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There are many names for this woman who has mysterious and unique abilities. Michelle Whitedove knew from an early age that she was experiencing life different than those around her. She thought everyone could communicate and converse with heavenly beings and the loved ones that had passed on. It wasn't until she was eight years old that she realized she had a unique gift. Society often ostracizes anything that doesn't fit the norm and despite the criticism, Michelle continued forward in what she felt was her calling in life.

There are many aspects of Michelle's gift that she uses to channel the other side. Most people have use of all five senses they are born with, sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. Michelle also has extra senses that she uses to communicate with those in the Spirit World. She has the ability of Clairvoyance where she is able to see with clarity, people and places while experiencing visions of either the past, present and future. Often with being a Clairvoyant, she is also a Clairaudient. This enables her to clearly hear the messages that need to be passed on. Additionally, she is a Clairsentient which enables her to use her other senses to smell, taste and feel elements of the other world.

Aside from Michelle's unique Clairvoyant abilities, she can also experience Empathy in a way that no one else can. She is an Empath. Michelle has developed a heightened sense of being able to experience the same state of emotion that others are feeling. The emotional toll when channeling in a way that involves all your senses being used to experience an encounter as if it is happening to you can be exhausting. Despite this, Michelle believes that her natural born abilities have been given to her to solely help others.

Being a Spirit Medium, Michelle uses her abilities in several numerous ways. Spirits connect with her through visions that she sees and through feelings. What she does helps bring closure to many people that suffer with questions when a death of a loved one occurs. She especially loves to work with counseling children and helping those solve medical mysteries. Michelle has honed a specific ability referred to as being a Health Intuitive. She can help aid people to seek medical help for a condition that they may have or not yet are aware of. Michelle can see into the body and positively identify physical and emotional sicknesses with the aid of spirits from the other side. As a Healer, she can use her gifts to help people get the relief and peace they seek.

Michelle is truly an asset to her community. She has been used in law enforcement and private investigations to help solve missing persons cases and unsolved crimes. Michelle uses the skills she has developed by tuning into her psychic database to piece together details of the events that are often unknown. The information that she reveals creates a Psychic Profile of what happened so that investigators can use this to aid in solving and proving their cases. Not only does she solve mysterious cases on the Earth plane, she believes in Reincarnation and is a Past Life Detective. Michelle can access a Book of Life through channeling to the Spirit World to seek answers to questions that many people have. When using this aspect of her gift, she can give positive readings about people's past lives that can help explain their current struggles.

Highly praised by her audiences and followers, she has gained nationwide attention with her appearance on America's Psychic Challenge that was aired in 2007. This show comprised of eight episodes and had 16 competitors. There were strict production regulations and policies to ensure authenticity of the results. Each psychic was to compete in a series of psychic challenges that would result in the winning challengers to stay on and the losing challengers to return home. The winning prize was $100,000 along with the title of “America's #1 Psychic”. Michelle Whitedove won the television show's first season, proving her abilities on air for the world to see. The last challenge was to locate a stuntman that was buried alive. With an oxygen tank, he was buried somewhere within a 10 acre area in the California desert. Michelle placed his photograph over the exact spot where she had used her abilities to locate him. With only 30 minutes for this timed challenge, men dug up the spot Michelle had indicated which resulted in successfully finding the stuntman.

Although Michelle was winner of this television show, her filming aspirations haven't stopped there. She has been invited to compete in a similar show with competitors from six different countries in the world to fight for a new title in Holland. She has been featured in an HBO documentary, NBC's Today Show, CBS News, Fox News, News Points, NPR and many more appearances on television and radio. Her abilities interest the media and public alike. Not only can she claim these special skills, she is able to prove them with private readings and has proved them on the My Lifetime television series that she won.

Although there are always skeptics, Michelle has a healthy attitude when it comes to unbelievers. When it comes to metaphysics there is a tendency for fraud. Just like in any industry, there will always be those who will take advantage of others by claiming legitimacy. It doesn't bother her that people don't believe. She doesn't feel the need to force her beliefs onto others. Many people who see her in action have no other option than to be forced to believe because the information she has and gives is accurate. For those of her family and friends that remain in denial or remain skeptics, they do not support her or show up to her lectures or classes. Despite this, Michelle moves forward in fulfilling her calling in life to help others.

Michelle has written “She Talks With Angels: A Psychic-Medium's Guide into the Spirit World”, “Angels Are Talking: A Psychic Medium Relays Messages from the Heavens” and “The Sacred Code: A Guide to the Universal Laws, the Rules and the Tools”. Her favorite part about her gift is that she gets to communicate with heavenly angels, helping others and changing the world. She continues to be active in her profession as a psychic as she lives her life mission to bring peace to all those who suffer in their own ways.


  1. Michel is very talented, but she shouldn’t try to predict future.Foe example,In 2012 she predicted that gold prices will be up to 2800, now it is 1100.Great hit!

  2. Aloha kaua…i watched that contest where this spiritual kaula” Prophetess…won..i turkey believe that she has a true talent..that came first through her sacred bloodline..blessings be always with these ancient one’s whose purpose is 4 the greater good..may all the ancients of heavens earth realm keep her safe..give her happiness..great health…we kanaka Hawaii have 4 years practiced ho’oponoponi and spiritual rehabilitation. She is the real blessings of many realms of ancient God’s goddesses…maikai’elauna’mea’oe…from the sacred bloodline..mo’okuauhau’o kekane’kaula’kawaili’ula’eha..

  3. Aloha hainahou
    I wanted make corrections on 2words of my earlier post..one was truly…second….ho’oponopono
    Not..ho’oponoponi…this is spiritual style of finding the source of a problem…where it’s origins..reasons..purpose
    The negative entity..reason.so
    A person can have opportunities 2 healing wisdom knowledge great changes in their life..which is spiritual rehabilitation…im sure the many gifts and talents of spiritual peoples personal lives aren’t always perfect..but send 2 this women Michelle blessings from hawaii…sunshine..rainbows…nuinui aloha…spiritual nation of ku….

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