Psychic John Holland Biography

Days before Christmas, on 20 December in 1961, John Holland was born into an Irish-Italian home where he was raised on the East Coast in the United States of America. Coming from a religious, Roman Catholic family, John was already aware of spiritual matters at a very young age. Like most natural-born psychics, he knew there was something different about himself as he started to recognize his abilities. This gift is rare and the majority of people cannot comprehend its elements. Society has a way of treating people with these gifts – they ostracize them. John was constantly ridiculed by others as well as his own family. It was inevitable that John would decide to turn away from that which he thought was a detriment to him. He turned from his gift.

Before this happened, at a young age and with a heightened sense of psychic awareness, John took a great interest in many studies including metaphysics. He would often be found with a book on metaphysics at seven years old. It didn't last long as being an odd child he tried to put these things aside. For a long time John tried to ignore and run from his calling until a significant event took place in his life that forced him to acknowledge that part of himself he was trying so hard to avoid. John didn't want the kind of life that he thought his abilities would give him. For nine years, he fought these urges and the incessant strange events that would happen around him.

Even though John wasn't delving into his abilities, his awareness of them was always present in his life. His fascination with metaphysics never died. A traumatic and near-death experience enhanced and magnified his abilities in a way that forced John to confront them. In 1991, it was one of those dark nights in Los Angeles when the rain was pouring down. The kind of weather where you stay home just to avoid the inconvenience of the rain. With a combination wet roads, slippery slopes and limited vision, his car smashed into a guard rail and took a spin leaving his car absolutely destroyed to bits. John was 30 years old when he experienced this momentous ordeal. It didn't take very long at all for him to start experiencing his abilities in an enhanced mode. He could recall quite intimate moments about complete strangers. His psychic awareness had taken on a new level and John knew his brush with death was his wake up call to be who he was meant to be.

John has many qualifications that gives his reputation substance. He has attended and graduated from the Arthur Findlay College. This prestigious college is in Essex, England and specializes in Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences. Here, John studied and honed his abilities in a diverse range of topics that included Mediumship, Spiritual Healing, Hypnosis, Philosophy and much more. He has dabbled in acting and hosting television shows. He's a contributor of a metaphysical website and he also hosts his own web-based radio show. John is a well-known and well-loved public speaker and he has a great relationship with those he interacts with.

Since John's accident, he's taken an active part in using his unique skills to not only bring peace and closure for those who seek it, but to educate and to guide those who are on their own spiritual journey. He has many beliefs that keeps him motivated to using his gift for others. Helping to relieve someone that is suffering the loss of a loved one is something he feels passionately about. When someone passes from this life, many people are flooded with questions about life after death. They want to know if their loved ones are okay or to pass on a message. When a bereaving parent or a new widow leaves just even a little bit relieved after meeting with John, he feels like he's done his job. That he's helped someone reconnect to their loved one in a way that they never would have known they could have.

John's passion in life for helping others extends further as he teaches and educates others to tap into their born psychic abilities. Everyone has the potential to enhance these skills so that they can have the chance to recognize when their loved ones are near and watching over them. This can involve being able to observe and distinguish those small happen-stances in life that most people never notice. This can be freeing in the fact that it can teach someone to be still, to stop at really take a look at life and live in the present moment. When these signs and symbols are recognized, it could mean everything to someone. That feeling of love and calmness can give life a new meaning for those still living without their loved ones. In this way, John can share what he has with others in a way that truly encourages all people to participate.

John has a unique way of approaching his participants and audience members. Being handsome, charismatic and genuine, he can reach out to his audience in a way that they can accept what he has to give. His public speaking events have tremendous turn outs. John doesn't keep what he knows a secret. He's an educator in every aspect of the term. He teaches and takes his audience on a journey that helps them understand (as much as they can comprehend) the two worlds he connects with. “I'm just the middle man” is what John would often say. He travels to Canada, as well as all over the United States to lecture, educate and bring healing. He considers himself a Spiritual Leader of a sorts that he now embraces to help bring healing to people's lives.

John is the author of numerous online articles. He often delves into many questions people have about Mediumship. “Born Knowing”, “The Spirit Whisperer”, “Power of the Soul”, and “Psychic Navigator” are books written by him. With John's personal and group readings that he offers, he will also give suggestions as to how one should prepare for it. He often has to remind people that he's not a telephone, he can't just dial the dead. Keeping an open mind is vital to his readings to get a positive reading. Through his readings, loved ones come back to show that life continues after death. That they are still with the ones they care for. John is a very respected and genuine psychic. With compassion and sincerity, John can bring healing to a life that is suffering pain.


  1. I had a vision about u last night…and i stumbled across a deck of yours and googled u…i am a facebook page is christobells clairvoyant readings u can see what i do ..i feel drawn to learn from you ho w to control my gift…

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