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Matthew L. Fraser was born on July 8, 1991 in Boston, Massachusetts. He is a famous American psychic and has been a guest on several television and radio shows, which include Fox News, WWLP Morning News, CBS Radio, and The Learning Annex.

He has also been a featured guest on the well-known television show “Your Time with Kim Iverson.” UFO Magazine has ranked Matthew L. Fraser as one of the top 40 psychics on the planet. OM Times Magazine also named Matthew Fraser one of the Best Psychics in America in 2012 and named him a Psychic Superstar. Matthew has gained a large following on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Matthew Fraser successfully published his book, which is titled “The Secrets to Unlocking Your Psychic Ability,” in 2012. He is also an active member on the board of directors for “Forever Paws Animal Shelter” as well as the “New Hampshire Cultural Awareness Council.” He has successfully given thousands of psychic readings all over the world, and he has been successful reuniting friends and family members.

According to Gail Furtado, President of the “Forever Paws Animal Shelter,” “Matt’s performance at his shows is always incredibly powerful and enlightening. He conveys messages from loved ones in such a manner that he makes the recipient immediately comfortable and at ease. His sense of humor lightens the atmosphere always at the appropriate times.”

Matthew believes that all individuals have the power to lead a happy life that is filled with positive experiences. He teaches individuals that people who have a negative outlook on life do not enter the world this way, and these people have an out-of-focus perspective on life.

He was born with “The Sight,” which was a gift that was passed down to him from his maternal grandmother. According to Fraser, there were signs of his abilities that were present very early in life. By the age of four, he started to hear voices of the departed in his bedroom, which occurred frequently at night. When he was a child, his gift scared him and he decided to ignore the signs until he was a teenager.

Matthew L. Fraser’s gifted career began in New England, which is where he spent his childhood. He worked as an Emergency Medical Technician when he was younger in Boston, Massachusetts. For many years, he decided to keep his gift unknown to those around him. He kept his gift a secret because he felt that he would not be accepted for his gifts and did not want to be seen as an outcast. However, Matthew decided to seek his abilities at a deeper level and grasped the fact that being a psychic was his calling in life. From this point, Matthew embraced his gifts and began to help people all over the world.

As an adult, Matthew has established a promising path that has lead him to help many people all over the world. He hosts an array of live events each year, which usually sell out very quickly. He also offers one-on-one sessions to those who need his help. Matthew feels he can help people all over the world reconnect with their departed loved ones in heaven, which is his mission in life. Matthew’s one-on-one sessions have become increasingly popular.

His one-on-one psychic readings are conducted through the telephone, which enables people to stay anonymous. As on June 2015, there is a six month waiting list for one-on-one sessions. During one-on-one sessions, Matthew helps individuals connect with loved ones who have departed and delivers messages from the departed to loved ones in contact with Matthew. In order to schedule a private session with Matthew, individuals need to be open to various time slots due to his busy schedule.

Aside from helping others with his gift, Matthew is an active member of his community and participates in several fundraisers each year. Matthew feels that it is not only his responsibility to help those in need with his psychic gifts, but to encourage others and help his community succeed.

One of the most anticipated events that is hosted by Matthew is “Medium with a Message.” Through this event, Matthew is able to connect those with loved ones that have departed. Those who attend his event will leave feeling uplifted and will see his gift firsthand. The tour dates for the event are from June through November of 2015.

Matthew offers a monthly email subscription called “Emails from Heaven,” which is filled with inspirational messages. The monthly email subscription also introduces subscribers to their “Guardian Angel.” Through Matthew’s monthly email, subscribers will learn how to identify and communicate with their guardian angel.

During Matthew’s live events, many people have asked how he receives messages from the departed. According to Matthew, when he walks through a room, he will see departed loved ones standing behind individuals in the audience. When he walks by these departed souls, he hears their voices telling him names and specific messages they want their loved ones to receive. Matthew stated they use several ways to communicate and pass the messages to him quickly. According to Matthew, departed souls see psychic mediums as a way to reach out and communicate with their loved ones. Matthew feels that by helping pass along messages from the departed to their loved ones, he is able to provide unanswered questions and bring closure to the departed so they can rest in peace.

Matthew explained in a video “Those who have passed on will often tell their loved ones to stay encouraged and to remember the way of life they lived with they were here. The happiness they spread, the people they touched and their joy of life that they had shared with their family and friends.” Matthew relates to the main character in the movie “The Sixth Sense.” He explained the main character had a childhood much like his, and he was also asked to deliver messages from the departed to their loved ones.

Matthew also offers spiritual psychic development classes. Through his new classes, Matthew helps individuals identify their psychic abilities. These classes taught by Matthew will help those with psychic abilities channel their gift though tools, techniques, and exercises by developing and expanding intuition, communicating with the spirit world, and overcoming grief and loneliness. Each class taught by Matthew is a duration of 30 minutes and is a great tool to help individuals channel their psychic talents.

He also offers a downloadable audio class that helps individuals focus on their intuition and ability to connect with the spirit world. This audio class has been a successful class that has been listened to by many individuals. The class is called “Communicating with the Spirit World” and helps individuals recognize how to interpret messages from loved ones who have passed away.

Recently, Matthew has launched a jewelry collection called Everlasting Love. Each piece in the collection is personally designed by Matthew. The jewelry collection is also handmade and manufactured in the United States. Matthew’s jewelry designs are a representation of his spirit and readings. He wanted his designs to be inspired by the connection that love is eternal and will last forever. Through his designs, Matthew hopes to have those who wear jewelry from his collection stay connected to loved ones who have departed.

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