Psychic Medium John Edwards Biography

Known as a man of repute, an influential presence in the world of psychic sensitives, John Edwards is a name recognized around the globe. His history is littered with powerful examples of personal and group readings. His television shows once aired to much acclaim, causing ripples of wonder as a misinformed public suddenly sat up and considered the possibility of the afterlife.

John intuitively connects to people, forms a bridge between his clients that is at once compassionate and capable of reaching across into the realm of spirits, a place where loved ones continue to watch over us and offer advice. Connecting with this spiritual domain is the work undertaken by a psychic, a duty John Edwards, medium and man, considers a mission of great importance.

The Early Life of John Edwards

Born on October 19th, 1969, the life of Mr Edwards didn't start out with any intention of being a life-altering force, or even of aspiring to become a television personality, but he did possess a sense of other worlds, the realm of the departed, from an early age. He was raised in traditional surroundings in Glen Cove, New York state, a youngster absorbed with spiritual beliefs, taught in the ways of the catholic church. Unable to dedicate his philosophical beliefs to any single religious belief, he stopped practicing any particular faith but his moral compass held him close to the belief of a supreme creator that awaits the souls of the dying.

In 1984 something pivotal happened in John's life, something that spun him around and changed everything, consolidating his beliefs and nurturing the beginnings of his psychic abilities. The event of note was a psychic reading by a woman in New Jersey. A skilled psychic in her own right, Lydia Clar forecast John Edwards future career as a psychic and medium. She projected a time when he would help others with his abilities, when he would stand before audiences and critics, relaying messages from the distant beyond.

Career Choices and Crossing Over

Momentum and the need to conform to social structure held John on a path of traditional education and acceptable career choices for a time. He became a phlebotomist, was trained at the University of Long Island. He married, had a child, even became a ballroom dance instructor for a short time, but the message of his own reading continued to resonate at the back of his mind. John Edwards, one time practicing Roman Catholic and healthcare professional, was destined for greater things, a life under the scrutiny of skeptics and the attention of believers of an afterlife.

The Early Years of Psychic Readings

It's difficult to pinpoint the exact moment everything changed. John had always been aware of presences seeking to make contact. He felt the love of the recently departed around their partners and spouses. He knew without doubt, on the most instinctive of levels, of the existence of an afterlife, and he wanted to share that knowledge, simultaneously acting as a crossing point between life and what we consider death. His goal was to confirm that energy couldn't be destroyed, only transformed and conveyed to another level, a place where he found a unique contact.

Young and old, believers and skeptics, John Edwards set out on his path to connect the public to the realm of the spiritual. He read for individuals and small groups, becoming an impossible link between the bereaved and recently departed relatives. He aided law enforcement agencies in tracking down criminals and used his abilities to share the knowledge that death isn't the end.

Public Awareness and Fame

Married and already bringing up one child with his wife, Sandra, the decision was made to put pen to paper and record the many experiences in his life, to spread the word of love beyond death. John wrote his first book, titled One Last Time. The year was 1998 and, beyond his wildest dreams, new doors opened for John Edwards. He entered the world of television, recording the popular show, Crossing Over with John Edward.

On Crossing Over, he met his audience and convinced them of the reality of spiritual life. He showed husbands their dearly deceased wives were nearby. He delivered messages of love from relatives who had recently passed into the unknown. The show was a hit, leading John to take advantage of the many opportunities now available. He gave lectures, wrote for popular publications, and answered the questions of the many skeptics around him.

The life that came with fame wasn't always desirable despite the acclaim and popularity. A new child was born to John and his wife. More books were written, and John Edwards became a recognized author and television personality, but he was loosing touch with the personal readings and intimacy he once enjoyed.

Living Today with John Edward

Many would regard less publicity and the end of television appearances as a downturn, but to John Edwards this is the life he dreams of and values beyond all else. He writes, loves his wife and children, and finally finds the time to return to his roots. John keeps in contact with his dedicated followers and can again make time for personal readings. There's a certain peace to be found in connecting to individuals or small groups, to becoming the living rapport between them and the deceased loved ones waiting to deliver messages of devotion.

Twenty-five years of helping law enforcement and defending his reputation from critics has distilled into a satisfied lifestyle where he continues the good work, showing those who are willing to listen that there is no end to life, just transformation and elevation to a place where the spiritual realm rules supreme.

For his skeptics there will always be some doubt no matter how many books John Edwards publishes. Believers find an end to their quests when they consult John, find closure in communicating with the departed, and can move on with fulfilling lives newly energized with the knowledge that not only are they never alone, but love is all around, protecting and watching over us all.


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