Ways to Practice Ressurection and Rebirth Daily

With Easter literally days away, many people, even spiritualists are thinking intensely about resurrection and rebirth. The spring season naturally serves as a reminder about these concepts; we can literally see the examples of resurrection and rebirth in a large variety of places.

For example, plants that have long been dormant during the winter months are returning to life and are starting to display vibrant, verdant colors. Another example is that insects like moths and cicadas are starting to appear again, awakened freshly from their winter slumber.

Even people experience resurrection; though it’s typically not as pronounced. The spring is one of the best seasons to bring new life to aspects of your inner self that have become dormant.

With this concept in mind, let’s take a look at some ways to bring the concepts of resurrection and rebirth into your daily life this Easter and spring season.


Grudges and recriminations for past deeds only serve to place a weight on your soul. With the renewal of the seasons, endeavor to renew your feelings for others as well. Forgiveness is one of the most freeing of actions; it frees you from the darker feelings of resentment and rage, and it frees the person you forgive of the pain of guilt. When you forgive, you are resurrecting a key part of yourself, so be sure to forgive as much as possible. Also remember, forgiveness is for your betterment, so if the person who you feel wronged you doesn’t feel the need to forgive or feel guilty, forgive them all the same.

Forget the Emotional Burdens of the Past

We carry a lot of emotional weight throughout our lives, and it’s these issues that also hinder our own spiritual resurrection in many cases. Sometimes it’s hard to let go of past traumas due to their painful nature, but doing your best to move on can only enhance your own spiritual rebirth. Also, never forget that no person is an island. If you have emotional burdens that you struggle to release, there’s no shame in seeking help that can provide understanding and true healing. Once you shed your pain, you will feel reborn.

Show Endless Compassion

Compassion for others is a true sign of the divine. You will be surprised how much helping another can make you feel resurrected. Keep your mind, your heart, and your soul open and seek to rectify the pain of others that are suffering. When you do this, you’ll find that you are bringing rebirth and resurrection to more than just yourself. Also, when you show compassion to the problems of others, they, in turn, will want to show compassion to those who are in their circles as well, which spreads the feelings of rebirth infinitely.

Reconnect with Nature

Spring’s true magic lies in the natural energy that is revitalizing everything around us. Reconnecting with nature takes more than a mere walk from time to time; to truly reconnect with nature and revitalize yourself, you need to be active.

Some ways to reconnect with the natural energy of the world include, sitting beneath a tree and feeling the upsurge of earth energy, observing the intricacies of wildlife (I like to watch squirrels and flying things go about their daily spring business), or even plant something so that you can witness the miracle of natural growth. Each of these methods will help you feed renewed, which is the whole theme of the Easter and spring season.

Meditate Often

I am a big fan of frequent meditation. Meditation is one of the most cathartic practices that all too few of us use to find balance and new life. Every day I get up and meditate for an hour before I start out on the work of the day. This practice will help you re-center yourself daily and also revitalize your life over time. Additionally, meditation also helps you focus on aspects of your life that are in need of change, which is a great way to achieve spiritual rebirth.

Make New Connections

It’s important to understand that the concept of separation is actually alien to our spiritual selves, so it’s very important to connect with new people whenever possible. When you do this, you’ll start to feel more spiritually whole. This is because the artificial and societal walls of separation will vanish from your soul. After a while, you’ll feel connected to everyone you meet, which is a great method of spiritual rebirth.

Express Boundless Gratitude

Always be thankful for what you have. We have a tendency to take what we have for granted and wallow in feelings of despair, boredom, apathy, and malaise. To avoid these pitfalls, always take the time to express thankfulness. One way I do this is to lie down and think of all of the aspects of my life that I appreciate.

The list is long, but this is a great way to experience boundless happiness and feelings of rebirth.