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One of the best known psychics currently working in the United States today is JZ Knight, a channel for the God-spirit “Ramtha” and founder of Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment in Yelm, Washington.

Knight was on the forefront of the mystic New Age movement in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and has appeared on such popular programs as The Merv Griffin Show and Larry King to further discuss Ramtha and his teachings.

Ever since Knight was first contacted by Ramtha in 1977, she has worked industriously to promote his metaphysical philosophies and has developed a significant following of dedicated students.

JZ Knight was also thanked in the credits of the 2004 film What the Bleep Do We Know!?, which included an interview with Ramtha and has helped to inspire new interest in his unique perspective on consciousness and being.

Early Years

JZ Knight was born March 16, 1946, as Judith Darlene Hampton in the small town of Roswell, New Mexico. Knight’s parents, Charles and Helen Hampton, were migrant farm workers, and Knight and her seven brothers and sisters grew up in relative poverty.

It was during her infancy that, according to Knight, a Yaqui Indian woman prophesied to Judith’s mother that as an adult Judith would be able to see what others could not, but this prediction would remain largely unheeded for the next twenty years.

After graduating from Artesia High School in 1964, JZ attended Lubbock Business College in Lubbock, Texas, but was forced to drop out in order to support her two children, Brandy and Christopher.

Knight began working as a marketer in the cable television industry shortly after that, where she earned her nickname “Zebra” for her ability to make black and white decisions efficiently. From then on, Knight would use the initials “JZ” in lieu of her first name.

Because she excelled in her job, JZ was soon transferred to Tacoma, Washington, where she would experience the most profound and pivotal moment in her young adult life.

A Vision

It was during this period of relatively mundane domesticity that JZ first encountered the spirit-entity that would ultimately change her life and the world around her. In Tacoma, JZ found herself mildly interested in mysticism and parapsychology, and in the late 1970s visited a psychic who told her that an enlightened being would appear to her in the future.

Although this message seemed to resonate with earlier predictions by the Yaqui woman in New Mexico, it was not until early 1977 that this prediction came to fruition.

On February 20, 1977, JZ and her husband were playing with some paper pyramids in her kitchen, having spent the weekend before experimenting with pyramidology and the various paranormal properties the models were supposed to generate.

JZ placed a pyramid on her head, and immediately before her witnessed a seven-foot-tall figure clad in gold and purple. This vision, who introduced himself as “Ramtha,” told JZ he was the Enlightened One and that he had come to help her develop her psychic powers.


According to Ramtha, over 35,000 years ago there was a war between the people of Lemuria and those of Atlantis, both continents which exist in various world myths but have since allegedly been lost by tectonic movement and shifting sea levels. Ramtha was the leader of a massive army for ten years until he was betrayed and injured.

Ramtha related to JZ that during his rehabilitation he studied in isolation and learned to increase his psychic vibrations, eventually allowing him to ascend to a higher plane of existence. It was from this nonphysical plane that Ramtha chose JZ to become his first student.

Ramtha’s teachings have, at their center, a focus on the divine in everyone. One of the four cornerstones of his philosophy is the idea that God exists internally in all individuals, and that recognizing the divine in oneself is imperative for further spiritual development.

Ramtha’s philosophies also contain precepts encouraging self-mastery and personal discovery, and include the idea that consciousness can manifest energy to create reality. Many of the principles outlined in Ramtha’s teachings have also been reflected in Jungian psychology, modern advances in neuroscience, and quantum physics. According to Ramtha, he has taught these theories for millennia to a wide variety of civilizations, including the Ancient Egyptians.

JZ began to publically channel Ramtha in 1979, shortly after her first contact, and by the early 1980s Knight was sharing his message in lectures across the country. In 1985, Knight appeared on the Merv Griffin Show and introduced Ramtha to the world, and later that same year the actress Shirley MacLaine credited him in her book Dancing in the Light with helping her through some personal issues. In 1987, Knight published her own autobiography, A State of Mind, in which she discussed her experiences and evolution as Ramtha’s channel.

By December of 1987, JZ Knight was one of the most recognized and celebrated psychic channellers in the United States, and became internationally famous when Time magazine included her in a story about leaders of the New Age movement in America.

Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment

In 1988, in response to a large influx of requests for private sessions from Ramtha’s students and at the behest of Ramtha himself, JZ Knight founded Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment in Snow Mountain, Colorado. Shortly after, the school relocated to an 80-acre property that had once been a working ranch in Yelm, Washington.

The new property allowed JZ to organize multi-day retreats and hold large-scale workshops with Ramtha that could more adequately accommodate the growing interest in his teachings. Knight also created JZK, Inc., to manage the school and the high demand for Ramtha literature, CDs, and DVDs.

In February of 1997, Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment hosted a conference in which a number of academic researchers who had been studying Knight and the School over the past year presented their findings. Researchers examined Knight, Ramtha, and the school through a variety of interpretive and scientific lenses that included everything from physiological and psychological testing to religious study and the question of quantum mechanical implications. Knight paid the travel expenses and stipends of the conference presenters in an attempt to encourage further legitimization of the school, and several of the academic studies have since been published independently.

At Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, students engage in dialogue session with the channeled Ramtha and attend lessons designed to help them develop psychic abilities such as clairvoyance and extrasensory perception. Students practice controlled breathing methods, meditation exercises, and visualization, and sometimes participate in advanced workshops that emphasize a more specific focus on a particular technique or skill.

JZ Knight Humanities Foundation

In addition to JZK, Inc., and Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, Knight is also heavily involved in philanthropic endeavors such as the JZ Knight Humanities Foundation.

According to her website, the JZ Knight Humanities Foundation has contributed over a million dollars for the educational benefit of graduating high school seniors since the establishment of Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment in 1988.

The humanitarian aims of Knight’s organization also include empowering women and supporting efforts to encourage world peace.

JZ Knight Today

Currently, JZ lives and continues to work at Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment in Yelm where she teaches psychic workshops and channels Ramtha for his students. From 1999 until 2011, JZ travelled with the School on a number of world tours, sparking new interest in Ramtha and his philosophies across the globe.

Live-streaming events and webinars available with multiple-language translations have provided millions with the opportunity to learn more from this remarkable source and reap the benefits of his philosophies.

Since that her first introduction to Ramtha in her kitchen thirty-eight years ago, JZ Knight has had a dramatic influence on the way America views psychics and the metaphysical universe.

Students of Ramtha continue to study the powerful connections between mind and body, and seek to explore new planes of consciousness where they can acquire greater awareness and ability.

Even the greatest of JZ’s sceptics have to admit that our current ideas about the universe and existence have been forever altered by pioneers like Knight and Ramtha, and that we may never again return to that place of unknowing from before.

Cynics and believers alike recognize JZ Knight as one of the most famous American channellers alive today, and both acknowledge her unique contribution to the realm of 21st century psychics and beyond.

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