Psychic Medium George Anderson Biography

George Anderson is one of the most well-known and respected psychic mediums in the industry. He specializes in helping grieving individuals and families work through the intense emotions that come with the loss of a loved one. George Anderson's work has convinced even the staunchest skeptics, and his genuine persona is known to put clients at ease. This medium has worked to bridge the gap between the here and now and the afterlife for more than forty years, shedding life on some of the greatest mysteries and spreading hope around the world.

The belief in life after death has captivated and confused people since the dawn of humanity. When George was six, he began to realize that he had a unique ability to hear the words and guidance of souls on the other side. Deciding to use that gift to heal others, George dedicated his life to becoming a psychic medium and providing closure both to grieving people and their loved ones on the other side.

George Anderson's story begins when he came down with a case of chicken pox during his early childhood. During his illness, he contracted a rare and fatal form of encephalomyelitis. The condition resulted in a swollen brain and extensive damage to the cerebrum and other areas that left George unable to walk. After hovering close to death for a significant period of time, George gradually began to recover. He was graced with the apparition of a kind woman who instructed him on the nature of life after death and prepared him for a life guiding others in the hidden truths he had been granted access to.

Only when George was older and fully recovered did he realize that the apparition that appeared to him was none other than Joan of Arc, perhaps the most legendary saint and warrior in recent history. George continues to benefit from her guidance and shares her message with the clients he works so closely with, giving them hope of a beautiful life beyond the thin veil of death.

Skeptics and true believers alike have acknowledged the legitimacy of George Anderson's practice as well as the deep impact that his childhood experiences had on him. A common theme among nearly all legitimate psychic mediums is a near-death experience, typically as children. Although George Anderson shares a similar path to many of the world's most talented psychic medium, his gifts and methods are truly unique. As someone who once ignored his gifts and doubted the truth of the afterlife, George is able to work with skeptics to assuage their fears and doubts, helping them connect to their loved ones in the hereafter.

While George's friends and family first believed his unique gifts to be the result of the severe brain damage he suffered as a result of his childhood illness, his extraordinary abilities soon proved themselves to be not only real but powerful. He was nearly committed to a mental asylum as few people had a solid understanding of the supernatural gift at the time he was growing up. In fact, George has been one of the forerunners in the movement to legitimize mediums and help people around the world realize that communicating with souls in the afterlife is a gift rather than a mental illness or a curse.

Since his rough teenage years spent tentatively trying to find a way to use his gifts to help others, George Anderson has grown immensely both in terms of his spiritual gifts and professional presence. He has worked with everyone from bereaved loved ones to celebrities to uncover the secrets of the afterlife and help give his clients a sense of peace about what has happened to their deceased loved ones. George has challenged many misconceptions about the nature of communicating with the dead, including the notion that doing so is representative of a dark or evil practice. Instead, fans and critics of George's work alike acknowledge that his mediumship is incredibly light and positive, in tune with what the most spiritually enlightened people believe is good.

George has written several books, including the 1987 bestseller, “We Don't Die.” “We Don't Die” revolutionized the publishing industry, opening the door for New Age authors and other spiritualists outside the realm of mainstream religion to publish their works and ideas. Previously, such topics were deemed taboo at best and resigned to the realm of spiritualism. The most intriguing part of George's career is his openness to scientific inquiry. While many psychic mediums shy away from objective testing, George Anderson has voluntarily signed on to allow experts in a variety of scientific fields and universities to put his abilities to the test.

Largely due to persecution, spiritual mediums once hid in the shadows and only showed their gifts to those who were ready to believe. George Anderson has revolutionized that system as well, giving other true mediums the courage and safety to come out and display their gifts for the empowerment of the world. From historical figures to everyday people, George Anderson is able to communicate with a wide range of spirits. While all mediums can see spirits, it takes a mature talent to be able to communicate their messages in a way that is both meaningful and understandable to the living. George excels in interpersonal communication, and he is as gifted with soothing and helping the living come to terms with the truth as he is with the deceased souls he works with.

For hardened skeptics and devout believers in the afterlife alike, George Anderson is an impressive figure in the spiritual realm. No other medium has managed to create as many industry-wide precedents and changes as he has, all while maintaining a focus on his original purpose of helping others come to terms with loss. With a blend of psychological understanding and uncanny supernatural gifts to see beyond the veil separating the present world and the next, George Anderson is easily the most trusted and recognizable name in the world of psychic and other paranormal phenomena.


  1. Hello George
    Not Sure if you remember me, Herminio [Seth]from Queens. We met in Jackson Hrs. I always wanted to say it was a pleasure meeting you. Thank you for the book, actually helped me a lot. I still have the Egyptian Seth figure. Thanks and happy holidays.

  2. Being mentored by George, would help me change the way Africans, perceive us to be.we won’t beforced to be trained by a traditional healer first in order to be recordnised or accepted as a healer and medium.I just want my star to shine bright for every one.

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