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Esther Hicks is often considered the mother of the modern Law of Attraction movement, even though the concept has been around in writings from the very early 1900s. While the general concept of the Law of Attraction is more varied, Esther Hicks, along with her husband, Jerry Hicks, brought the world’s attention to the idea of universal attraction in the mid 1980s with a very definitive concept. She continues her teachings today following the passing of her beloved second husband, Jerry, in November 2011.

Esther was born in 1948, in Coalville, a conservative, Midwestern town in Utah, it wasn’t until much later that Esther truly began to realize her calling. Always spiritual, she found her gift to be channeling the spirit world, although neither she nor her husband ever used the world channeling. Esther preferred the term “receiver” and felt herself a funnel for information being brought to her by a collection of spirits referred to collectively as Abraham.

The World of Infinite Intelligence

Esther’s teachings centers on the concept that all people are connected, both to each other and to the “source” of all power. While some might call this power the “God-source” it is in essence, the energy that is the center of all creation. People are but individual pieces of this energy, choosing to experience the physical form.

In what could be considered a furthering of the source of creation teachings, Esther called the unified spiritual council “the purest form of love I’ve ever experienced.” It was suggested that heaven and hell exist in the truest physical form. Heaven is understanding and feeling the attachment we all have individually to the Universe, and hell is a complete detachment. Although, biblical connections are not directly made in any of Esther’s teachings known as the Abraham-Hicks group consciousness, the spirits channeled by Esther believed “We are that which is at the heart of all religions.”

Esther never used earlier teachings of the Law of Attraction to establish her own beliefs and does not read other self-help or spiritual works. Her knowledge comes solely from her connection with the group of spirits she speaks for.

The main principals of the Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction teachings are that:

  • We are in the bodies we inhabit as a matter of choice
  • Our main purpose is freedom and joy
  • We are the creators of our lives and all that is around us
  • If we can imagine it, we can create it and have it
  • We create our own realities with our thoughts
  • Emotions are the instruments of our creations, and determine if we are working consciously or subconsciously
  • The Universe is love and loves people
  • The Universe understands our desires and intentions
  • The key to happiness is relaxing and being happy knowing all is well
  • Life is not meant to be a struggle
  • Everyone is on their own path to the discovery of joy
  • Money and good things happen to those who have learned to focus on happiness and joy
  • Death does not have to be painful or a result of being ill
  • People do not die. Energy is everlasting and we are all made of energy

The basic tenant of beliefs in the Law of Attraction preached by Esther and Jerry is: Ask, believe, receive. The Universe will provide everything to those who ask for what they want, and believe it will come to them without doubt.

Body of Work

Esther and Jerry Hicks teachings are well documented in many published books. They have co-authored 13 books dealing with the Law of Attraction and the power of the Universe including several children’s books, The Sara Series illustrated by Caroline S. Garrett. Most of the 13 books teach readers how to channel the energy of the Universe to find happiness and achieve their desires.

“The Secret” and the Controversy

The biggest surge in Esther’s popularity and knowledge of her teachings came when she narrated and starred in the first version of the cult classic, non-fiction film “The Secret” that was meant to bring the knowledge of the Law of Attraction to the masses. Billed as the great secret that those in power didn’t want others to know about, it taught all of the basic premises of the Abraham-Hicks teachings through a group of both famous and lay person’s actual experiences with finding happiness and getting their dreams fulfilled.

In later versions of the movie, Esther Hick’s performances were removed by her own request following disputes over the content. While Esther never questioned the film’s message, there were conflicts when the creator of the film requested Hicks relinquish her “intellectual property rights in these areas forever.” In an open letter Esther’s statements explained that she felt “uncomfortable with what she felt was a rather aggressive marketing campaign.” However, there was also talk that there were also disputes over content where Esther was unhappy with the film’s original design, because while her channeling was used as narrative, her face was never shown on film.

During legal consultations, Esther says she was advised to sue over breach of contract, but her husband responded saying “We don’t sue.” Esther stated later that her spiritual connection Abraham approved of her decision to have herself removed from the film, but she did not condemn the film’s creator, Rhonda Byrne. However, she has been on record delivering some quality “back-handed” compliments to Byrne’s audacity.

In much later statements, Esther Hicks spoke out against the film saying that part of her problem with the teaching in it was that it was not detailed enough. It did not give viewers who went on to base their beliefs on the movie’s teachings enough information for total understanding and success. She also did not like that the movie did not let viewers know the information came from a spiritual source of broader intelligence. She further said that the movie might do much more harm than good, because viewers did not really know what they needed to make it a success.

From Secretary to Motivational Speaker

Prior to developing her channeling gifts and connecting with the collective consciousness, Esther was a secretary. Today she continues to be a powerful motivational speaker. Touring the country, Esther continues to deliver her message of success through positive belief. During her speaking engagements, Mrs. Hicks channels her spirit guides to help others achieve understanding and recognize negativity in their though patterns.

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