Maureen Hancock Biography

An internationally known spirit medium, Maureen Hancock is living a life filled with miracles.

One may even think that she is leading a charmed life, escaping alive from near fatal events.

Perhaps her brushes with death have given her the ability to see and communicate with those who have crossed over into another reality.

In her book, “The Medium Next Door, Adventures of a Real-Life Ghost Whisperer”, she talks about her experiences as a medium who approaches the mysteries of life and death with humor as well as heartfelt concern and empathy.

Early Influences

Maureen’s first brush with death came at the age of five when she realized that she could see ghosts. As a result of eating lead paint, she went into a coma and spent three years of periodic stays at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Returning home when she was well, she talked so much about seeing invisible people that her sister threatened to take her back to the hospital. As a result, she stopped talking about them and basically shut off her visions.

Her next near death experience occurred when was a young woman, falling asleep at the wheel of her car in 1992. The crash that resulted fractured her skull and broke bones in her face, a condition that normally requires extensive surgery.

However, Maureen’s injuries started healing spontaneously, and she neither needed nor received any surgery. She credited her amazing recovery to her deceased grandmother who she believed was watching over her, and the experience reignited her ability to vision beyond the grave.

Following Her Calling

While Maureen Hancock was serving as a volunteer with cancer patients, she once again started hearing voices. It was then that she began to accept that her role in life was to communicate with the departed and to comfort the bereaved.

She was sure of it when her 19 year old nephew died in an accident and she knew that she had to help her sister cope with the tragedy.

Her miraculous recovery from lead poisoning and escaping from her crashed automobile without assistance were milestones in her path to her calling. Having heard voices since the age of five, with the exception of the years when she denied them, her innate abilities to see and speak to the dead required her to put them to a good purpose.

Leading a Seemingly Ordinary Life

At first glance, Maureen seems as ordinary as any other Irish Catholic mom of two daughters and a chocolate lab living in the Boston area. She has learned to handle her extraordinary gifts with understanding and humor while keeping a busy schedule of motivational presentations, workshops and interviews.

She has appeared on CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX television shows to demystify the transition from life to death.

Her life is anything but ordinary, and her daughters have learned to understand that their mom is special to the world as well as to them. They got accustomed to her leaving audio recording equipment running at home while she went on speaking engagements.

Having spirits in the home is a familiar experience for the girls who now join their mother in exploring the spirit world.

Helping Others Cope with Loss

Maureen sees her work as a way to bring hope, comfort and healing to as many people as she can. Some of her workshops focus on building intuition, believing that everyone has the potential to see more than the tangible objects in front of them.

Professionals from fields that include medicine, finance and law enforcement attend her workshops to gain insight into hidden abilities.

The popularity of her work as a psychic has lead her to conduct “Postcards from Heaven” public events where she offers hope and solace to the bereaved in the audience. During the intimate venues, she speaks personally to people from all walks of life who clamor for the chance to contact a lost loved one.

Her uplifting message has helped many come to grips with a crushing loss.

Watching Her Work

Maureen puts her audiences at ease by telling them that she is just like their neighbors except that she sees and hears dead people. Her gentle humor helps reassure anyone who wants to engage personally to inquire about a loved one who exists beyond the grave.

One of the qualities that people who have suffered a loss value is her personal touch. She avoids making generalities that can apply in many situations and focuses on specific observations.

She seems able to provide detailed information by assuming the personality of the departed, often reciting the name of the person as well as the date and circumstances when death occurred. Her perceptions are so precise that her references to a specific event astonish the bereaved person, causing a response of laughter and tears combined.

While attendance at the postcard sessions is by paid admission, other services are offered free of charge. Maureen has a giving heart, and she shares her gift with those who need it.

She has two charitable foundations, “Mission for the Missing” and “Seeds of Hope”, that let her provide pro bono services for people struggling through the grief process. She accepts difficult tasks at no charge to comfort someone who is nearing the end of days or to offer guidance when a child is missing.

Her inspiration and insight offer welcome relief when people are in desperate circumstances.

Sharing Her Gift

Maureen’s generosity in sharing her remarkable abilities seems to have no limit. While balancing her desire to help others with her firm commitment to her role as mother, she likes to refer to herself as the “Medium Mom”.

She is especially devoted to consulting with parents who have lost a child, and she never charges a fee for private medium sessions with them. Helping them find a sense of peace from the closure that she leads them to is all the reward that she wants in her dedicated mission for bereaved parents.

Her priorities as a medium are to help the sick who are near death and parents who have suffered the great anguish of losing a child. She helps raise funds for non profit organizations worldwide by speaking about her path to becoming a psychic.

Her efforts have made it possible for children from other countries to come to the United States for medical treatment and a respite from unendurable circumstances.

Maureen Hancock is an extraordinary person whose desire to give back and help others makes her truly unique. Her skill is authentic, and she uses it to help others.

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