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Pam Coronado calls herself a psychic detective and began her career as a psychic in the mid-1990s when she says a dream told her where to find a missing woman. She counts police departments, investigators, and detectives as her clients. Pam focuses her efforts on cases where investigators or search parties have hit a dead end and aren't finding new clues.

Early Years of Study

Upon realizing she wanted to become a psychic and help people, Pam Coronado decided to train with two famous psychics: Alan Vaughan and Bevy Jeagers. From these respected psychics, Pam learned how to use her ability in a useful way. A person who feels he or she has psychic powers might not know how to wield the ability so that visions and knowledge are helpful. Pam received valuable help to hone her psychic skills.

One of the valuable lessons that Pam received from Bevy was the ability to present information in a way that law enforcement and search teams would find useful. Additionally, Pam learned what type of information wouldn't be valuable to police so that she wouldn't waste time with those details when time was of the essence.

The lessons she took from Alan Vaughan were in the realm of psychology. Pam used to suffer from nightmares and was unable to understand why she kept having them. Through her study with Alan Vaughan, she was able to start connecting her nightmares to active cases and interpret what those dreams were telling her.

Pam Begins Helping Law Enforcement

After perfecting her craft with her teachers, Pam applied for a private investigator's license in Arizona and kept that license active for several years. She's consulted on several cases and says that her help is contingent upon a family or member of law enforcement asking for her help. She says that she's not the only one responsible for solving cases and that it's the police detectives who do the work to solve crimes like murders and kidnappings.

Pam also works with a non-profit organization called Project Search for Help which is a group that helps families who are trying to find a missing loved one or family member. The organization usually works with families once law enforcement has said that the trail for a missing person has gone cold. Pam works with other trained psychics called “intuitives” who try to see if there is anything that may come from the psychic world that will help detectives.

How Pam Connects with the Psychic World

One of the ways in which Pam gains psychic insight into these cases is by holding objects that were owned by the victim. She suggests that she can form a psychic connection to the owner of an object and offer clues to the person's whereabouts to police. When people ask her about psychic accuracy, and why clairvoyants aren't 100 percent accurate, she says that a psychic is but a tool for solving mysteries and isn't the only solution.

Pam's Reputation Grows

Pam was involved in a documentary movie in 2001 called, “Premonitions,” which was included by the producers of “Final Destination” as an extra feature for the DVD release. The documentary was special to Pam because it was Alan Vaughan, her teacher, who asked her to participate. His unfortunate passing spurred Pam to enter the public eye with the documentary.

Pam would see further attention paid to her psychic abilities when she got another request to investigate her psychic powers. The Science Fiction Channel (known today as SyFy) asked Pam to participate in a live question and answer show that would test her ability to see the details of a crime with her psychic ability. Incredibly, Pam reached 90 percent accuracy in her answers.

In further television activity, Pam would participate in a Discovery Channel series called “Sensing Murder.” One interesting segment of the show featured details about the Colonial Parkway Killer, who was a suspected serial killer who killed several couples in the Virginia area. Pam was interviewed for the piece and said that she believed the murders were committed somewhere other than where the cars and bodies were found.

Pam Decides to Teach

One of Pam's most recent projects has been to teach others how to harness their psychic ability. She felt that teaching other psychic detectives how to work with law enforcement would help individuals working as clairvoyants provide the swiftest and most efficient help in important cases. She believes that it is up to a psychic to undertake an education on using their psychic abilities for the best possible outcome.

Each year Pam offers a few seminars to students who wish to activate or refine their psychic abilities; however, she says she wishes she could teach more. She offers readers an eBook that they can read as an introduction to psychic problem solving and also features guest instructors on occasion to offer more classes to the public.

Pam's Recommendations for New Psychics

In addition to teaching new psychics to handle their abilities, she also offers some words of wisdom for anyone who would like to follow in her footsteps and help police detectives with clues and psychic impressions. Interestingly, she suggests that if a case is significant and the police are dedicating many officers to the investigation that it's a good idea to leave the case alone.

She says that bothering the police when they're in the midst of an investigation could mean that precious time is taken away from the active investigation. Police departments have actively sought help from psychics for several years. Pam suggests that if they want help with their investigation that they will be more than willing to reach out to a psychic for help.

Interesting Facts About Pam

Pam performs psychic readings and says that she prefers conducting readings via telephone instead of in person because she doesn't feel as distracted when she's on the phone. When someone asks her for a reading, she suggests that the best way to get a good answer is by asking her specific questions. She says that a vague question will usually get a vague answer. Therefore, a specific question will be a better use of time.

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