Is Astral Projection Safe?

Astrol Projection Satefy Info

For millennia, thousands of individuals have reported out-of-body experiences. These experiences happen when the soul is able to leave the body and explore their environment or even a higher plane of existence. The easiest way to understand this phenomenon is to think of the soul as a free-roaming spirit that can travel instantaneously to a myriad of places.

When your astral self is released from the limitations of the body in this way, many feel that you are susceptible to possession, that your spirit can lose its tether to the physical world, or that your astral form can come under attack from negative entities. Fortunately, these are all untrue, utilizing the astral form is an amazing way to connect with the wider universe and doing so is a way to really start to understand some of life’s greatest mysteries.

With that said, let’s tackle why the aforementioned dangers aren’t something that you’ll need to worry about if you find that you can experience an out-of-body experience.

Demonic Possession – Let’s understand this out of the gate: there are very negative beings in existence that we can easily consider demons, just as there are positive spirits out there who we could also consider angels. Many people wish to experience astral projection, but the fear of encountering one of these negative entities and falling under their thrall is a major fear. Fortunately, your astral form is very strong and for a demon to take possession of it and your body, you have to invite it into your life.

The spirit is tied to our bodies via a silver cord that serves as our lifeline. As long as this cord is connected between our physical forms and our astral ones, no malevolent entity can take control of us without our permission.

Losing Your Tether

Another fear that people have is that they will move so far away from their body that their silver cord or their tether to their living flesh will snap, causing them to be lost for all eternity. This isn’t something that can actually happen during an astral projection experience because the silver cord is inviolate. It cannot be snapped except at the preordained time of our deaths.

The tether is very durable, so traveling to higher planes of existence is very possible when you are astral projecting. While you won’t be able to hit every plane; higher planes simply vibrate at too high of a frequency for anyone with a silver cord, but you won’t ever have to worry about causing damage to your spiritual tether.

Coming Under Attack

As mentioned, there is evil out there in the spirit world, but much of that evil can be simply the spiritual manifestation of our own deep fears. While there are negative entities out there that hold you in spite, they cannot do any harm to your astral self unless you let them. We’re very powerful, luminous beings that repel darkness, so anything that lives in this shadow realm is inherently afraid of the power that we emit. When you are trying your first astral projection experience, have faith in your strength, and you’ll come through it fine.

When we are in an out of body experience, there are a plethora of amazing sensations that we experience. Many people think that you can’t feel anything during an astral projection, but there is actually a wide variety of things to feel and experience; just with your spiritual form! While you won’t be able to physically interact with solid objects, you’ll be able to fully experience the feeling of passing through walls, touch and feel astral objects, and even communicate with those that have gone before.

This all being said, you can also experience death while you are in an out of body experience. Your physical self can come under attack, succumb to physical illness, or simply expire during its preordained time. When this happens, you will be severed from your silver cord, but this was always meant to be from the first moment of your birth.

Fearing the astral projection experience is pointless because external factors can’t harm you as you travel, but if it’s your time, it’s your time.