Roanoke Nightmare – Did It Happen?

Roanoke Nightmade - Did It Happen?

Now that the sixth season of American Horror Story has come and gone, many people are becoming increasingly interested in deadly haunting phenomena like what was showcased on the show.

In the show, the villains stemmed from the so-called lost colony of Roanoke, which is a colony formed by Queen Elizabeth I on what is now Dare County, North Carolina. These angry colonists are specters that seek to harm the self-centered protagonists of the series.

In the show, the spirits are able to directly harm the characters that visit their home during the blood moon, but can the recent and not-so-recent dead actually harm the living?

Let’s take a look at some real-life situations and locations where haunting has lead to injury or loss of life.

The Monte Cristo Homestead

Oftentimes considered one of the most haunted locations in Australia, the Monte Cristo Hotel has been home to many untoward and unexplained supernatural circumstances that have actually ended the lives of some unlucky individuals.

The homestead is said to be haunted by the angry spirits of Christopher and Elizabeth Crawley; two individuals who passed away in 1910 and 1933 respectively. Over the years, tenants have reported spectral hands on their shoulders, lights coming on throughout the night when there was no electricity, and an omnipresent sense that someone is watching.

As a matter of fact, residents have even taken pictures of the lingering spirits.

As a result of this haunting, a stable boy was found burned to death and a maid pushed from a staircase to her demise. The haunting phenomenon in this house has only increased over the years.

The Sallie House

This house, found in Atchison, Kansas, United States, was named after the spirit of a little girl who still resides in this place to this day. She enjoys pranking the residents harmlessly, but one resident discovered that there was an older, far more malevolent spirit in residence as well.

This poltergeist, which appears to have been a rather severe woman, has caused damage to investigators and living residents alike.

It’s not at all uncommon to feel the presence of spirits in places like this, but at the Sallie House, you can get scratched, burned, and even cut by the apparitions that inhabit the small home.

As a matter of fact, the male owner of the house was injured so many times by the spirits that reside in Sallie House that he packed up his things and moved out with his family because he feared for his life.

Akershus Castle

Located in Oslo, Norway, this castle was once occupied by the Nazis and was used as a prison that had its fair share of executions. As a result, the site has become a hotbed site for dissatisfied spirits.

The psychic energy that we generate is very strong, and when that energy is angry and refuses to move on, hauntings like the one in Akershus Castle occur.

While it’s relatively uncommon for a death to happen in most haunting phenomena, this particular haunting has actually claimed a life. This time, the life was claimed not by a deceased person, but the evil spirit of a dog. At one time in its history, a live dog was buried in the castle.

It’s the spirit of that dog who came to be known as Malcanisen, who is said to have been sighted by a gentleman who died mysteriously a few months later.

Greyfriars Kirkyard

Greyfriars Kirkyard, in Edinburgh, Scotland, was the burial place of several Scottish nobles, and one in particular, called Bluidy Mackenzie, was a Scottish lawyer with a lot of executions in his history. For the most part, the graveyard remained silent for centuries.

This is until a homeless man attempted to sleep in Mackenzie’s tomb. Unfortunately, the man broke the coffin and disturbed the dead much to the chagrin of the townsfolk.

Since then, people visiting the cemetery have received scratches, cuts, and bruises, seemingly from Mackenzie’s angry spirit. As a matter of fact, some have even reported mysteriously broken bones as a result of the disquieted spirit.


While the events of American Horror Story: Roanoke have been disturbing; they depict deaths and injuries caused by the spirits of those who have passed on.

Though this series is only loosely based on true events, the fact remains that spirits in the real world can cause damage.