• Understanding A Capricorn

    A Capricorn is an astrological sign accorded those born from December 21st to January 19th of each year. It is important to understand Capricorn's role in astrology to discover more about this sign. In astrology, one question leads to others. To begin with, astrology in the widest sense is a discipline that forms general concepts […]

  • What Is A Numerology Reading?

    Numerology is basically the study of numbers and the way that numbers are implemented into daily life. When a person receives a numerology reading, the reading is based off of several significant numbers that the person has come across during his/her lifetime. Each number represents a different part of the reading, and every number is […]

  • What Is An Astrology Reading?

    Astrology is the study of the heavenly bodies, such as stars, moons and planets, and how they influence the course of individual people's lives. Astrology began in the ancient Far East and many different types of astrology are still performed all around the world. There is no set method of studying and practicing astrology, and […]

  • What Is Astrology?

    Many people know what a horoscope is because they see it in the newspaper and online. Reading a horoscope to learn about love, life, wealth, and health is a common occurrence and it all links back to astrology. Astrology has to do with the alignment of the stars and planets. For centuries, cultures have look […]

  • Using Astrology to Predict the Future

    Even among astrologers, there are many different interpretations of astrology when it comes to predicting the future. Astrologers believe that studying the relationships of stars, planetary alignment and influences can help to uncover information about a person’s future. These various aspects are the basics of astrology and they influence how astrologers perceive even the slightest […]

  • The 12 Signs Of The Zodiac Explained

    12 signs of the zodiac calander

    The Zodiac is divided into twelve signs, each representing a different constellation that the Sun passes through over the course of a year. The start of the Zodiacal year occurs during the spring equinox. Aries: The Ram March 21-April 19 Aries are imaginative, loyal, and determined. Since Aries is a fire sign, they can be […]

  • What Exactly Is A Horoscope?

    A horoscope essentially predicts how a period of time will go for someone and is based on his or her astrological sign. The period of time usually is for a specific day but also could be for a week, month or an entire year. Many people enjoy reading horoscopes with some doing so for entertainment […]