Elizabeth Baron Biography

Elizabeth Baron was one of the most well-known psychic mediums. She has been featured on countless television shows and in newspapers around the globe. She is still known as the most documented psychic medium in the world because she has always insisted on having her work videotaped, filmed, or documented in written form. Before becoming one of the most iconic psychics in modern times, she experienced her own set of trials and challenges as a child that she believes led her to her current path of helping others find peace.


Baron's childhood was nothing short of difficult. She grew up in the hills of Tennessee and was orphaned at the young age of five, when her father shot himself right in front of her. During that same year, she overcame a cancerous tumour on her tongue by visiting a local minister who laid his hand on her and healed her of the condition. This was the first blessing that she had experienced in her life, but more were to follow in the form of other-worldly encounters and communications.

Her mother had passed away several years before her father committed suicide. Baron was forced into the foster care system and lived in over 15 different homes with different families during her adolescent years. She firmly believed that her personal challenges during her childhood were a blessing from God, and were preparing her for a life of helping others find happiness, peace, and love.

The Turning Point

Elizabeth Baron moved to Chicago as a young adult and experienced great success in her career as president and CEO of her own search firm. She also worked as an expert in job placing, matching highly educated individuals with the right careers. After being beaten and raped in a Chicago suburb, Baron had a near death experience while under hospitalization. She believes that she encountered God in a dream, and that he had a divine message for her.

After recalling her dream of meeting and speaking with God on a mountain, she was reminded of a promise that she had made. When she was 13 years old, she had promised to work as a missionary for the rest of her life in a church. She stated that during her dream, God had told her that it was time for her to keep her promise.

Baron did keep her promise after surviving her ordeal. Immediately after, she began counseling and teaching people all over the world in addition to provide psychic services to thousands of private clients. She was dedicated to uncovering the divinity inside each of her clients, and helped them overcome the loss of loved ones, depression, drug abuse, and other complications in their lives. She also worked with countless police officers and law enforcement officials, helping them locate criminals and missing persons. Baron frequently assisted the Secret Service as well as owners of Fortune 500 companies.

Her most prominent work with law enforcement was in the 1989 disappearance of highway inspector, Ralph Terry Griggs who was part of the construction of the Mark Clark Expressway. She was unable to locate Griggs, but did reveal an important vision regarding the new expressway. She predicted that the expressway had serious defects and was able to pinpoint them to the joints located between the concrete slabs. Had she not been able to predict this problem, the expressway could have collapsed, killing countless people.

After her prediction, the Department of Transportation had the expressway inspected, and to their surprise, discovered that she was telling the truth.

Weather Predictions

Baron was famous for her remarkably accurate weather predictions. She frequently appeared on television to recount her predictions for the upcoming year. She was especially famous in the Charleston, South Carolina area for her hurricane predictions and speculations. Her predictions continuously made local and national news.

President Reagan Assassination Attempt

One of Baron's most famous predictions occurred in 1986, when she prevented a planned assassination attempt at President Reagan's life. The incident began when she was featured on a television show and a caller asked her about President Reagan. Baron began to cry uncontrollably and didn't know why. Later on in the week, she underwent self hypnosis and had a vision that the President would be assassinated if she didn't warn him.

Remarkably, Baron was able to describe the assassin, who was caught several weeks later. This prediction pushed her into international fame and was featured on popular new's networks, magazines, and newspapers all over the world. It was a pivotal point in her career as a psychic medium.


Baron held a very strict philosophy regarding her gift. She believed that no psychic should ever ask questions to clients. Her reasoning was that the client should be the one asking all of the questions. If a psychic needs to ask questions, they are not legitimate. She maintained this philosophy throughout her entire career and publicly stated it on many different occasions, helping people find genuine spiritual healers and psychics. Her philosophy also helped to cement her gift as valid, and helped her become one of the most reputable and trustworthy psychics in the world.

New Life Center

Towards the end of her lie, Baron followed her passion for helping people discover their spiritual potential by founding and operating the New Life Center located on James Island in South Carolina. It was here that she regularly held classes on mediation, divinity, spiritual healing, and other topics. The New Life Center is still operating and working towards helping people heal and uncover their spiritual potential.

Baron passed away on January 20, 2014 at the age of 76. She enjoyed a successful, meaningful career as a psychic and author of several bestselling books on psychic and spiritual topics. From the start of her career in 1978, she helped countless people find peace, love, clarity and enhance their spirituality. She was truly one of the greatest physics of her time and remains one of the most respected names in the field of spirituality.

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