What is Earth Magic?

Earth Magic Basics

We are deeply connected to this wonderful guardian, the planet Earth. I’ve always felt deep feelings of being spiritually intertwined with the soft soil, the graceful waves, and the endless sky that we are surrounded by on this beautiful planet.

I suspect that this is also the way it is with all of Earth’s creatures, and as a result, we can find that there is deep Earth magic in each of us.

Think about it from a scientific perspective, earth which is a very iron-rich planet in our solar system has an iron core. We, as earth’s inhabitants and those who have evolved on this green planet also have large amounts of the same element in our bodies. The result of this is that we have a magnetic and spiritual connection with the planet we inhabit that can even be felt in our very bones.

So what is this earth magic that we all feel? First, any person who understands the spiritual side of things also understands that nature is also comprised of four cardinal elements; earth, wind, air, and fire. There’s a reason why earth stands for both our planet and what is often the first element among the cardinals.

In tarot, the suit of Pentacles is deeply connected to this element and if you look deeper into astrological signs, earth is well represented in several of the signs of the Zodiac.

As a matter of fact, Gaia the spirit of the earth is often considered one of the most nurturing of natural spirits and is often a sign of femininity and motherhood.

How to Tap into Earth Magic

Earth magic is the power of growing, the feeling of connection that we all feel with the planet itself, and even a deep appreciation of how the natural environment can contribute to our life here. Naturally, things that are not in tune with the Earth are anathema to earth magic, so it’s best to lead a natural lifestyle if you truly want to feel the magic that the Earth has to offer.

The first step that you’ll need to bring earth magic into your life is to create a sacred, Earth-friendly space. This space is made to be sacred, so it will need to have a lot of naturally occurring, earthy elements. Just grab a somewhat small surface, which could be a wooden or stone table. Grab some items that for your represent the natural feeling of the Earth, these can include pebbles, bits of wood, or even cut grass. As a matter of fact, in my sacred space I use tiny pieces of quartz and amethyst because these crystals have an inherent earthy power.

Creating this kind of space is a very fun thing to do that you can even make a project that you can do with your little ones. Just remember, a space like this needs to employ the symbolism of the Earth, so you’ll want to avoid anything synthetic or manmade. What I did was found a small stone statue of mother Earth (Gaia) and placed her so that she was sitting inside the little rock garden of crystals. I have to say that I felt the pull of the Earth intensify when it was done.


Grow natural things and your deep connection with the planet will also grow. It’s always a good idea to grow according to the lunar cycle. I grow fruits and vegetables in the growing seasons of spring, summer, and fall, and in the winter I grow winter veggies like pumpkin and cabbage. While these are growing, you can meditate by them, and you’ll feel the power of their growth suffuse you with energy.


Some of the earth’s natural power can be felt in places where the leylines converge. These are the true fonts of earth’s magic, so take the time to visit these places. If you live on a natural convergence, your plants and herbs will grow amazingly, and you will feel a true level of connection with your natural world.

The ultimate forms of understanding Earth magic and fostering a connection is within anyone’s grasp. Simply take the time to connect, and you’ll feel the Earth’s amazing powers in your day-to-day life.