• Life is Crazy: How can I Stay Centered?

    Life is Crazy: How can I Stay Centered?

    Life can be chaotic. There are a million things going on each day, and it is hard to keep up with all of the tasks that the universe is throwing your way. Maybe you are having a tough time at your place of work, perhaps you are training to become a doctor, but you are […]

  • Signs That You’re an Earth Angel

    Signs That You're an Earth Angel

    The song “Earth Angel” by the Penguins is an iconic song that is still played at proms around the world. The song is a romantic piece that is beautiful, but did you know that true to life spiritual earth angels exist? An earth angel is someone that seems to be here to light the path […]

  • Do Caring Individuals Live Longer?

    Do Caring Individuals Live Longer?

    We are all deeply connected; in fact, it’s completely unnatural to have societal and spiritual barriers between individuals. Unfortunately, it’s often considered the norm to virtually ignore others. With that being said, there are many people out there who make it their mission to care deeply for others, whether these people are strangers or exist […]

  • Ways to Practice Ressurection and Rebirth Daily

    With Easter literally days away, many people, even spiritualists are thinking intensely about resurrection and rebirth. The spring season naturally serves as a reminder about these concepts; we can literally see the examples of resurrection and rebirth in a large variety of places. For example, plants that have long been dormant during the winter months […]

  • The Truth Behind the Amityville Horror

    The Truth Behind the Amityville Horror

    I’m a horror fan, and despite the fact that I commune with spirits quite often who would never wish me harm, for some reason I am drawn to those horror movies where there is an evil presence that seeks to do us harm. Of this genre of horror, there is one movie that many horror […]

  • Psychics in Works of Fiction

    Psychics in Works of Fiction

    Over the years, I’ve read a lot of books. While I consider myself a precognitive that gets flashes of what’s to come from time to time, it’s amazing how flat-footed I can become after a great plot twist has been revealed. As a fan of sci-fi and fantasy, I’ve read a lot of far-out novels, […]

  • Cleansing Your Soul

    Over the course of the year, I find that I take on a lot of spiritual baggage that can really bog me down. I live in the Northeast, and while I do love the snow, the bare trees, the frigid air, and the lack of a lot of wildlife tend to have a negative effect […]

  • Tips for Being an Empath

    Tips for Being an Empath

    I’ve always been a deep-feeling person. It took me a while to really understand why the moods of people around me had so deeply affected me, but in my twenties, I learned that I had empathic abilities. Since then, I’ve come to understand deeply what it means to be empathic and I am of the […]

  • A Deeper Look into the Death Card

    One card that is often feared in a Tarot card reading is the Death card. In fact, some people avoid getting a Tarot reading because they fear that the card will turn up and start the countdown to their impending doom. We have all seen the effect that this card has in the movies, but […]

  • What is a Moon Sign?

    What is a Moon Sign?

    Many people ask, “What’s your sign?” and think that that’s the end of things. While our zodiac signs are important factors that help us be who we are meant to be, the most people only look into the sun signs of the zodiac. Unfortunately, this doesn’t really explain how one Gemini can be totally different […]