all the time. She said they were here to guide the human race.

Ruth began her insight into aliens and Earthly encounters with the book Strangers Among Us: Enlightened Beings from a World to Come in 1978. She moved further into the world of aliens, U.F.O.'s, and Earthly connections with Threshold to Tomorrow in 1983. In the book, she explains her views about how the U.S. Government covered up the existence of aliens. She tells readers about people who have received assistance from aliens including past Presidents.

Ruth published another powerful book in 1985 called Companions Along the Way that answered popular questions like Is There Life After Death?, Who is out there?, and What is on the other side? She wrote about her spirit guides who gave her information from the other side including her late husband Bob and mentor Arthur Ford. According to Sammy Hagar, Ruth was the inspiration for a song in 1985 called Love Walks In by the famous 80's band Van Halen.

Ruth created another powerful text in 1985 called Aliens Among Us. This book expanded on her ideas that aliens like Steve Jobs lived among us to help spur technological growth and innovations. Other important people were aliens that helped bring peace and understanding, people like the Dalai Lama. In 1997, Ruth published Ruth Montgomery: Herald of the New Age, giving readers a look deep into her life and careers.

Final chapter

Ruth ended the latter years of her life telling people that she was a guide sent with messages to the world. She published Here and Hereafter in 1995. Her final book The World to Come: the Guides' Long-Awaited Predictions for the Dawning Age came in 1999. Ruth predicted that President Reagan would only be President for four years. She also said that there would be a large change in the Earth and the population of the entire world before the year 2000. Ruth predicted that in the late 1990's there would be a President, who would be taken over by a spirit guide for the benefit of the entire world. Ruth's believers say that this has been shifted because of the will of man to a date after 2012.

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