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Doreen Virtue is a popular author and spiritual teacher who is best known for created a variety of Angel and oracle card decks. She has also written numerous books on topics such as communicating with angels, faeries and nature spirits, spiritual healing, numerology and many other subjects related to spirituality.

Doreen Virtue was born in 1958. Her parents were Christian Scientists, a sect that strongly believes in spiritual healing. She claims that she was clairvoyant at an early age and that she was able to communicate with spirits, angels and other non-physical entities.

Virtue has a doctorate in counseling psychology. She gives workshops and seminars all around the world and often appears on internet radio programs and podcasts. She has appeared on many TV shows, including The View, Oprah and CNN. One of her most popular forums is on Hay House Radio. She has numerous videos on YouTube and a personal blog with a large following.

Angel and Oracle Decks

Among Virtue's most popular products are her angel and oracle decks. These include:

  • Healing With the Angels Oracle Cards
  • Healing With the Fairies Oracle Cards
  • Angel Dreams Oracle Cards
  • Angel Therapy Oracle Cards

Although these decks have a similar purpose, each has a slightly different focus. The design of these decks can be compared to tarot cards, but with some important differences. Unlike traditional tarot decks, Virtue's cards don't contain any negative or frightening images. All cards are positive and meant to evoke healing and uplifting feelings.


Doreen Virtue is a prolific author with over 50 books to her credit. Some of these are:

  • How to Hear Your Angels
  • The Best of Doreen Virtue 4-CD Audiobook
  • Angel Numbers 101
  • Signs From Above: Your Angels' Messages About Your Life Purpose, Relationships Health and More
  • Archangels and Ascended Masters

All of Virtue's books teach readers how to connect with their inner guidance, angels or other helpful spiritual beings. Many of her books are sold through the popular spiritual publisher Hayhouse.

Doreen Virtue's Main Message

Virtue takes a very new age view of spirituality. Although Angels are often mentioned in traditional religious teachings, Virtue also draws upon many sources for her work, including mythology, mysticism and the occult. Thus, in some of her books there are discussion of cabalistic concepts such as The Tree of Life and how different angels relate to different paths on the Tree.

In her book Archangels & Ascended Masters, Virtue draws on a wide diversity of traditions, discussing 77 different diving beings from sources such as Greek, Buddhist, Egyptian, Asian, Jewish and Christian roots. Critics of new age thought tend to dismiss this type of approach that mixes disparate traditions. However, in Virtue's view, every tradition has something to offer and the teachings from each place belong to all of humanity.

So, although Virtue deals with topics that are familiar to many conventional religions, she approaches it in a much more diverse and eclectic manner. For this reason, her teachings are rejected by many traditional religious people as well as by skeptics who don't believe in any spiritual reality.

Angels and Numbers

One of the most common themes that appears in Virtue's work is the discussion of numbers. While there are many traditions of numerology, which is often connected to astrology or the qabala, Virtue ties numbers directly to her favorite topic of angels.

In her view, for example, if you notice that certain distinctive numbers keep appearing in your life, this is a sign that angels are trying to deliver a message.
Different angels are associated with different numbers. The numbers that are most significant are usually ones with repeating sequences, such as 333, 444 and so forth. In some cases, you might notice these numbers when you look at a clock.

In some of her books and blog posts, Virtue gives specific information about what certain numbers indicate. For example, if you frequently see 333, Virtue's interpretation is “The ascended masters are near you, desiring you to know that you have their help, love and companionship.”

Indigo and Crystal Children

Another topic that Virtue frequently alludes to is how recent generations of children have a special mission. She claims that Indigo children have been incarnating for the last 100 years, but a large wave of them was born in the 1970s. Crystal children did not start appearing till around 2000.

According to Virtue, Indigo children have a warrior spirit. They are rebellious and looking for ways to overturn outdated systems on our planet. They are especially good and sensing any type of deception of dishonesty. Because they are restless spirits, Indigo children are often diagnosed with conditions such as ADD or ADHD. In Virtue's view, when such children are medicated, their natural personalities are being suppressed.

Crystal children, on the other hand, are more serene and even tempered. Their role is to manifest a new world that the Indigos have helped to prepare. Because Crystal children often do not talk until a later than average age, they are sometimes diagnosed as autistic. Virtue believes that they are not actually autistic, but functioning on a more telepathic level. This is another area where Virtue's views are controversial, as she believes that many children that are diagnosed with disorders are really exhibiting a new frequency of energy that society is not ready to deal with.

Doreen Virtue: A Highly Influential New Age Teacher

Doreen Virtue has produced a large volume of work over the last few decades. She has many bestselling books and card decks, and many people follow her blogs, videos and podcasts. She has, perhaps more than anyone else in recent years, helped to spread the idea that we all have the ability to communicate with our angels and spirit guides.

Because Virtue is so prolific with her writing and other activities, she is always attracting a wider audience. Many people find comfort in her message that spiritual guidance is always at hand if we are open to receiving it.

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