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Hailing from a small English town of Reddich, Lisa Williams, 40, was born with a gift to heal. Currently based in Los Angeles, this psychic medium of great repute was able to see spirits from a very young age: “I didn't know that these people were actually dead. I thought they were friends and family that were coming to visit, but then they started to tell me how they died.” At first reluctant to use her gift, Williams eventually told people what she saw — her visions and Spirits. From her late teens onward, she has accepted her clairvoyance, which has jettisoned her on a fruitful journey of providing people with psychic readings and spiritual healing.

It started as a simple act of communicating with close friends and strangers by telling them about their lives and their future. She saw this clairvoyance transform and heal friends and family members who were left with unanswered questions from those who passed. Williams realized that her messages delivered from the dead to the living soothed and eased people's emotional agony. She was also assisting the police with crime investigations and reading for senior business executives and larger-than-life celebrities.

Before she knew the kind of gift she had, Williams was experiencing visions on a daily basis. These came in many forms, from hazy features and bodily shapes with strong outlines to voices and figures of flesh-and-blood. “I had thoughts and feelings that would come true.” To deal with this inundation of messages and images, she wrote them down in a journal. Doing this helped her push it away from her mind.

This spiritual calling blossomed into an extraordinary purpose to bring closure for families enduring pain. “I allow the spirit of the departed to come close and enter my energy… When it's needed, I will clear that spirit over to the other side. Often, this enables a grieving family to finally say goodbye and feel at peace.”

Her special power runs in Williams' family; her grandmother Frances Glazebrook was also a medium. Glazebrook didn't advertise her psychic abilities until Williams' grandfather passed away. This event led Williams' grandmother to come out with her Mediumship and gained popularity in the U.K. Glazebrook's renown included readings for those in politics, music, business and even royalty. She wanted Williams to continue her work. Williams admits that she didn't have any formal training and was left to figure it out herself. “I had to learn what to do with it on my own.”

Not accepting that she had this gift at the time, Williams asserts that as a young woman, her grandmother presaged the future: “You will work as a medium. You will be very gifted. You will be in America.” Her grandmother was spot on; in 2004, after giving a reading to a senior staff member of famed television host and media mogul Merv Griffin, Williams was offered to host her own show. Let lo and behold – Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead and Lisa Williams: Voices From the Other Side were born.

Running for two seasons (2006-2007) on Lifetime network, Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead featured Williams using her supernatural gift to speak with the dearly departed and send messages to the living. In the series, Williams was not only a messenger to connect the living with the dead, but she also provided valuable insight and perceptions about reuniting with people from the past. Williams further delved into her psychic prowess with Lisa Williams: Voices From the Other Side. Also delivered by Lifetime, these episodes had Williams do live one-on-one readings for people in a studio or during impromptu meetings on the street; it ran for five consecutive nights in October 2008. In similar vein to her first show, Voices From the Other Side presented advice and observations on experiencing the loss of a loved one.

Asked if she is able to turn off the flow of messages coming from the dead, Williams professes that she writes these down in a page entitled “Messages From Beyond” in her website. This gives her control over her visions and at the same time spreads the message to those who need it most. Before she appears before a live audience, Williams opens her channels to receive any messages. By doing this, she can then connect these messages with certain audience members. Nonetheless, she is unable to reach everyone. She encourages others to be aware of the signs themselves because these signals are everywhere. “I tell people that it's important on that night that they have to be pushy.”

Williams' worldwide exposure and entrance into stardom as an affable, spiky-haired medium and mother of one also had its skeptics. Her father was the biggest doubter of her gift. He insisted that she was equipped with hidden cameras and microphones or that she had her audience prepped. Nevertheless, after speaking with audience members and failing to find any of the concealed equipment, he reluctantly admitted to accepting and believing his daughter's supernatural powers. Though Williams concedes that she doesn't mind people questioning the truthfulness of her abilities; she simply wants people to keep an open mind.

Her own openness to and acceptance of this gift has allowed her to attain a robust fan base and successful website (click here to visit). Her followers can peruse her blog, have private readings, listen to her radio program The Lisa Williams Show and even take certification classes on Mediumship. These workshops on spiritual development guides people to strengthen their psychic awareness. These workshops on spiritual development guides people to strengthen their psychic awareness. “I think everyone has a psychic awareness… It's that gut instinct…”Having taught thousands across the globe, Williams uses an engaging teaching style that helps students make deeper connections. These trainings also build confidence in making decisions and expressing emotions.

Besides the two Lifetime series, Williams also appeared on Oprah, Good Morning America, Larry King Live and Jimmy Kimmel Live! Her memoir Life Among the Dead, published in 2008, paints the picture of her colorful life from a hesitant girl with a gift to a famous psychic star who brings spiritual and emotional solace to the aggrieved. She also authored The Survival of the Soul, which explores the stages of the afterlife and attempts to address unanswered questions on the trials and tribulations of the soul.

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