What are Psychic Rune Readings?

Psychic Rune Reading Basics

Throughout history, there have been many ways for those with the necessary skills, connections, and talents to predict the future. There’ve been methods like reading tarot cards, palm reading, and even rolling the bones; each of these using spiritual energy to provide guidance for those who seek it.

One little-known technique involves Norse or Celtic runes. These runes have an uncanny ability to cut to the center of a reading and deliver the needed truth.


The history of rune reading originates during the time of the druids. Rune reading was practiced in Roman society and continued through the Germanic Iron Age. Over time, this type of rune reading came to be practiced through the kaballah and is currently used around the world.

Runes experienced something of a resurgence in the early 1980s when Ralph Blum published his book “The Book of Runes: A Handbook for the Use of an Ancient Oracle.” With each book, readers were presented with a bag of runes of their own for their personal divinations.

How Rune Reading Can Work For You

Simply put, rune reading is a very accurate system of psychic reading. Modern rune reading uses the Futhark alphabet. In this alphabet, there is little room for misinterpretation; what you read is what you get. In tarot and other forms of divination, there can be something lost in translation, with many of the results being up for thorough and difficult consideration.

Think about it this way, each of the figures that you see on a tarot can mean different things, so it’s nice to have runes that present a divination that’s perfectly readable. This being said, reading runes can take years for a practitioner to fully master.


One technique that can be used for deciphering matters of the heart is the “loving cup rune reading.” This reading uses nine runes to determine what’s going on in your current relationship, what kind of partner is best for you, and what it is you truly desire.

For this rune reading, you should concentrate on the aspect of your love life that you want to focus on, and then cast the nine runes for a reading.


Rune reading is also great for helping people find a way to make more money. For this particular rune reading, you’ll once again have to concentrate on the aspect of your personal finances that you’d like guidance for, then cast the runes.

Your rune reader will tell you which aspect of your finances is being misused, how you can better spend your money, and if you’re in line for a financial windfall.

Some of the runes readings that are most associated with money are:

  • Gebo – Gebo is a rune that indicates that you’ll see money coming to you through the generosity of others. On the other hand, this rune can also call on you to give money to help someone else in need.
  • Raido – This rune means that travel may lead to you making money. You don’t always have to travel a great distance for this circumstance, but you will have to move physically in order to see a financial profit. This rune will call on you to keep on traveling until you make a profit.
  • Wunjo – There are no downsides to this rune. It always means that you are in for a joyous event, which is typically the result of a large incoming sum of money. This rune can also indicate that a financial stress will soon be paid off.


Stress in a chosen profession is one of the most common reasons for anyone to seek out a psychic reading. When runes are used for this, oftentimes people seek out guidance for dealing with a tough boss or whether a particular job is for them.

Some of the rune readings that are most relevant in this situation are:

  • Uruz – This is a rune that guides you to press for your needs. If you are seeking a job or a promotion, this is the rune that will lead your way.
  • Fehu – This rune tells you that your work is well liked. If you are feeling unsure about your role in a company, this is a very advantageous rune to come up.
  • Thurisaz – This rune indicates that you have professional competitors on your job. When you get this rune, be on your guard.

Rune reading is a time honored method of divining the future that can provide some of the best spiritual guidance available. This type of reading is becoming increasingly popular, so give it a try and seek out a rune reading!