Do Caring Individuals Live Longer?

Do Caring Individuals Live Longer?

We are all deeply connected; in fact, it’s completely unnatural to have societal and spiritual barriers between individuals. Unfortunately, it’s often considered the norm to virtually ignore others. With that being said, there are many people out there who make it their mission to care deeply for others, whether these people are strangers or exist somewhere in their personal or familial circle.

In fact, there’s even been research that people who give their all to others actually live longer lives. For example, in the grandmother hypothesis, it’s been speculated that grandparents that take an active role in the raising of their grandchildren actually live longer. This longer lifespan is actually augmented when the grandparents are the primary caregiver of the child or children in question.

With this data in mind, clearly, there is a correlation between giving your all to others and a longer life. Think of it this way: helping others achieve their best provides an unparalleled sense of satisfaction. While the road to this achievement can be long and arduous, people who tend to give more will tell you that it was worth it. Satisfied people have better health and tend to be more spiritually-minded. This is because giving aid to others means that you are deeply connecting with them, which is a well-known way of personal energy enrichment.

The type of caring that helps people live longer isn’t limited to the caring that occurs between a parent or grandparent and a child; people who provide care for the infirm also have a tendency to live longer life spans as well.

So, why is this? As I mentioned previously, we have a deeper spiritual connection than many are aware of. It’s society and culture that tells us that strangers aren’t to be trusted or interacted with and that actively caring for others is a weakness.

Sure, when you reach out to others to help them, you may make yourself vulnerable, but when those feelings are reciprocated and the person who we’ve helped starts to succeed, then the spiritual benefits we reap are amazing.

As someone who is spiritual, you probably understand that each of us has an aura that changes color when we experience different emotional states. Darker auras are typically caused by darker emotional states like anger, regret, or depression. These darker emotions are some of the most physically damaging of the emotional spectrum; they can help cause physical ailments like heart disease, diabetes, and even some forms of cancer.

In my experience, people who have brighter, more luminous auras are also some of the most caring individuals that I have met in my life. Also, there’s a startling amount of people with these auras who seem to have a tendency to live longer lives. In fact, one of the brightest caring people that I know is well into her nineties and is also one of the most physically active and energetic people I have met. Additionally, her aura is truly one of the brightest I have ever seen. So, how can you go about becoming a more caring person? Here’s what you can do:

Get to Know Those Around You

There are many people that pass in and out of our lives seemingly at random. Many of these people we don’t take the time to truly know. Rather than the furtive nod of acknowledgment, actually greet people that you see and take interest in what they are saying. This is the first step to becoming more caring.

Take Interest in Their Lives

Once you’ve made the initial spiritual connection, show interest in what they are experiencing. Many people are afraid to share some aspects of their lives, but don’t give up; the walls will eventually fall once you show that you care.

Provide Whatever Help You Can

It’s amazing what just being helpful can do for your spirit. Not only are your actions helping another, but you’ll find that you’ll start to experience less negative emotions. This type of help can be literally anything. Notice that a friend’s dishes can use some cleaning? Clean them for them. Notice an elderly family member has a dead light bulb? Simply go to the store for them and purchase another. Every little bit helps and both you and your friend will profit from the experience.

Keep in Contact With Them

It’s a common occurrence in our lives that we tend to fall out of touch with the people we care about. In order for this not to happen, you’ll need to be the one to reach out from time to time. Call the person up and just shoot the breeze or make surprise visits. These types of practices really illustrate that you care, and you’ll find that you are your friends will be greatly enriched.

Final Thoughts

Caring people do tend to live longer. This is because showing love and compassion for those around you boosts your spiritual power, which has amazing effects on your overall health. Take the time to provide care for those in and outside your circle; you’ll love the changes that this type of behavior provides.