5 Best Psychic Astrology Reading Sites – Can Stars Predict The Future?

best astrology readings

Astrology has been used by philosophers and theologians for many years to explain and understand many of life's phenomena and patterns.

The science of astrology studies the movements and relative positions of the planets and interprets these movements as having an impact on human affairs.

Astrology readings are a popular way of connecting the dots and explaining current situations as well as predicting the future.

Psychic astrology readings are still quite popular today and are used by many psychics across the globe. This article will cover the definition of an astrology reading, different types of astrology methods, and will also explore ways this technique is used to help people with life's processes.

What is an Astrology Reading?

Astrology readings are used by psychics to help clients better understand and relate to life's happenings. Readings will often dive a little deeper into personality, relationship, and career possibilities depending on the client's needs and requests.

Readings will analyze and interpret the position of heavenly bodies such as stars, moons, and planets and will use this data to provide life insights. Most people know and understand astrology in terms of the popular zodiac sign.

The twelve zodiac signs are used in many astrology readings, but most readings dig much deeper than this simple astrological concept.

Astrology readings are centered around a person's date of birth and will offer insights based on years of astrological research and data.

Readers will use a natal chart to observe the location of the planets in relation to the sun at the time of birth. From this, psychics will engage in a series of readings that can assist you on your personal journey.

Types of Readings

There are a variety of forms when it comes to astrology readings. The implementation and practice varies by geographical region.

Eastern cultures practice forms of Tibetan and Chinese astrology which believe that the universe is constantly expanding and does not stand still.

Most Western practices believe that the sun comes to the same point on the equinox and is more static making for better predictions into the future.

This type of astrology can impact the reading experience and process and should be considered before booking an appointment.

What is Covered in an Astrology Reading?

There are many different topics associated with astrology readings. This service is sought by professionals across the globe for a variety of reasons. Here are a few of the most popular topics covered in this insightful technique:

Self-Love & Confidence

Many people struggle with self-love and the ability to accept themselves in their truest form. Lots of people feel pressure to fit a certain mold and lack the confidence to live an authentic life.

Societal pressures have created this frustrating dynamic, but an astrology reading can offer inspiration and support and will help you uncover your natural strengths and talents.

You'll feel more comfortable in your own skin and may find the encouragement to explore life in a natural way. Through this, you'll find joy doing what you love!

Relationships & Compatibility

Many astrology readings focus on relationship issues. Self-awareness is extremely important for a healthy relationship and these readings may uncover some of your emotional “blind spots”.

You'll learn how you may be contributing to relational issues and you can also discover different signs that mesh well with your personality and habits. You may discover ways to salvage a damaged relationship, further enhance a happy union, or learn the type of partner you need and want in order to have a healthy relationship.

Offers Career Direction

Many astrology readings can also offer career direction and insight. Based on your sign, a psychic should be able to share what skills and abilities you bring to the table. From this, you should be able to identify some new or existing career opportunities that mesh well with your sign.

You may also learn a bit about your weaknesses in areas of communication, multi-tasking, and emotional intelligence. This self-awareness can lead to corrective measures that will help you take your career to the next level.

Either way, a reading can truly uncover some valuable insights for your professional endeavors.

Identifies Patterns

Life is very cyclical, and an astrology reading can help uncover both and positive and negative life patterns. This understanding can lead to more effective problem-solving skills and may also help you break any negative practices or habits.

You'll feel more empowered to set boundaries and establish a more productive life routine.

Assists with Decision Making

Astrology readings are often used to predict the future based on past events and astrological patterns.

A reading may assist with determining next steps in various areas of your life and may also provide some comfort throughout the decision-making process. You'll feel a sense of support as you move forward.

As you can see, astrology readings are a useful technique used across the globe to help people with self-awareness and moving forward. The readings are science-based and can be a great therapeutic practice for anyone looking for support.

Top 5 Psychic Astrology Reading Sites Online

Last updated: February 03, 2023 at 12:51pm

Looking for an astrology reading but overwhelmed by all of the websites offering these types of reading? Don't get scammed and stick to the best online psychics websites for your personal astrology readings. Below is my top 5 favorite, safe and secure astrology reading sites.

Kasamba Psychics – Best astrology reading online

kasamba psychicsKasamba Psychics is a network of psychics that has build a stellar reputation for offering the best astrology readings online. Since 1999, Kasamba's psychic network has helped its members find the way to a life full of love and happiness.

Kasamba services are convenient and anonymous: Kasamba is available as an app on iOS and Android, as well as on mobile or desktop browsers. It is chat-based so you can get immediate access to the perfect psychic for you.

In addition to psychic astrology readings, Kasamba's spiritual advisors offer advice on love, relationships, and financial concerns. If you are having troubling dreams or are interested in learning about your future, Kasamba will match you with trusted psychics who can guide you through this journey through tarot readings and analysis.

For a limited time, Kasamba is offering a great promotion. Get 3 minutes free and save 50% on your first psychic reading.

Hollywood Psychics – Astrology readings for couples

hollywood psychicsWhat will your astrology reading reveal about you? Are you involved with the right sign? Maybe you feel something is a little off with your current partner? Hollywood Psychics a relative new comer to the online psychics scene, offers a vast selection of psychics with a wide variety but skills.

Beyond traditional psychic readings, Hollywood Psychics (my review) offers everything from tarot card readings, to pet readings, to dream interpretation, to past life readings and even an astrology reading for couples!

Boasting a rigorous psychic screening process, Hollywood Psychics hires less than 1% of the psychics who apply. Combined with a risk-free, no questions asked refund policy, Hollywood Psychics is definetely worth checking out.

Psychic Source – Accurate Chinese astrology reading

psychic sourceFounded in 1989, Psychic Source is the oldest psychic network I found offering astrology psychic readings. At the time of this writing, there are roughly 320 psychics, many of the psychics offering genuine Chinese astrology readings.

Chinese astrology readings are offered by phone, chat, or even video from any electronic device for convenience. Their multiple psychics use various psychic tools including: angel cards, astrology, cartomancy, crystals, dowsing, numerology, reiki, and tarot. They have psychics that specialize as well from pet psychics to energy healers.

Psychic Source provides an iron clad 100% money back satisfaction guarantee with all psychic readings. If you are not satisfied, a full refund will be issued. Not only that, but every purchase helps support communities in need thanks to their Kindness Initiative. A portion of all sales is donated to a charity of your choice.

As an aside, it is worth mentioning that Psychic Source offers a completely free daily horoscope reading, which can be found on their website.

AskNow Psychics – Free online astrology reading

asknow psychicsBased out of Clearwater, Florida, AskNow has been offering phone and chat psychic readings online for nearly twenty years. AskNow has built a reputation for having an extensive selection of psychics that excel in astrology and numerology readings.

AskNow psychics can help you heal from grief or spiritual pain, gain insights into life processes and the spiritual realm, or help you manifest your ideal partner!

Whether you seek closure from the past, clarity of present circumstances, or a glimpse into the future, an astrology psychic reading from AskNow can help you along your path!

The time of this writing, AskNow Psychics is offering a free three minute astrology reading with any purchase of 15 minutes with any psychic.

Oranum Psychics – Personal astrology reading online

oranum psychics onlineOranum Psychics offers psychic readings 24/7 in multiple languages. You can get a personal astrology reading online from an expert psychic advisor by chatting for free with one of the many expert Oranum psychics.

Unlike other online psychic sites, Oranum offers astrology readings via video chat only. They do not offer any toll free telephone numbers to call. This helps you build a more personal connection with the psychic(s) you choose.

Pictures and background information of all Oranum psychics are available and listed clearly for you to view before you make a final selection about the psychic you want to chat with. It is free to join, and you can submit questions online at any time.

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