Cleansing Your Soul

Over the course of the year, I find that I take on a lot of spiritual baggage that can really bog me down.

I live in the Northeast, and while I do love the snow, the bare trees, the frigid air, and the lack of a lot of wildlife tend to have a negative effect on my emotional state.

As a result, over the past few years, I’ve decided to do some spiritual cleansing as a way to welcome the spring and summer months back into my life.


As spiritualists, we all understand the need to meditate from time to time, but as I approach the spring, I like to increase the amount of meditation that I do. In fact, if I have time, I’ll turn on some relaxing music and meditate for up to an hour daily. This meditation really helps you decompress and shed some of the accumulated negative energy of the year.

While some meditation is best for just relaxing and helping you intrinsically understand your surrounding world, I also like to focus on myself and engage in some deep thinking that can help me address any life issues that are happening. This type of meditation will help you be more prepared for the spring and will help you focus on weight loss, exercise, or even help you make professional changes.


Scents and aromas are key to our spiritual well-being. As we approach the growing months, I find that it’s helpful to activate some of the scents of spring within the confines of my home. This can be done in a plethora of ways:

  • Aromatherapy Candles – I love to burn scented candles, and while many of the mass-produced candles out there aren’t the best for becoming more spiritual, I find that many of the scented candles that you can get from a local farmer’s market tend to do the trick. Shoot for scents that evoke a sense of growing, such tree scents or the scents of fresh flowers. Personally, I love scents like cinnamon or candles that evoke natural herbs.
  • Burning Herbs and Resins– Speaking of herbs, did you know that there are a wide variety of herbs that you can burn in your home for a sense of spiritual renewal. Sage is one of my favorite herbs to burn due to its ability to heal your winter-depleted energies. For extra effect, try white sage, for me, this really does the trick and it leaves me feeling revitalized. Sage has been celebrated for its ability to cleanse negative energy, even for its ability to dispel evil spirits. In addition to sage, I like to burn lavender, myrrh, cedar, and even frankincense.
    • Lavender brings in positive energy and benevolent spirits. As a result, lavender has become very central to many religions.
    • Myrrh is actually a tree resin that you can burn on a brazier. I burn myrrh because it connects you with the spirit of youth, which will revitalize you as the world begins to be revitalized in the growing months.
    • Cedar is an excellent wood to burn in order to usher unwanted spirits out of your home. Cedar trees are symbols of wisdom and ancient power, so burn this as a way to embrace these attributes.
    • Frankincense is another tree resin that can cleanse and protect your soul. Are you down during the winter months? Then, frankincense is ideal because it can reduce the symptoms of depression and can even make you more spiritually connected.
  • Placing Potpourri – This adds a great spring-like scent to your home that will refresh your spirit and make your feel new again. Simply place potpourri (either store-bought or homemade) around the periphery of your home, and you’ll start to feel refreshed.

Grow Something

Natural energy is intrinsic to the spring. To help foster this sense of regrowth, start your garden early. Plant fruits and veggies and plants that are hardy and can withstand a little of the early spring, late winter frost. As your new plants grow, you’ll be suffused with spiritual energy.

Go Out Early

Embrace the new season and start your spiritual mending by going out early. If it’s still cold, bundle up, but in any situation, embracing nature early on will help cleanse your spirit and start the renewal process so that you’re ready for the spring.