The Power of Crystals

Harnessing The Power Of Crystals

Crystals are often associated with mystical situations. They are often kept in the home as a way to keep balance in your living space and heal your aura, but crystals can have other powers as well. Let’s take a look at a few of the ways that crystals can help you, and the best crystals to use in each situation.


Crystals are able to protect more than your spiritual body; in fact, they can often protect your psyche as well. The best crystal to get when you are in need of protection is a black tourmaline. It is a crystal that can protect you from energy vampires who invade your space. Negative energy will be kept at bay as you are asleep if you place these crystals on your bed post at night. Shungite is a cleansing crystal that is designed to absorb negative energies while you sleep at night. Make sure to clean the crystal each night to make sure that the negative energies that were absorbed are no longer attached to the stone.


Crystals are also very effective tools to use when your aura or your physical body needs healing. Carnelian is a type of crystal that refreshes your energy levels, but it is also often used as a method of fighting infertility. Green aventurine is great for fighting depression. Keeping it on your person will help you get a restful night that will improve your mood during the day. A clear rock crystal is great for all types of healing. It is an open book that can actually make the energy levels of the other crystals more powerful. For example, if you have a rock crystal and a carnelian near your bed at night, the days of frustration and infertility could turn into news that twins are on the way.


Happiness is the key to creating positive energy in your home. Placing citrine in the south west end of your home can be a great way to improve your finances. Amethyst is a crystal that helps to create happiness in your life. The well-being of you and your family should be a priority in your life, so place some amethyst around your home to amplify the effect. Negative energies will be cleared away, and nothing but restorative energy will remain in your home. In addition, having black obsidian in your home is a method of neutralizing negative energy that has been brought into your home.


Certain crystals like amethyst, fluorite, and Herkimer diamond are perfect for enhancing your psychic abilities. Amethyst allows you to open your heart to empathy. Fluorite is a great tool to use when you are looking to increase your intuition, and Herkimer diamond is a powerful amplifier that can enhance your psychic connections. It will make your dreams seem more vivid and help you attune your aura to other individuals. Clairvoyants benefit greatly from this crystal.


Love does not have to mean the love you have for your significant other; in fact, it can be a love between siblings or good friends as well. Rose quartz is a crystal stone that can open your heart chakra and bring balance to your relationships. If your relationship is damaged in anyway, having a rose quartz nearby can help mend it. Red jasper is also another crystal that can affect your relationships, but in a good way. It can actually strengthen the bond that you have with your spouse, friend, or family member.

When you are working with crystals, it is important to make sure to cleanse them. These crystals can pick up negative energies, positive energies, and psychic vibrations that you do not need on your life journey. The positive ones are fine, but the rest cannot remain. Most or your crystals can be cleansed in a cold water bath, but sometimes a more thorough cleaning is needed. Moonlight is the best way to cleanse negative energies and re-anoint the crystals, so simply place them on a layer of sand and allow them to be bathed in moonlight.

Crystals can be a powerful force, so make them plentiful in your life so that health, happiness, and love will find their way to you.

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