What Is Astrology?

Many people know what a horoscope is because they see it in the newspaper and online. Reading a horoscope to learn about love, life, wealth, and health is a common occurrence and it all links back to astrology. Astrology has to do with the alignment of the stars and planets.

For centuries, cultures have look to the sky in order to find divinity. It is a cosmic display of lights – and those lights all have meanings because they are the lights of the stars, planets and moons. Astrology is all about the study of patterns and relationships.

As the planets align, relationships can change and birth charts can be created from these patterns.

Is Astrology a Science?

This is a question that many people have asked and few have been able to answer with certainty. Most of the world describes astrology as a metaphysical science, which means it goes beyond the traditional physical laws. It is founded on theories of ancient patterns and energies, similar to such things as yoga and feng shui and prana.

Astrology is set on planetary movements that have influence over the Moments in Time. We are only a small story that the universe is telling. When each of us is born, we are included on the celestial clock within the universe and this can have impact. As the planets move, the birth chart stays fixed but still has influence over how a life is carried out.

Throughout much of history, astrology was viewed as scholarly work. Many governments in Ancient Greece and Rome viewed it as academic and even political. It was linked with astronomy, meteorology and medicine. It wasn't until the end of the 17th century that scientific concepts in physics and astronomy were discovered, calling astrology into question. The “science” lost its academic standing and as a result, the belief in astrology has declined dramatically since then.

Many call it a pseudoscience because much of what astrology is used for cannot be proven. There has been scientific testing of astrological concepts and there is no support.

The Astrological Signs

Almost everyone knows about their astrological sign. This includes: Cancer, Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius and more for a total of 12. The sign is not linked to a month but rather to a date range. Depending upon what day a person was born will determine the sign they are. There are various characteristics within each sign that people share. For example, those with the Gemini sign tend to be chatty while those with the Sagittarius sign tend to be creative.

Astrology is a helpful tool for self-discovery. Once a person learns what their sign is, they can learn about how they tend to react and what their make-up is. As soon as a person learns about themselves, they are able to find trends and make changes within their personality in order to make peace with themselves and the world around them.

The birth chart goes a little further than one of the 12 astrological symbols. It is comprised of three parts:

  • Planet
  • Sign
  • House

Those who get a full reading of their birth chart can then announce something along the links of being an Aries Sun in the 10th House. This will hold even more meaning than the astrological sign and provide a way to become one with the world. Those who find life confusing can take comfort in knowing about themselves through these signs. As one learns more, the understanding deepens.

As one learns more about the sign that they are, they can learn how their sign interacts with others. There are always people who harmonize and who butt heads – and this all comes down to the astrological signs. If there is someone at work that doesn’t get along with anyone else, a birth chart reading could provide the answers. The same can be said about those who are best friends and are mortal enemies – the signs are either complimentary or not.

The sign is where the stereotypes come from. “Oh, you’re a Virgo, so you must be a neat freak.” There is always some truth behind these. Learning about the type of sign that a person is, such as the planet and the House can provide a deeper understanding that starts to break away from the stereotypes a little more.

There are enough ways to learn about the birth chart, the astrological sign, and more that a person never has to go through life in the dark. Learning about these details can provide a higher level of knowledge about motives, personality and more – and this can allow a person to work within their confines to reach success, love, health and wealth. All it takes is learning about the astrological signs and how they relate to each other.

The Proof?

Many people have used astrological signs in order to find love. By learning about relationships, it can make it easier to adapt to certain people. If one has a boss that is naturally a symbol that one doesn’t get along with, knowing about the boss’s nature can be a huge help to providing harmony during the workday. The same is said about love – those with symbols meant to be together usually stay together.

Countless people have relied on astrological signs in order to find true love. There is nothing wrong with looking for someone who is complimentary to another. Those who ignore the stars and focus on a chemical attraction alone will often find that the match wasn’t as good as they hoped or the relationship ends abruptly or in divorce.

Synastry is a form of analysis that allows a person to support and challenge others in order to fill particular destinies. Some believe that astrology can be used to show where karma takes place.

The History

Astrology has been dated back to as far as the second millennium, BC. Civilizations have used planetary movement to predict changes in the weather, the crops and in life. The first dynasty in Mesopotamia used a form of astrology and it was also seen in Zhou dynasty, which was a form of Chinese astrology. In Roman times, Chaldean wisdom was associated with astrology. There were Hellenistic texts translated by Islamic scholars once there was the collapse of Alexandria.

There have been astrological references throughout literature, as well. This includes Marlowe, Chaucer and Shakespeare.

Astrology Today

Astrology, despite not being a true “science” is still popular in certain circles. A horoscope can be found anywhere and people still know what their astrological sign is. In fact, astrology signs are one of the most common symbols that people use in terms of pendants and even tattoos. It allows a person to cling on to a truth about themselves and be able to identify themselves, regardless of how crazy the world may get.

As people dig further into astrology and what the signs mean, people have the opportunity to learn more about the world and how they can connect. Learning that a person is stubborn, timid, or overenthusiastic can be used when interacting as it will help to forge bonds and know how to approach a person without any formal introductions.

Astrology has been around for thousands and thousands of years and it will continue to be around. There may be no scientific proof that it is a science, but there are enough people that can say a horoscope has been accurate and that love has been found by listening to the alignment of the stars and planets.