Ways to Develop your Intuition

Developing Intuition

Have you ever had a feeling in your gut that tells you that you need to do something differently; a voice that tells you to take the local roads home instead of the highway?

Well, that is your intuition. It’s a vital part of our thinking that protects us and helps us make good decisions. Having good intuition means that you can rely on yourself to make the right choice, and training your intuition can give you more confidence in your decisions.

How can you develop your intuition? Let’s explore a few methods!

1. Step Back and Ask

Have you ever been trying to solve a problem only to find yourself not knowing exactly how to proceed? It can happen with small things like trying to remember the name of a movie that you recently saw. No matter how hard you try to come up with the answer, it still eludes your mind. Maybe you need the answer for a major exam that you are taking. The next time you face such a problem, take a moment to back away from the issue at hand. Ask the divine spirits for help, and they will guide you in the right direction.

2. Listen to your Senses

Your senses are something that are always feeling, hearing, or seeing something. Try licking a lollipop and actually focusing on the flavor that you taste. Focusing on your senses will help you to hone in on your intuition and really develop your sixth sense. When you ignore what your senses are telling you about the world around you, you could miss something important. When superstorm Sandy was brewing in the bay, the unnatural salt that you could smell in the air before the storm hit was a warning to get to a safe location. The warning was brought through your sense of smell, sight, and even sound, if you ignored this warning, the blow to your life was most likely catastrophic.

3. Meditate

That little voice in your head is not always easy to hear, but when you find a quiet location and meditate, it often becomes much louder. When you free your mind from the weight of your thoughts, you often experience a clear sense of the path that you need to take or the answers that you are seeking.

4. Drive

Playing a fun racing game like Mario cart can help you develop your intuition. You do not have time to consider the consequences of the path that you are taking in the game, so your intuition will guide you to help you reach the finish line first. You can also simply hop in your car and let your intuition guide you. Start out without a destination and see where you end up.

5. Pay Attention to your Dreams

Your intuition may send a warning to you in your dreams that may not always be clear. When you wake up in the morning, make sure to write your dreams down in a dream journal so that you can analyze them at a later point to see if they contain an important message. The symbolism in your dreams may not be direct, but the message is still contained within the context, so don’t ignore it.

6. Explore Nature

Your life is probably full of distractions and responsibilities that keep your intuition at bay. Take some time for yourself. Get reacquainted with nature and simply listen to your surroundings. Take the time to sit on a beach and listen to the waves crash against the shore. Find a grassy knoll near a stream where you can listen to the birds in the background.

7. Flip a Coin

Have you ever decided to flip a coin when you could not decide between two things? I have used this many times in the past, but the one thing that I did not notice until recently was that this is not just a decisive action, it is a way to force your intuition to hint at what you really want. Try it! Once you decide what heads and tails represent, and then flip the coin really high. What does your gut tell you? Are you hoping for heads or tails? Your intuition is telling you the choice you really want to make.

Your intuition is a powerful aspect of your life; it helps you make quick decisions that will give you a positive experience. Intuition is the basis of discovery; develop yours so that your gut feeling can lead you to a path of happiness.