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In the world of psychics and parapsychology, there are some legendary names and contributors who are established as legends. In the1900's, paranormal activity such as this was anything but popular nor were such phenomenon considered to be things that should be studied scientifically and put into mainstream thought and culture. Despite the obstacles to the field, a Dutch parapsychologist devoted his life to exploring the possibilities that existed in the world of metaphysics and mysteries that extend beyond what can be seen or measured by conventional means.

Gerald Croiset was a renown psychic and psychometrist in addition to the work that he conducted in the area of parapsychology. Also going under the name Gerard Boekbinder, Croiset was an early force in making gifts that extend beyond the five senses known to the world.

A Gift is Discovered

He was born in North Holland in 1909 where he lived a fairly conventional life early on. However, according to Croiset himself, he became aware of his extraordinary gifts once he began working for a local watch technician. He began to experience visions and future events that pertained to the life of his boss. Upon relating these stories to him, the watchmaker confirmed their accuracy. As Croiset grew and refined his gifts, he began to move his abilities into the public eye with the prompting of the local authorities.

Just after World War II, the Dutch police began to consult Croiset in relation to cases that revolved around murders and missing persons. According to personal reports, Croiset was able to spend time with the possessions of missing people and gain information on the details of the crime that involved them, including the circumstances of murder. As his success grew, so did his reputation among the authorities as a resource for missing person cases.

His fame grew to the point that word of his abilities went outside of the Netherlands. Croiset continued to explore the potential of his gifts and began to conduct psychic healing as well. He eventually opened a clinic that allowed members of the general public to come to him for healing and consultations.

A Slow Start

There are many famous missing persons cases that were ultimately solved with the help of Gerald Croiset. He was invited to Australia in 1966 to help solve a mystery that involved three missing children of the Beaumont family. The children had disappeared from the shores of Adelaide, leaving absolutely no evidence. The police frowned upon his involvement in the case, however, his expenses were covered by the wealthy and concerned family. He failed to solve this initial case that occurred outside of the Netherlands. Nonetheless, people continued to call upon his skills.

Global Success

One case in which he reported success took place in Tokyo during the 1970's. Upon consultation, he provided a specific description of a location at which the body of a missing child could be found within 24 hours. Following his instructions and using Croiset's description, the body was reportedly recovered. Another case in Japan involved a missing 7-year old girl and a single photograph. Miwa Kikuchi was discovered thanks to his description of the circumstances to the authorities.

According to Croiset, her body could be found “on the surface of a lake near her home and near a quay for boats near a yellow protruding structure.” This case gave him a considerable amount of press at the time.

Helping at Home

In Holland, there were also famous cases that were closed with his assistance. In Wierden, Croiset was integral to solving a case that involved the assault of a young woman. Despite Croiset's claims that he aided the authorities in bringing the case to a close, the chief of Police denied his involvement in the case in any way. As his reputation continued to grow throughout Europe and Japan, people decided that it was time to test the validity of his psychic abilities.

He was evaluated by the Belgian Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Phenomena Reputed to be Paranormal; however, they reported that they found no evidence that Gerard Croiset had psychic abilities.

People who doubt the validity of his abilities note that he made thousands of predictions throughout his lifetime, inevitably leading to some correct guesses given the odds. Despite the naysayers, other parapsychologists with notable reputations during the period in which he lived respected his work and abilities. Wilhelm Tenhaeff testified in many letters in regard to Croiset's abilities. Although, it must also be taken into consideration that much of the work done by Tenhaeff was later discredited and deemed fraudulent.

Addressing the Greatest Mysteries

The Dutch clairvoyant, Croiset, also made many predictions and statements regarding illegal activity in the United States as well. In fact, he made statements to Willem Oltman that were related to the assassination of John F. Kennedy. In these statements, Croiset revealed that he believed the assassination plot was conceived on a small ranch that existed 46 miles just outside of Dealey Plaza. He continued, stating that the meeting was attended by three Cubans and a powerful Texas resident. In relation to the assassination itself, he revealed that there were actually three different shots aimed at Kennedy with each shooter retreating to the ranch after the event took place.

A Legend Lives On

According to most reports, Gerard Croiset felt that his greatest abilities existed as a psychometric, a person who can perceive information simply from holding an object in their hands. After all, it was this ability that first presented itself to him when employed as an assistant with the watchmaker. While holding a ruler used by his boss, the very first visions that he experienced in his life occurred. Despite his fame to this very day, his reputation suffered in the later years of his life. Although, the lack of belief by the general public never did anything to discourage his involvement in missing persons and murder cases all over the globe.

Croiset also gave birth to a son during his life, Gerard Croiset Junior. His son also claims to have inherited these abilities and carries out various types of work in the paranormal field that include private consultation and psychic healing. Gerard Croiset continued his work all throughout his life until he died in 1980 at the age of 71 in Utrecht.

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