The 5 Best Psychic Career Readings Online – Real Answers!

career psychic reading

A career psychic is a particular kind of reading that focuses on delivering information related to your career – past, future and present.

In past centuries, it was a time-honored tradition to consult individuals with fully developed psychic gifts any time there was a need for guidance or insight into a certain area of life.

Today is no exception, and the tradition continues in many cultures to seek out expert intuitive guidance before making any kind of career transition.

Today we are going to learn more about what a career psychic reading is, when you might want to schedule such a reading, what a reading is like and how to prepare for your reading.

What Is a Career Psychic Reading

A career psychic reading can focus in on many different aspects of your professional life and career. For example, a career psychic reading could look at your work environment to identify ways to boost your productivity or produce a promotion offer.

A career reading might also explore the major relationships you have developed on a professional level with an eye towards maximizing those connections for career success. If there are relationship challenges, this can also be assessed and addressed during your reading.

Another aspect of a career reading that people often seek out is to discover if perhaps it is time to make a career shift or even a complete change of direction in their career.

For many people today, there is a strong drive to do work that they love, not just work that earns a paycheck. But determining when the right time is to make such a shift can feel challenging, which is something a career psychic reading is ideal for.

When You Are Stuck in Your Career

One of the biggest reasons why people seek out a career psychic reading is when they feel stuck or stalled out in their career. If this describes you, you are definitely not alone!

This is also one of the most difficult dilemmas to work through in any person's professional life, because there is such a strong attachment to succeeding in work. Often, there may be a new path already forming, but you can't see it because you are focused on the stuck feeling and how frustrated it makes you feel.

This is a particularly good time to seek out the guidance of a special kind of intuitive career counselor through a career psychic reading.

What Makes a Career Psychic Different Than a Career Counselor

There are some important differences that can distinguish a session with a mainstream career counselor from a session with a career psychic practitioner.

In a nutshell, the difference is the presence of developed psychic gifts. There are many different types of psychic gifts, and each can be useful when applied towards your career questions and issues. For example, there are the four clairs – clairvoyance, or clear seeing, clairaudience, or clear hearing, clairsentience, or clear sensing and claircognizance, or clear knowing. ESP, or extra-sensory perception, is often used as a type of catch all term for the four clairs.

There is also the gift of mediumship, the ability to communicate with those who have departed this Earth plane. And the gift of channeling, or connecting with spirit guides, whether those guides are angelic, human or animal, can bring insight from a bigger picture perspective than is easily accessible ordinarily.

Aura reading is still another psychic gift that draws insight from the coloration emanating from your unique being and applies it to different areas of your life. Divination, which can employ tarot or angel cards, runes, numerology, astrology and other tools, allows the practitioner to divine or sense answers to questions you may have about your career.

Telepathy is one of the best known psychic gifts, although much misunderstanding persists about what it actually is and how it is used. Telepathy offers a way for the psychic practitioner to connect to your thoughts, emotions and mind images to permit direct internal communication.

When to Schedule a Career Psychic Reading

As mentioned here, even in the most well ordered careers, occasionally doubt or discord may arise. When this occurs, it is common to begin doubting yourself, your career path, your choice of career and your future potential for success.

In some cases, there is a long-standing fear or self doubt standing in the way of pursuing a career that you more closely resonate with internally. When this occurs, going to work begins to feel more like a chore and less like a joy.

As well, in many careers, the financial rewards begin to overshadow other less tangible career benefits, including self development and evolution, creative expression, the chance to build new connections with like spirits and the fulfillment of following the heart's path.

If you can resonate with any or all of these common scenarios, you may be at the right moment in your career development to schedule a career psychic reading.

What to Expect During Your Career Psychic Reading

When you decide you are ready to schedule a career psychic reading, your first opportunity will be to choose the practitioner you work with. It is not necessary to work with someone in person thanks to phone, video and internet services. You can have a long distance reading that is just as productive as any in-person reading would be.

If you have any particular questions, it is good to write them down in advance. If your practitioner asks, you may want to share those questions before your session, but this is not necessary to have a useful reading.

Most initial career psychic reading sessions take less than 60 minutes to complete, and many can take far less time. The amount of time is up to you, depending on how many questions you have and how in depth you want your reading to be.

There is nothing special you need to do to prepare, other than to get a good night's sleep and find a quiet place to have your reading.

My Top 5 Career Psychic Reading Sites For 2023

Do you have questions about what your future holds? Are you overwhelmed with the sheer amount of online psychics and not sure who is best? Don't worry! After countless psychic career readings, I have settled upon 6 that I feel are top notch.

Last updated: January 28, 2023 at 7:23am

Psychic Source – Best career psychics over phone

psychic sourceIf you have question, the psychics at Psychic Source have answers. From questions about relationships to job concerns, you will connect with a professional who is ready to provide any type of reading you can imagine.

Are you hoping to find answers with a Tarot reading? Perhaps you need someone to cast a horoscope that’s focused on how you should respond to a job offer. Maybe you find angel cards help you connect with the information you seek. Has numerology helped you in the past?

In my opinion, Psychic Source offers the best career psychics over the phone and online chat. Video readings are also available. Whatever approach you decide, know that the solutions to whatever is troubling you are only minutes away.

AskNow Psychics – Accurate career psychics online

ask now psychicsAsk Now is a premier psychic network that makes it simple to get into contact with the best career psychics for any need. Phone and online chat connections are available with professionals that are carefully screened to ensure their abilities and accuracy by Ask Now.

At Ask Now daily horoscopes and informative articles and videos are also available for those seeking more general advice. But when the services of a career psychic are needed, it is easy to browse the available professionals via the “Psychics” tab and select the best fit.

Ask Now even sorts available psychics with useful categories such as “Master” and “Elite,” and lists the psychic's years of experience, languages used, categories of expertise and even their zodiac signs.

Kasamba Psychics – Personalized career tarot reading

kasamba psychicsKasamba Psychics provide accurate, honest, and helpful psychic readings. Only an experienced psychic can deliver a career tarot reading that delves deeply enough to discover the truth about the future while guaranteeing 100 percent security and anonymity.

For almost 20 years, Kasamba’s career psychics have changed millions of lives, especially due to the guarantee of receiving the best psychic match and being offered three free minutes with any matched psychic. Furthermore, these skillful and experienced psychics boast 93 percent top ratings and reviews.

Need more reasons to contact a Kasamba psychic? In moments, whether by computer or by one of their top-rated mobile apps, live psychic chat is easily accessed with top-notch psychics worldwide. Additionally, issues don’t have to wait – contact one of the career psychics 24/7.

Hollywood Psychics – Free career psychic reading online

hollywood psychicsHollywood Psychics offers psychic readings through phone or online chat. They have approximately 99 different psychics from which to choose. Each psychic has a profile describing their gifts and approaches as well as a personal Q & A section and customer reviews.

Customers can find a career psychic or one that focuses on relationships and everything in between. Tools used include angel cards, astrology, cartomancy, crystal readings, dream interpretation, numerology, spirit guides, and tarot.

Customers can choose their psychic whether it be a career psychic or one for just dream interpretation, create a membership, and put money into an account to be assured that they know how much they are spending.

For a limited time, you can get a 3 minute free career psychic reading from Hollywood Psychics.

Keen Psychics – Expert career psychic readings

keen psychicsKeen Psychics have several expert career psychics on call for someone to contact them about whatever issues they may be experiencing. They offer psychic readings, tarot cards, life and love, and spiritual readings. These career psychics offer one on one advice in many areas of life.

There are more services on Keen Psychics than just career psychics, however. On their website, there are articles, and horoscopes as well for every member of the zodiac. At this time, they only offer the Western zodiac for their horoscopes. The articles on the site offer advice on things of a spiritual, love, life, tarot or psychic nature.

With this many services on the site, Keen Psychics expert career psychics can fulfill the needs of most clients that come to the website

Oranum Psychics – Top rated career psychics online

oranum psychics onlineOranum Psychics is a website full of top rated career psychics. These psychics offer many services.

There are crystal healers, psychics, tarot readers, I-Ching, western and eastern astrology, spirit guides, numerology, dream interpretation, Mind and Body healing, feng shui, love issues, family issues, spiritual issues, angel cards, angel communication, chakra healing, sound healing, rituals and even more.

The career psychics are rated based on their ability to perform what the client asked and their satisfaction with the psychic. On the site, the list of career psychics can be filtered by category so it’s easy to find the one to fulfill the requests. They also have a leaderboard of sorts of the psychics that are rated the best out of the community on Oranum Psychics.

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