What is a Moon Sign?

What is a Moon Sign?

Many people ask, “What’s your sign?” and think that that’s the end of things. While our zodiac signs are important factors that help us be who we are meant to be, the most people only look into the sun signs of the zodiac. Unfortunately, this doesn’t really explain how one Gemini can be totally different in personality from another Gemini. This is because these two people who share a zodiac sun sign may have totally different moon signs.

How Do Moon Signs Work?

People ask me this all of the time. The way I explain it to most is that while sun zodiac signs can provide a lot of insight into the heart of a person, a moon sign goes even deeper into their secret self. Look at it this way, the sun is an illuminator of just about everything. When you see the sun shining radiantly, what you see is what you get. The moon, on the other hand, is much more mysterious, and that’s how moon signs work. Your moon sign is where your most hidden personality attributes come into play; ones that are more active in the subconscious.

In general, your moon sign will reveal much about how you react to stress, love, your habits, and even your natural instincts. Never downplay the power of the moon in your life; while it may seem serene and almost forgettable, the moon is responsible for the tides and its power should never be underestimated.

Examples of How Your Moon Sign Affects Your Life

Your moon sign is deeply felt in your day-to-day life. Many times, our deepest selves are really what is at play in many of our life situations, and it’s our deepest selves that stem from our personal relation with our moon signs. If you let your guard down, then the person who you’ve let your guard down for will know exactly how your moon sign influences you. Here are some examples of how your moon sign comes into play during personal relationships:

In Love

When we first enter into a relationship, there’s a constant need to be guarded for some people. This is a way to keep from getting hurt. Once the relationship progresses into true love, we let our guards down, and this is when we expose who we truly are secretly, which is directly influenced by our moon signs. Once your significant other gets past your outward sun sign, they enter the realm of the moon.

In Friendship and Rivalry

There are some people out there who really get your goat for some reason. I find that the reason for this is that your sun signs aren’t lining up, but in some cases, if you are born in a similar lunar cycle to this potential rival, this closeness can foster some of the closest friendships possible, despite an initial dislike. This is because we typically show our sun signs more readily and our innermost selves are secreted away. As a result, our true selves can have a hard time fostering those important connections. When they do happen, even if you are at odds with another person, you will find that it becomes very easy to become friends.

In Your Familial or Professional Life

Whenever you are deeply surprised by someone’s actions, there’s a good chance that they are showing you their moon sign. Think about it this way – say you’ve made a mistake on your job that you fear will lose you your position. Your boss finds and confides to you that you shouldn’t worry about the mistake and that these things happen. This is your boss moving past his or her outward sun sign and showing you that they can be understanding and compassionate; a true display of their moon sign.

Determining Your Moon Sign

Your moon sign is determined by the time and the day that you were born as well as the phase of the moon during that time. The location is also a factor in determining your moon sign. As a result, calculating the moon sign is much more difficult than calculating your zodiac sun sign. Typically, I suggest seeking out a qualified astrologer so that you can fully understand your moon sign.

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