Common Signs that the Spirit of a Loved One is Nearby

Signs That A Loved One Is Nearby

Losing a loved one can be a devastating experience. It can be tough to move on, but sometimes your loved ones can reach out to you and give you some insight that will help you along the way.


How do you know when the spirit of a loved one is nearby? It is not always a clear sign, but these messages do tend to have a few more common ways of opening the lines of communication.

Communicating with the Deceased

Have you ever thought that you saw your deceased loved one out of the corner of your eye? This could be a spirit from the other side trying to reach you. If they are in the room, and you speak fondly of your loved one, you could briefly see their shadow or a sparkle where they are standing. Your third eye can also give you visions that include your loved ones.

Spirits are able to easily travel using electricity. This means that you will see signs that can be experienced in items that are plugged into the wall. The lights in your bedroom may flicker for no apparent reason or the phone may ring when no one seems to be on the other side. If you notice strange electrical happenings, try to open your mind to the possibility of a spiritual being trying to contact you.

Signs in Your Dreams

If you have not opened your third eye to help you see these visions, the most common method that an individual reaches you from the other side is through spiritual visitations when you are in a sleep state. During the period of time that you are sleeping, you tend to have a more open mind. Your subconscious is more open to the possibility that your dreams are real, so when a loved one reaches out to you while you are asleep, you feel as if you are actually spending time with them.

Verbal communication is not necessary; it will feel as though you are actually speaking to them, but the communication will often be done telepathically. These types of messages let you connect with someone who is no longer in the physical world; they give your loved ones a method of connecting with you from the other side to let you know that everything is alright.

Oftentimes these loving messages are a relief to those who have experienced loss and allows them to move on.

Feeling Their Presence

When a loved one passes on from the physical plane of existence, they often spend time near you to watch over you and ensure that you are safe. They want you to be happy and enjoy life, but they also want to let you know that they still care about and love you. When a loved one is in the same room as you, it is possible to feel them. You may feel a breeze as they walk past or simply sense that they are present in the room.

If you have never sensed the presence of a loved one nearby, try this: Open your hand and place it palm up before asking a loved one to hold your hand. Do you notice a difference in energy? I personally have felt this many times, and each time I feel a different sensation. Sometimes it is a tingly feeling on the back of your neck, maybe you feel a soft breeze, or perhaps the temperature around you has changed.


You scent is a very powerful way to connect with the spirits that is called clairgustance. Your sense of smell is very powerful, so the spirit of your deceased loved one may be reaching out to you using this method to help connect with you. You could notice a perfume that your grandma wore, it could be a type of cigar that your grandfather enjoyed often, or the scent of a blueberry pie, which happened to be your dear friend’s favorite dessert.

Be Open to the Possibility

If you have experienced one of these signs or symptoms, there is a possibility that a spirit is attempting to contact you, but if you have experienced more than one sign, someone that you know that has moved on to the spirit world is most likely attempting to make a connection with you from the other side.

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